Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lay Me Down To Sleep...

It's been a long day for a number of reasons, tiring, with several moments of irritation. It's funny when you have nothing to do, you have everything to do. Fortunately a few things got resolved before day ended.

I have PT early in the morning, so I'm actually headed to bed earlier than usual. Sleeping is going to be tedious tonight. There are pressing issues engaging my thoughts. Thoughts that are just burdensome. Plus, loneliness keeps knocking at the door. Did some major thinking about Napoleon tonight, mainly because I was looking for something, then realized he stole it. Groan. Still, that was my latest relationship, so it's difficult to let go easily. Absence has a way of making things seem better than what they are/were.

Make no mistake, Napoleon is not coming back into my life. I ask God to allow me to forgive him each day. I ask God to keep him safe from harm. But in no way do I want Napoleon's chaos back in my life. I'm so much more at peace now. Lonely, but at peace.

I posted the brother to the right because I'm dreaming of someone perfect like that will step into my life. Yes I know physical beauty fades. Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure. I feel ya. I need someone to feed the spiritual and emotional side, but a little beauty won't hurt either, LOL.

Oh, I'm not depressed, just at another crossroads. They seem to be occurring more and more frequently. I'm probably out of rest. So as I hit the hay, I'm going to dream about the man in the picture, or at least someone I do have my eye on. (Shh, I'm not telling you about him. Yet!) I hope sleep will welcome me peacefully. Tomorrow is a brand new day. A brand new month. A new chance to start over anew again.

Here I go...

Bedtime Guys

Syesha Sings On.

A'ight! My girl! I'm glad my prediction was off and while I'm happy Syesha survives another week to perform, I'm severely disappointed she ended up in the bottom two. Why is Jason still safe?!? Why? His frickin' groupies!!!

Consensus from everyone I talked to in the last 24 hours agreed Jason was the worst performer last evening on Idol. Instead, his groupies prevailed, low and behold, Jason sits in the finally four contestants.

Now that I mention it, I've noticed there are more hits to the post I did about Jason these days. Do people really like Jason that much? Sorry, but at this stage of Idol, he's sounding more like last season's contestant Sanjaya. Step it up boy! If you wanna be America's Idol, prove it. If not step aside.

Poor Brooke. It took a while, but she eventually grew on me. She seemed too happy and it came off as disingenuous, but as the season prevailed, and I watched her, I realized she has a goodness that a jaded person like me sometimes takes for granted. Watching her final performance song was difficult. She shooed away David Cook, broke down in the beginning and middle of her song, and then ran to the back of the stage afterwards, only to be comforted by Ryan Seacrest. (I have no love for Mr. Seacrest. He's a Putz!)

Brooke deserved to stay at least another week. Her vocal rang is far stronger than Jason's. Sorry to point this out, but he's just a piece of eye-candy the young girl (and gay bois) are hot for, keeping him around. While she wasn't going to be the American Idol, Brooke definitely needed to go further than Jason "my songs are all the same crappy crooning"Castro. If he doesn't go next week, I might have to stop watching for the remainder of the season.

Syesha! I love ya! I'm glad you'll be around for one more week. She's definitely going to have some musical career, perhaps, on Broadway like everyone keeps mentioning. Being in the final four, she has made her impact and should be very proud of herself. The last three weeks are going to be nail biting, though, especially if Syesha continues into the final three.

Everyone assumes one of the two Davids will win. Remember about the word "assume" though. You never know; Syesha might just surprise us all! Girl could have a killa performance and knock the D's out of competition. Idol is good for throwing curve balls. Previous seasons have shown you never know who's gonna be safe. Look at Michael Johns, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Daughtry, or Jennifer Hudson. The one expected to win doesn't always even make it to the finals. Who would've predicted last year's final two would be Jordin Sparks or Blake? Or take it back further, Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee, with Hicks becoming American Idol????

Just because speculation points towards Cook and Archuleta, don't mean shit! Syesha still has a chance. Her only biggest competitor next week is Jason Castro. If she can beat him, Syesha might move mountains yet. Go on Sy! Show 'em what you're made of!

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

Idol's Final Five Soon To Be Final Four....

