Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm not sure what to write for a change. Usually I have something to obsess over or remunerate on, but this afternoon I'm drawing a blank. I'm sure nobody wants to hear about my boring afternoon at physical therapy and my former job's office Christmas party. Nah. I'm at a loss for words.

I'm bored. I was supposed to go over friends to exchange presents before they leave for Atlanta on Sunday, but something came up and they cancelled. No Friday night plans. I could traipse downtown, but that's so tired. I could watch a movie, but I don't have the concentration to do that either. Nothing is on TV I wanna watch. So here I sit online, attempting to write something captivating for my readers. Should I give up the ghost and do picture posts all weekend? Ho hum. It's wet and nasty out. Tonight would be a good night to socialize, but everybody is in Holiday mode, no time for your boy Ian...

What to do?


john pierre ii said...

The weather is all rain and wind here, too. And everyone has gone home for the holiday break. So, if sympathize with your boredom.

I, however, will be curled up with some hot chocolate, some soup, and some crackers as I do nothing but stare at the tv. Haha.

real said...

u my nig I. my nigga.

i'm thinkn 'bout u too, boo.


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