Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Antonio!

Before I forget....Mr. Sexy celebrates 40 years today. Hm. So one birthday every four year, eh? So how many actual birthdays has Antonio Sabato, Jr. really had since '72? If my math is right, he's only 10!!! LOL.

Glad For The Smiles...

As I eek my way back into blogging, I can't pass the chance to comment on this week's I know episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. I know. I'm two days late and more than few dollars short, but my wait was worth it. Go head Glamazons!

Finally sat down tonight and watched this week'sI laughed until I hollered then cried until I pissed myself. What a mess. I loved, loved LOVED Snatch Game 2012. Jiggily as Snooki ...Too funny! I know my diva Latrice was none too happy, but it made for enjoyable TV this week. Loved it! One of the best episodes this season IMHO.


It's the last day of February, an extra day in February. I guess I should say something for the month huh?

I've been in a strange place and just haven't feel much like blogging. I have no opinions. No witty remarks. Nothing of deep personal interest going on. So rather that bore, I decided to take a hiatus. I still need time to collect myself, but I suppose when the spirit hits, I'll be back on the keyboard again. Until then...



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