Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye November! We Hardly Knew Ye!

Can you believe we're into December tomorrow? Where did the month go??? Seems like yesterday was just Halloween. But the Holidays are in full swing and soon we'll be saying Happy New Year. Wow. I think I'm just not ready...

So far for this month I did make some progress with my weight loss goals. It's tough and even more during the Holiday season. Thankfully I didn't go hog wild at the dinner table last week. The real challenge will start from here on out because December tends to be the free for all with snacks, treats, and goodies galore all month long. UGH! Help a fat man thru it Lawd!

I'm certain a l'il determination, denial, deep faith---the Triple D Approach, will help me come through unscathed. I hate trying to lose weight during this toughest season, but shoot! I need to get right with my body and stop treating it like a garbage dump and more like the TEMPLE it should be.

Nuff said.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Question of the Day

How do you feel about this photo? I spotted this on someone else's blog and I felt more than squeamish. But perhaps I'm being overly sensitive? Thoughts?

Friday, November 25, 2011

That Dude Prince...

I had made mention of this poster of Prince in the comment section on Wonder Man's blog. It me a minute to find it, but here it is. Looking at now as an adult, he look a wee bit skinny here for my tastes now....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don't Hate On Me...

OK, so it seems I must be the last gay man to discover the sexiness of Kellan Lutz?{ I love this animated gif by the by!} I never gave him a second thought until recently. Hm. What's going on Ian????

Doctor Who Anniversary

It completely escaped me yesterday was Doctor Who's 48th Anniversary! Happy Belated to all the fellow Whovians out there!

Gobble Gobble

A most blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day to you and yours!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here We Go...

Thanksgiving Day. Fat man's dream or worst nightmare. Take you're pick. Lord, grant me the strength to endure tomorrow. I've been doing rather well with my eating and have managed to lose 25 lbs since starting my weight loss! I don't need to derail my progress!!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Some Quick Updates

I have a few loose odds and ends hanging lately. A few tidbits over the last few weeks I should bring everyone up to speed. The virus on my laptop was a bitch!After rasslin' with my laptop for a few days, my friend seems to think my computer is virus free. It was pretty nasty. Still not sure how I got it, but I'm pretty sure it was from one of those Tumblr blogs I solicit. Hahaha.

The job hiring outcome! I never did let you guys know what happened with the hiring decision I had a few weeks ago. Well, I prayed on it and at first didn't choose my friend because I didn't anyone to accuse me of favoritism. Well after struggling and carefully selecting my candidates, the primary choice decided not to take the position, which allow for my other choice and my friend to step into the positions. God is good.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fratchet Rachett Frakkin'Thingamajiggy!

Lawdhavmercy! Well somehow, some way, my computer has gotten a virus and I've been rasslin' with the damn thing since the weekend trying to get it working properly.

It all started when I tried to update my Anti-virus software and it's been pullin' and grittin' teeth ever since. Fortunately, I do a regular back-up of my important documents on the external hard drives. Accessing the Internet has been problematic. Both IE and Firefox refuse to load. THANKFULLY, I also have Safari to browse the web. Only problem all my bookmarks are in the Firefox browser. So I gotta run my poor laptop over to a friend who works in IT. Praying he can root out my virus woes...

Posting maybe light for the next couple days.

Do U, Be U!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Come what may finale

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."

Hug A Vet Today....

...your dad, brother, sister, cousin friend...whoever. Just remember to thank them for their service and dedication....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Luther Vandross - Evergreen

This is one of my favorite songs. I know Barbra sang it first, but Luther gave it that jus' that home in your soul feel, no?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coming Home To Roost

Poor Herman. "Brutha" just can't catch a break. But then as I've heard, he shouldn't blame racism, right? Hmph. I've kept my mouth shut until now.

Until his scandal came out the woodwork, I seriously thought the Party of Hate might nominate Cain as their presidential nominee, but with evidence pointing information about Cain's alleged harassment improprieties was released from someone in his own party...well I guess they were trying to make sure that doesn't happen.

For the most, I ignore Herman Cain. In contest between him and Obama, does Cain honestly believe he'd beat 44? HONESTLY? I'm jus' asking the question. If he says 'yes," there's definitely an inflated ego goin' on, IMHO.