A quick post before American Idol comes on. Who do you think is going home tonight? I'm not a big Neil Diamond fan; his songs are tough to sing. I respected him more last night though because he had many nice things to say about Syesha Mercado.

Brooke White and Jason Castro were the worst by far. Jason was just pitiful. His singing sounds the same each week, lacking that "mmph." However, my prediction is that Syesha will be voted off tonight because the other two have large fan support. I will cry tears of joy if my girl makes it through tonight.

Of course, if I'm correct, it'll be spit and damnation for the next few days. I'm still recovering from the Michael Johns ouster! Then again, they might pull another fast one sending one of the two David's home. I think there'd be rioting in the streets if that happens, yet as I'm learning, you never know with that show. Simon ended last night saying Syesha would be in trouble this week and with the large fan base for Mr. Castro, she just might be.

Keep your fingers cross for her!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Open Wider! Please!!!

My Current desktop wallpaper. Ain't he sexy? I think I might have keep this one up a while.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Through Different Eyes

Visual is everything, especially in the gay/SGL community, huh? Oh boy, here I go...

Throwing caution to the wind this evening, I decided to reveal myself to a friend who's been reading and keeping up with the Axe for some time now. Mind you, I'm not stressing out about it, but I'm curious about what this person thinks. I've never claimed to be anything more than who I am and who you read about in this blog. Curiosity, however, compels me to wonder what he thought. Hmm? Probably because residual insecurities from childhood are troubling me.

Didja ever wonder how someone else viewed you? What's it like through their eyes? Questions like this cross my mind everyday when I correspond with folks from the 'Net. That's one thing I don't like about the Internet, the lack of face to face contact right away. Online, you can be anybody. I'm very WYSIWYG. The person who you read about and the things I mention are real. I've never claimed to be anything more.

It surprised me a few months ago reading a review of Weilding the Axe and the reviewer lead people to believe I was the drop dead gorgeous stud {who used to be} on the Header. Aw, hell no. I ain't him! While I'm not fug-mo', I don't come close to being supa dupa phine like that. Nope. Not today, not tomorrow, and next week is still questionable, LOL! I know some you will be disappointed, but get over it. We all can't be hunks. I'm in no way ashamed of how I look, but I do get miffed when people contact me, having built this delusional fantasy, that I'm some Mulatto stud who'll whisk off and be their date for the night. I'm just ordinary me. That's all.

Please be assured, none of this is directed to my friend I talked with tonight. He'll be reading this tomorrow, so let me make this clear. He doesn't care what I look like, just wanted a visual of who he was communicating with, because we've become fast friends over the last several months.

However, something in the conversation "clicked" requiring me to address this personal issue. No. This post is for people who've contacted me with negative bullshit remarks; people who've done tireless searches online, painstakingly finding my pictures associated through other websites, and cried foul because I wasn't what they imagined. OK, how fuckin' immature are you?!?!

First off, I never told you to build a fantasy image, did I? Second, stop being so God-damned shallow. Not every man in this world is gonna be cover model perfect, like Vibe, Jet, Ebony, GQ, Details, Flava Men, ESPN Magazine, whatever. For you "thug-chasers," keep on lookin! While I can pull off an attitude, I do come off probably more "whitebred" (which is not to be confused with white actin' or wanna-be white). Third, drop the stereotypes anyway! All men of color are not cut from the same frickin' cloth! Fourth and finally, don't y'all Adonis Perfect snobs have a local gay bar in your neighborhood? Go there if perfection is what yous seek!

Besides, I don't blog to hook up. I blog to share my personal experiences, as a healing process for the hurt and pain I've had in negative periods in my life. I post funny shit and sexy photos of men too. If I make a friend or two along the way or can inspire someone to rise about their own strife, well all the merrier. But I never ever indicated I was mega-hunk. Have I?

As mentioned, I'm not ashamed of my appearance. My reasons for not showing my face are simple: A) This blog gets personal and is embarrassing occasionally. B) My job is sorta middle profile and I don't need my employer all up in my grill about my business. C) I have relatives I've chosen not to out myself to yet. Their disapproval of me broadcasting familial or personal facts about myself would go beyond annoying. I keep things semi-anonymous to protect their privacy as well.

