Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Railroad To The Big House

Just read a news blurb over on Yahoo Sports that the New York Giants have fined and suspended Plaxico Burress for the remainder of the season. Brother can't even play in the Playoffs should the Giants get that far. Oh this is bullshit.

While I wholeheartedly agree what he did was stupid, I see the railroad to the Big House already for Plax. Where they gonna put him? Riker's Island? I don't know about New York's jail system. Hmph.

You watch, you'll be in jail if the man has his way. Yes he broke the law, but ultimately he hurt himself more than any other person. This is my problem with professional athletes. They're over paid, get inflated egos, then when they fall, they always fall fast and furious, hard, with no bounce back.

Without getting on my soapbox, lecturing all the brothers out there effing up lately, brothers come on. Do you remember the code?!? Never ever act the fool and bring disrespect on your house, your name, your people. Too many of you are doing stupid stuff...shooting guns off, dog fighting, domestic abuse, fighting...going to jail, and proving the naysayers right.

"See he's just another ignorant, no class Negro." Let's get it together. Be men already. So many young boys look up to you as role models. You're shaping the future whether you want to or not. God gave you your talent for a reason. And His reasons were for good , not for you to be total idiots!!!

I think it's bullshit what I see as the handwriting on the wall for Plaxico. Again, he was wrong bringing a gun to the club, but I wonder if his skin complexion were a little lighter would he be getting the same treatment? This is not a black/white issue, and I'm not trying to make it as such, but I honestly can't recall the last time this year I heard an athlete who wasn't a person of color screwing up. What's the real deal? Somebody set the record strat in case I got it wrong....

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Corey said...

You ain't got it wrong, my brotha! You see it clearly - it's just no longer acceptable to call it as you see it or KNOW it to be! That is not a pass for these STUPID STUPID brothas that just keep MESSIN' UP! I saw Plaxico's picture coming outta the courthouse looking like the deer caught in the headlights - and I had not an ounce of symphathy for him. They're gifted and blessed with SO MUCH and they throw it right back in God's face, and then think folk are supposed to feel sorry for them and support them.


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