Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh My...Poor Plaxico

Thanks to Q for giving the run down on the whole Plaxico Burress mess. Somehow, I was missing the part in news reports Plax was at a club with a concealed weapon. Mistakenly, I just thought brother was at home when he shot himself. Duh. It happened on a Saturday night. Where else is an able-bodied man gonna be on a Saturday night?!?! Hahaha.

For his sake, let's hope Plaxico can work his way outta this predicament. Like Q mentioned, I can't see a hot piece like Plax in jail without becoming someone's *ahem* personal bitch. No sir, indeed. Word of advice Plax? Hire a good ass lawyer five weeks ago brother! Now I hear his playing career might be on the line. Damn. When it rains, it pours! While what Plaxico did can't be compared to Michael Vick, it's just as asinine and stupid. I understand the need for security. But I here NY laws on gun control are fierce. Plus the NFL doesn't need any excuse to rid themselves of one more problematic player caught up in severe criminal charges. Nope. No suh, they sure don't!

Speaking of Michael Vick, I mean, come on... does Vick really think he's goin' back to playing ball after he gets out the joint? Realistically??? Atlanta already stated they won't take him back. Seems a waste if the NY Giants do the same to Plax. Over something stupid! Really. Brother shot himself. Himself! Not anybody else. Let's be real.

Plaxico is a good lookin' guy. Shoot (no pun intended) might have to add Mr Burress to my list. My list of Top 100 Fine Men, that is. Problem is, gotta find room for him. For now, I'll just add him to my list of 25 Menz I Want For The Holidays. Yesterday was the first with Arizona Cardinals' Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald.


real said...

He's a immature idiot.

ToddyEnglish said...

Handsome face but not much goin on in the ole noggin. That's for sure.

Corey said...

Who needs intelligence when he's got a boogina like THAT! Damn! Use what you got, Plaxico, to get what you want!


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