For me? I don't care. I'm not trying to hide in the closet necessarily. I'm perhaps the most open person you'd ever run into. Ask and I'll answer is my motto. You might get more than you bargain for, however. LOL.

I've never had any problem meeting guys or getting sex. So I know I am worth all that AND MORE. So if I don't fit your ideal man of color prerequisite, it's probably best if you step anyway. Quit reading the blog here and now. I don't suffer ignorance long. I maybe common, but I am a beautiful multi-ethnic, multiracial black man!

There you have it...

So. Now that my little rant is done. I will confess this much, I wonder what my friend thought? I'll dub him "Nightcrawler" to respect his privacy. He knows who he is. (Ask me later, Nightcrawler, and I'll explain your moniker to ya) I imagine Nightcrawler was a little surprised by my image. He loved my smile and my goatee. Alright, so now I'm threadbare in his presence. Ah, the vulnerability...I'm loving this! I usually like to be in control in these type of situations, when introducing myself, but it's good to let someone wrest control away every now and again.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Napoleonic Reflection

Something is in the air I can't quite put my finger on. There's trepidation and uneasiness in my spirit this evening. Why? The last few days, barring the Pennsylvania Primary results, have been wonderful. I got to spend time with family and friends. The weather has been beautiful. I feel physically better than I had. Plenty task that were left unresolved are finally getting completed. So what is the problem, huh?

Perhaps my spirit is restless and unsettled due to my television viewing habits Wednesday and today? Yes, last night I watched the Phillies lose to the Brewers; a game the Phillies had been winning until late in 7th inning. Carly, unjustifiably, was booted from American Idol (Brooke who screwed up massively and Jason who was just plain horrible, remained!) The season finale to Torchwood, left me feeling incomplete and disturbed. And Ugly Betty? The ensuing fiasco over Betty's birthday and the developing love tension between her and Gio left me more disquieted.

OK... Ugly Betty did have a few highlights! Seeing Marc rummage through Daniel's (actor Eric Mabius) underwear drawer, pulling out a pair of sheer black briefs, was priceless. Also, Gabrielle Union as Wilhelmina Slater's (Vanessa Williams) even more evil sister Rene, is superior! The tension between those two is delicious to a fault. Loved it. Love it!

After Betty, I wouldn't allow myself to get sucked into Grey's Anatomy, so I finished reading "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by C.S. Lewis instead. Completing that installment of the Chronicles of Narnia did nothing to improve the situation. In summation, the evening was kinda "blah"...

Perhaps the catalyst started this afternoon as Hester and I engaged in a heavy conversation about the Status Quo of life, dating, and marriage/partnerships. Since breaking things off with Napoleon, my love life has been nonexistent. I'm not complaining. Things have been more relaxed and life has been magnanimous since he's gone. But our conversation regarding what one should or should not put up with in a relationship left me slightly deflated. How much does one endure for love? At almost 40, my firm belief is never to put up with anyone's shit. If you can't even devote some of your time to me, then you'll get none of mine. I'm tired of suffering through foolishness.

Hester and I have been through misadventures in love and relationships of semi-epic proportions in our past! I'd like to think she has moved on to bigger and better things, being married and all, but me? I've been there, done the marriage thing, and the shit didn't work out. To the next level, my misadventures in boyfriends, have also been less than spectacular situations. Eek! Been down some paths that if only I could hit rewind, hell even delete, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice!

The virtues, or lack thereof, of marriage are beyond my comprehension. The majority of my friends are either divorced, divorcing, or in loveless marriages. The majority of my friends in relationships, both gay and straight, are miserable, or dealing with endless drama and selfishness on the part of their partners. I reclaimed my independence earlier this year. Learned the tiniest bit selfishness, every now and again, isn't so bad.

Most of my friends are givers and will give of themselves until there's nothing left. Many of my friends have partners who are more than willing to absorb, suck up, and drain everything, leaving their partner/spouse/mate bereft and devoid of hope. Is this what it means to be in a relationship? And what about sex?!?!

