Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good This Christmas

Blogging Note: If you remember an earlier post, "And Finding A Christmas Tree," this is the frontal version of that picture.

Be good to yourself that is.

It's December 23rd, two days before Christmas, a day before Christmas Eve. Now for the last decade or so, December 23rd has become an extra Holiday for me. My ex-wife Miss T's birthday is today. Now a true gentleman never asks nor reveals a lady's age, so I won't tell how many candles she'll be blowing out on the cake. I'll say this much, its a milestone birthday. So I was thinking about today, this Christmas, and what it all means.

Like many people, 2008 wasn't the kindest of years to Miss T. Won't rehash her dirty laundry, but I know she's been feeling chagrin about celebrating this year. No birthday. No Christmas. I was like, Aw hell no! Birthdays and Christmas only come once a year and are never guaranteed for the next, so be blessed, and celebrate. Be good to yourself. So this afternoon we're going out for a quiet dinner and gathering, just us, to be merry with one another. Christmas Day, same thing. Just us.

Since this has been a rough year, we need to get back to the heart, the spirit, of the matter. Holiday time is not bound up in trees, presents, glittery shiny things...no! Christmas and Birthdays are about celebrating joys, reconnecting with ourselves, with others. Hold tender this time in your heart and be steadfast in knowing you're blessed by Him. Feel your spirit. So many of us are so damn jaded, myself included, because we're without this or without that. But we're here to complain, right? Somebody didn't wake this morn. Somebody went to bed for the final time last night. Rejoice you have one more day to add to your personal calendar.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to church, celebrating the birth of my Lord and Saviour. I'm trying to convince Miss T to go, but I know she just wants a quiet night. But girl, there's nothing like the Silent Night to put things into perspective!!! Be kind to your spirit. Open the door, let the warmth, the victory that was promised, that has come, and all will be well. It's better than any bauble I can wrap craftily in glitzy paper.

Happy Birthday! With loads of love, then, now and always,
-Your beloved Ian

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