So, will Herman bounce back from all of this? Will he achieve the golden prize of the GOP nomination? As a friend of mine is apt to say, "All is yet to be revealed....."

Flung Up!

I was captivated from go....

Rest In Peace Hev

Life is short. Too short. You never know where your tomorrows will fall short.

Last night I was deeply saddened when my buddy text me Heavy D had passed. I was in shock. Told a few people at work and everyone else responded with the same incredulous reaction.

Forty-four is way too young... I got me to think about my own life and not taking things for granted. Not anything. Yes Lord, I woke this morning moanin' and groanin' but I'm ever so thankful you breathed another day into my lungs. Today is ultimate all we have. One sweet day at a time. Thank you Jesus.

Rest in Peace Heavy D. You will be missed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There's Somethin' About Zac

Even before Zachary Quinto put himself out there, I was a big fan. And for what it's worth, GOOD GRIEF...I think Zac is haaaaaaaawt! LOL. It's the eyes..

Heavy Is The Head...

That Wears The Crown.

One ain't never told a lie with that expression!

This morning and day appears to be promising. I have a busy agenda at work today, one of which is hiring two new employees to help with astronomical building work load. I already had my interviews with the candidates and have to present my facts to my supervisor this afternoon, then let personnel know. I'm responsible for this decision. Baby, I'm sweatin' bullets over it too!

It hasn't been an easy choice. Each of the candidates interviewed well, but I can only choose two. Hardest still, one interviewee is a FRIEND. I can't play favorites. I really have to separate friendship from professionalism, but dude does have a big chance of grabbing the prize. I just have to let the overall facts convince me if he's best suited for the position. Let things speak for themselves.

Lord. This is my first real test as a supervisor. What if I choose unwisely? And in this economy, good jobs are hard to come by. This is someone's life at stake, possibly! Help me Lord! LOL

Ultimately, I'm grateful for this experience. It's not an obstacle I can't overcome. Usually I'm a good judge of character. As I'm getting ready this morning, I think I already know who I'm selecting, so I'm not gonna invest anymore worry than I have to.

Wish me luck!

In Hope & Faith,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Must Not See TV

Lord, I wasted an hour of my life last night watching this drivel. I thought, OK, I like Project Runway, this should be as equally good. Wrong!

Predictable. Predictable. Predictable. I should do a spoiler alert, but if you watch any reality TV show, usually the ethnic contestants get weeded out fairly quickly. Well, quelle surprise, the voted out one of the African American woman, Cotrice. Really? What the fuck!

I wasn't surprised but more irritated when other contestants, James and Nicolina, had some shitty-shit going on. Especially Nicolina. Her equipment didn't evoke that she put any effort in it, which she didn't. She even confesses she spent three hours on it her work. Uh-hmm. Whatever.

I'm over it. Doubtful I'll watch again.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grumpy Puss

I'm having an Alexander day, as in Alexander had a very terrible, miserable, rotten day. I woke up late and with some heavy issues on my heart. Then I had to fight with my cellphone company over some bullshizz. Why do these companies change the rules, then expect you to just blindly go along with them??? Bank Of America anyone? Well, after careful consideration, BOA reversed its debit card fees. T-mobile you need to listen!

Um, anyway... I'll try not to let my grumpiness set in all day, but I'm not guaranteeing a pleasant morning. My only consolation is going to work to drone through the day. Who'd ever thought work would be the welcomed solace? Go Fig!

Maybe I just need caffeine???

Maxwell Video Fortunate

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Those Moments That Make U Smile

Every now and again, someone in my life will do something that catches me completely off-guard and just makes me smile. Makes you feel appreciated and loved. Such a thing happened today with a close associate, who shall remain anonymous, and I have to break out just wonderful, sincere, smile. I am blessed. Thank you...

In Love & Hope,

Ah, Sweet November

Hopefully, you've recovered from last night's sugar high. Did you get enough treats from your tricks? LOL. Jus' playin. Halloween was a non-event last night. I had only a handful of kids stop by. Guess snow and the cold kept people in doors.

This morning it's a brand new day, new month! November is one of my favorite months. When we have a normal fall, I thoroughly enjoy the gradual change in climate as Winter preps for it's entrance, holidays around the corner, that special time with people I care about. From All Saint's Day to Thanksgiving Day, November just brings a touch of "ahhhhhh" to my life....


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