There's nothing wrong with a healthy sexual encounter with your partner. Sex is an integral part of a relationship. But what happens when there's too little, none at all, or too much even? I love a good shag, love it! But let's be for real. I'm not at an age where I can go nonstop 24/7 anymore. There's nothing wrong with my stamina, but fucking can get old after all. There has to be some emotional connection. In my friends, and not too long ago with myself, there's a great disparity when it comes to sex. Either the relationship is based all on sex or there's just that Platonic status quo. The "roommate" mate/spouse syndrome. Again. Been there, done that, sold the rights, was a best seller, moved on.....

What I've learned since exiting my teens and 20s, is getting drunk, high, and having meaningless sex at the drop of a hat, does not make a well-rounded individual. At least not for me. I need someone with a moral center; someone I can connect with on a emotional and spiritual level, yet still have earth moving sex! Hester and I compared our war stories. She totally supported my decision in leaving Naps. Lady Miss T, the same. Reflection reminds me of my own failed nuptials, solidifies the whole "single" status lately. They both know me, perhaps better than I know myself. Each knows my heart well, knows the sentimental creature inside who needs balance.

Mind you, I'm not content with being alone, but for now, perhaps it's a good thing. I'm rediscovering myself, getting to be friends with myself, and learning to love myself even more. Self-respect has always been difficult for me. I've allowed many a partner, men and women, dominance and control in my relationships. Not because I'm a doormat, but because I'm giving caring, and compassionate. I tend to care for others greater than I do myself. I've often neglected my own needs over someone else.

Case in point, Napoleon.

In those quiet still moments, his presence lingers. My home echoed from the residual of our doomed friendship, doomed one-sided love story. Naps left clothes, toiletries, sheets, books, CDs, you name it, here. He never asked for it back. I didn't want to deal with it any longer and unceremoniously threw it in the garbage without second thought today! Normally I wouldn't do such a thing, but since he had stolen large amounts of cash and never returned borrowed items, including a $300 pair of dress shoes, I felt justified. It put a finality to it all. There's nothing left of him here.

I don't miss him, but do miss companionship. A dysfunctional relationship is still a relationship. Yeah, loneliness is a bitch and a half. Shit! It's a bitch and a GOOGLE. But you know? I'd rather deal with my own emotional discord than a selfish partner's.

Don't mistake this post as being maudlin. It's not. It's an observation and me working through things because of the current romantic void. I'm not in denial or being needy. Wholeheartedly, my decision to stop my dysfunctional connection with Naps has been the best life affirming decision made to date. Removing that evil from my life has increased my self-worth, -esteem, and integrity ten fold. I did a courageous thing. I invested in myself. Kicking deadbeat boy to the curb, strengthened me.

Despite adversities, I bless each passage with the men and women I've dated. Why? Because without those experiences, I wouldn't have grown. I learned from each endeavor. What are my limitations, what will I accept, what will I tolerate... through those failed commitments, I learned patience, tolerance, the value of truth, honesty, compassion, and trust. I know what the real McCoy is worth. The day I meet "the one," who ever that'll be, I'll appreciate the genuine article so much more with my current self improving process.

If you're fortunate enough to have a partner in your life, take a moment, and give them something special today. It doesn't have to be anything major, just a small gesture demonstrating your love for them. Something as simple as a smile, a neck rub, or telling them they're beautiful. It's the little kindnesses which make all the difference. Being a sentimental person, I remember all the stupid inane things my partners did to cheer and move me when I was down. Believe me a small bit of affection, appropriately given, is so meaningful and goes a long way.

In the end, your blessing will bring a million fold in reward.

Sorry. I didn't mean to get all mushy or sappy. The flux of emotions has got me under a spell. I'm missing something. Again, I'm not complaining. I believe God has a great blessing in store for me, I just need wait on Him.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Day After

My annoyance with the voters in Pennsylvania is paramount today. Had to cool my heels before I posted anything.

Irritation. Frustration. Disappointment. These all aptly describe how I feel regarding last night's Pennsylvania Primary results. When she won Pennsylvania. CNN's commentary on how Barack couldn't even win a victory in a battleground state like Pennsylvania, didn't help improve my attitude. CNN gave a report that if Senator were to lose the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the majority of his supports would with Senator's Clinton's bid for the White House. That, conversely, can't be said in reverse. Analysts' polls say if Obama wins the Democratic nod, plenty Clinton supporters won't vote for him.

