Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dreidels, Candles, and Togetherness

Ahhh...The Festival Of Lights. I've nothing but respect for my Jewish brothers and sisters. Like Black folks, Jewish culture is one filled with warm rich traditions. So comforting this time of year. A time for togetherness, family, and celebration.

I count myself fortunate to have two near and dear friends, who just happen to be Jewish, Todd and Brett. No they're not and weren't a couple. Brett is married with several kids. Todd? Well, last time I checked, he was still single, living with some guy named Andrew. His roommate. Uh-huh. Sure. Heh heh... Roll on "playa," roll on!

Known Brett since third grade. From all my buddies from grade school, we touch base the most, always remembering to keep in contact. Brett is such a good soul. Todd, I met in high school and he's always been a character. A rival to my own class clown status. Todd's antics were a laugh a minute.

It's funny how we'd always wanna hang out with those two on weekends and they couldn't. They got the mess teased outta them come Fridays! Both their families were devout. They never could do anything until Sunday. You know? Honor the Sabbath. By Sunday afternoon, repetitive taunts "What's the point dudes? Weekend's over!" would be hurled. Of course, we'd end up doing something anyway, usually something we shouldn't have. But what's the point to high school if you can behavior ridiculously every now and again?

Happy Hanukkah Boys! I miss ya like crazy. All the best for a fantastic eight day holiday.

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