Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoughts & More MP...

Why I'm up, I'll never know. A few thoughts are floating through the grey matter. I think best in the wee hours of the morning or late at night. Now when I go back to bed in a few minutes, then get up at 7 AM, I'll be all groggy again.

N-t-way, I was wondering about the blog and if it has been a worthwhile process. Do you enjoy coming here? Can you relate to my posts? Or are they juvenile trash? My readership is not that high, I know. I'm well aware my writing is on par with a third grader, but I write from the heart. Yeah, maybe bloggin' just isn't my forte. So what am I doing wrong folks? Is my shit just boring?

Despite the number of posts I've done recently, my heart hasn't been in this lately. I've toyed with quitting. For those who are loyal readers and leave comments, I'm grateful. At least 4-5 folks out there are reading. I suppose folks just love the visual attachment that goes with the posts, huh? Like the guy to the left? LOL. But do you think I should hang up my hat? The two year anniversary for the Axe is on Tuesday. If I can make it until tomorrow, I'll be satisfied with this stretch of my journey....

On other matters, I must say becoming thoroughly intrigued by Marcus Patrick. Found another video, courtesy of YouTube, showing the good Mr. Patrick shakin' his "thang." Hmph. Might need to retract previous criticisms I put out there last week...



photogreg said...

You KNOW I love the visual attachments, but that's not why I read your blog. (Lord knows I have enough visual attachments on my hard drive as it is.) I read because (1) your my friend and (2) I enjoy reading about your life's journey. Please don't give up the blog unless it's no longer rewarding for you. But if you do, I'll have a big empty hole in my blogging heart.

ToddyEnglish said...

Yes, I do love the pictures...However, I'm feelin what you write as well. I love your honesty and your positive outlook.

For me it isn't about readership, personally. At a moment in time I really needed my blog to deal with stuff. Now, it has become an extension of me. I just love this whole medium.

No, don't stop. I can tell you need to write about your trials and tribs...Chile, we gots a plenty!


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