Huh? What kinda horse shit is that?!?! I suppose we might as well start saying "Good Morning, President McCain," huh? Idiots. Has America not learned? I mean c'mon people! We're currently paying $3.50+/gallon for regular gas. REGULAR! Do you think four more years with Republicans in the Executive Branch is going to help? McCain wants to keep us involved in King W's military campaign, for Pete's Sake!

My mood is still very sour. Negative expletives have been coming out my mouth left and right since last night. Senator Clinton is really messing with the Democrats' chances here. People could say the same about Barack, but he's still in the lead, even if his lead has narrowed. Why should he step down? Ms. Clinton is officially on my list of most annoying persons. Shame. Once upon a time, I had more respect for her. I admire her fight for what she thinks is right, however....

I had to turn off her victory speech last night; was more than I could stand.

And disappointment doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter! Not sure if he had endorsed Barack Obama what impact it may have had, but it could have helped. There are a few choice adjectives I'd like to ascribe towards Mayor Nutter, but I'm trying to be fair.

All in all, I'm not surprised Senator Obama lost Pennsylvania, so there's no need for me to get all mopey. Weeks ago, I predicted Obama would have a tough time earning votes in Western PA. Emphasizing this point is a friend who lives in Western PA, who voted for Barack, got chewed out by his mother for voting for him. Furthermore, my friend's mother had the audacity not to vote herself. What the f.....!?!?!

Gentle. Gentle. Gentle.

OK. I can understand not liking either candidate and not choosing not select either potential nominee, but at least show up to the Polls. Chose "no vote." Second, don't criticize anyone, for using their freedom to vote, for selecting Clinton or Obama. I'm desperately trying to demonstrate this myself. While I might not like the reasons why people voted for Senator Clinton over Senator Obama, at least they voted.

As minorities and women, we owe a moral obligation to our foremothers and forefathers who struggled and suffered for cause to obtain our American right! While Blacks were given the right to vote in the 1860s, "Jim Crow Laws" and other racist edicts, rebuked Movement pushed for this privilege. Many persons of color could not vote until the Civil Rights Movement brought about social change, and even then, many folk had to wait until the late 60s, and in deep rooted areas of the disenfranchised, the 1970s, before their political voice was heard. The Suffragettes diligently protested for change, but woman didn't get the chance until 1920. American History gives us the impetus to vote. Our progenitors fought to guarantee our rights. We must never let their struggle be in vain!

I don't mean to step up on my Moral Soapbox. Residual emotions are still brewing deeply though. Photogreg, Lady Miss T, and Queen Hester have been invaluable keeping yours truly optimistic. Greg even promised me a drink. I'm holding you to that promise bro when I see ya next, LOL!

See. There is a reason why I don't discuss politics on my blog....

"So say we all." "So Say We All!"


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time To Vote Pennsylvania!

A'ight Pennsylvania! We finally get a change to choose!

Can't believe the Pennsylvania Primary is finally here, but Thank God! If there was one more Hillary campaign endorsement on local media, I perhaps would have lost my mind. Not too happy with Senator Clinton these days. Don't get me started.

No major words about voting, just go out and vote. I'm about to cast my vote in a few minutes since I've plenty to do all afternoon. Most of my friends and I'll be glued to the television or radio.

Go Obama Go!

Monday, April 21, 2008

BJW & Mystique

Ahhhh, Brian Jai White.... He da man! The whole film was worth seeing just for him. I loved Brian in Stomp The Yard. Brother has got talent and is easy on the eyes to boot!

I'll probably get shit talked me for days bringing up this next point though. In that scene, Brian is as buff as he can be. There's a film Brian did a number of years ago where he showed the whole enchilada. From my recollection, just saying, things didn't exactly match up. OK, not a problem. There' ain't a thang wrong with male nudity. I'm not complaining.

I've seen screen caps of the nude scene and have the clip somewhere on my hard drive. I don't know the name of the film. I'm sure a Google search would bring it up. Does anyone know the film I'm talking about?

On more than a few message boards I read, folks were actually complaining about the size of Brian's penis, makin' all kinda derogatory remarks. Then the whole grower vs shower argument went rampant; how he's not a real man, and all that. Fuck that.

As long as a man knows how to use his tool and gives his partner pleasure RIGHT, does it really matter? Let's get over this size crap. Why do countless men need to feel their worth is in their pants? Why feel inadequate if your not packin' 10" or more? Statistics show those men are rare anyway. Don't let the porno demigods steer you wrong. If you need a "Mandingo" dick every time you get laid, you're bound to be lonely 70-80-90% of the time.

Criminey! You know? Some my gay brethren have issues. Perhaps they're feelin' a bit inadequate about themselves huh? Personally, I'm satisfied. I'm almost 40, not 14 again! Good Lord my queer brothers, grow up already! LOL.

Brian phiiine just the way he is. He's grown and sexy. If he don't have a problem with his body, why should those queens be? It's not like they'll ever have the chance to crawl under the sheet with him anyway. Ha! Nope. I think Brian is damn sexy.

Is a man's worth based in the inches in his crotch? Hell no! If you really thinks so, then you need to grow up. Just cause your man got inches don't mean he got your back! I'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing, loves me, and is passionate! Again I ask, why is it self-worth is in the penis? Size and virility don't equate. I'm sure there are plenty guys who are large have no clue how to use it right. We need to end this bullshit, especially the mystique surrounding black men and their genitalia.

Stop the mystique over black men's penises, stop! As long as the "Johnson" works, you really shouldn't have a problem. You need to be attracted to the total package, his whole body, not just his package. If he can work it, work it well, there ya go! And besides, don't believe the overrated hype.

Sorry. Didn't intentionally mean to go off or make Brian the poster child for the average endowed man. I like bro's junk! I think he's sexy, sexy, sexy! The real question about Brian is do I like him better clean shaved or with the mustache? I'm a lover of facial hair, but he looks more tender without. What do you think?

Hope Brian White never finds this blog post, heh heh! Despite my humorous lecture, today is Brian's birthday. I sincerely hope Brian had an excellent one.

Why Did I Get Married

Last weekend I finally got around to watching Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? Oh yeah!

What a charming surprise! I found it wonderfully engaging. I sat clear through the end without being bored. Some of my favorite entertainers like Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, and Michael Jai White starred in Why Did I Get Married?

For me, Why Did I Get Married? was Tyler's best film to date. Married didn't seem too hokey or too Hollywood, unlike his previous efforts with Madea and the Browns.

Don't get me wrong now. I love all Tyler Perry's features, but occasionally they come off a little flaccid and tepid. I'm mainly talkin' about Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. It seemed too perfect with is ending. I've noted to others Diary's ending is reminiscent of An Officer And A Gentlemen's when Debra Winger get carried off by Richard Gere. This time, though, at least Tyler had Diary showin' a real attractive man doing the carrying, namely uber-hunk, Shemar Moore. That's just my humble opinion. I adore Tyler's pictures, so please don't tell him or Madea I was talkin' smack about them. Please don't! LOL.

My favorite scene in Married was when Michael Jai White comes to bed in his tight, tight, TIGHT boxer briefs, lookin' all ripped and muscular, and has to avoid sleepin' with his wife because he's got an STD. Hot stuff in them drawers! Damn.

Besides exploring good friendships and loyalty and support that comes with them, Married emphasized the dynamic of relationships and how we can fall into ruts, taking our partners for granted. I took away from the story the power of trusting God, yourself, and eventually the RIGHT mate who will be your shoulder to ease your burdens when times are rough. Never allow yourself to think less of yourself or be disrespected. It also teaches the grass may not be so green on the other side. Keep yo' 80%!

I concur with the reviews I read. I gave the film high marks on Netflix. I highly recommend this performance, especially for you Tyler Perry lovers out there. I'm SURE you've all seen it and I'm just behind the times as usual, but if you haven't seen it by chance, do so. You might just learn something about yourself along the way.

can change after a few years with the daily grind of life.

Andy Roddick

Let me just say here and now, for the record, Andy is not my favorite tennis player. Y'all know I'm crazy over James Blake.

Bald or dreads, J. Blake is hot, hot, hot! I read a rumor online he might grow his hair back. Not sure if that's true or not. I thought James was balding, the reason why he shaved his dreadlocks in the first place.

I miss his signature Afrocentric hairstyle, but James is first class, no matter what extra protein is coming out his scalp.

Sigh. Anyway, back to Andy.

I'm fulfilling this email request from someone asking if I had an Andy Roddick pictures (Of course, you know I do) I could put on the blog. I forget where or when these were taken.

They might be a couple of years old, I just remember I get them off one of my sports forums, message boards, or Flickr. Might even got them from a fellow blogger (I apologize in advance if I borrowed these, I try not to rehash anyone else's work. Really).

So here's my first post for Famous Men Monday for this week.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Perfection: God Did Create Adam Afterall

Every now and again, there'll be a photograph or two of a man that completely takes my breath away. Literally. I was stumbling around the 'Net this weekend and came across this bruh. OMG! I think if he was gay and interested, my life would be complete. I would give up the Internet forevah, LOL. Yeah I'm being silly. But seriously this man has to be the pure embodiment of perfection. His skin complexion, his abs, his Adonis belt (better known as that "V-thang") his sumptuous lips, his nose, his belly button...uhn! Make a brutha holla!!!

Sorry. It's rare for me to express my hormonal urges publicly like that on the blog. Excuse me. Ahem....Where was I?

Maybe you'll agree with me. Maybe you won't. I really don't care! He's perfect and somewhere, out there, I know this guy is makin' somebody very happy...male or female. Lucky bitches!!!!


Monday, April 14, 2008


OK, I didn't intend this to be a posting of hot men form every crime and police drama I've watched, but it turned out to be so with this last post featuring Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue. I couldn't find any shirtless pics other than the one from the Spartacus remake. There is one include nicely showing off his muscular arm at some amusement park event. Brutha is dreamy as shyt! A'iight!?! LOL.

Stay tuned. More eye candy tomorrow. Maybe I'll give some intellectual stimulation after while. It's nice outside, I'm gonna sit on the deck for a little bit and then go visit my friend at the hospital. Till then....



So, if Gary can't make it Mr. Martin, will you establish some Law & Order?


Oh please, come investigate this Crime Scene, Mr. Dourdan!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Mr. Wendel
by Arrested Development

Go ahead, man

Here, have a dollar
In fact, no, brotherman, here have two
Two dollars means a snack for me
But it means a big deal to you

Be strong, serve God only
Know that if you do beautiful heaven awaits
That's the poem I wrote for the first time
I saw a man with no clothes, no money, no plate

Mr. Wendel, that's his name
No one ever knew his name cuz he's a no one
Never thought twice about spending on an old bum
Until I had the chance to really get to know one

Now that I know 'em to give him money isn't charity
He gives me some knowledge, I buy him some shoes
And to think blacks spend all their money on big colleges
Still most of you all come out confused

Go ahead Mr. Wendel
Go ahead Mr. Wendel

Mr. Wendel has freedom
A free that you and I think is dumb
Free to be without the worries of a quick-to-diss society
For Mr. Wendel's a bum

His only worries are sickness and an occasional harassment
By the police and their chase
"Uncivilized" we call him but I just saw him
Eat off the food we waste

Civilization, are we really civilized?
Yes or no, who are we to judge?
When thousands of innocent men
Could be brutally enslaved and killed over a racist grudge

Mr. Wendel has tried to warn us about our ways
But we don't hear him talk
Is it his fault when we've gone too far and we got too far
Cuz on him we walk

Mr. Wendel - a man, a human in flesh, but not by law
I feed you dignity to stand with pride
Realize that all in all you stand tall
Go ahead, Mr. Wendel

Mr. Wendel, yeah
Yeah, Mr. Wendel
Mr. Wendel, yeah

Mr. Wendel

Mr. Wendel
Mr. Wendel, yeah
Mr. Wendel
Mr. Wendel, yeah
Mr. Wendel


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