Friday, October 31, 2008


It's Halloween Night, y'all, the spookiest night of the year. The gay man's Christmas (so they say). It's also Friday and here I sit at home, bored, with nothing else to do with my time except sit on the Internet. My life is in a rut, I'm telling you. Can't wait until I can jump back into the circuit again and have a semi-normal social life.

In the spirit of the occasion, decided to share a personal recollection of the macabre. Now the verdict is still out whether or not I actually believe in ghosts or not, but I do believe there are unexplained circumstances we cannot rationalize away with science. This world holds too many secrets in the here, the beyond, and the somewhere in-between. Since man began to question his existence in the universe, we've been fascinated with the supernatural and the metaphysical.

My thoughts tonight take me back a situation when I encountered something I can't explain. A few years ago Miss T, Roxanne, Kristopher, and I celebrated my and Roxanne's birthdays one late night in March. It's important to mention when the four us get together, we're known to close restaurants. Literally. Somehow we lose track of time. We'll dine, have dessert, coffee, then chat away like we haven't seen each other in years (quite the opposite, really. Roxanne, Miss T, and I socialize weekly). Conversations tend to get animated, boisterous, and long winded. This night was no different, naturally.

Our dinner reservations had been for 7:30, but we weren't seated until 8:00ish since it was a busy Friday night. Our eatery is a well known local Victorian establishment, prided on it's fine cuisine, genteel atmosphere, and also, is alleged to be haunted. As stated, Roxanne and I are talkers, but eventually we'll wear out, prepare to go home or go for aperitifs and more conversation somewhere else. On this occasion, things started to wrap up around 10:30. Full of coffee and great food, I excused myself to go to the restroom.

The Victorian restaurant we ate at is an old converted mansion with multiple level dining areas. We'd been seated in the main dining room. To get to the bathroom, I had to go upstairs. By time nature made it's call for m, most patrons had left and the staff was busy cleaning up, waiting for our party to leave. Full, the restaurant is impressive and very stately. Empty, it's quite eerie and spooky.

As I ascended the staircase, I felt an unusual burst of cold air, which I chalked up to draftiness of the way building were built in the period. Reaching the second floor, I had to walk through another dining area before getting to the main bathroom. The upstairs was lit OK, but some areas were darkened, since staff had cleaned, bussed, and prepped these rooms for the next night's patronage. Crossing the hallway, I felt that damn draft once more and was chilly. Again, I thought nothing of it. In the bathroom, I took care of my business, then preceded to wash my hands, and head back to my waiting party. What happened next still confounds me.

I was about to open the door when I caught something dark past the corner of my peripheral vision. Turning around, I didn't see anything. As I turned back around, before me, was a bluish mist. It was an opaque mist, kinda like cigarette smoke, and it moved. Moved not like cigarette smokes wafts through the air, but in more with a concentrated effort. Then I heard a childish laughter.

Stopping for a moment, I attempted to register what I was seeing. Just as quick, it was gone. Then that damn cool draft returned, chillier than before. This time the hair on my arms and neck rose up, and I wanted outta there! Before I could get to the steps, I heard the laughter again. I chanced a glimpse over my shoulder and saw a flash of blue smoke more shaped like a figure, but not really. Very ethereal shaped. The darkness seemed to intensify, then it was back to the normal lighting. I knew nobody else was upstairs except for me. No staff. No patrons. Just me! OK. Time to get outta this joint pronto fin!

Now I've never been a dignified runner, but my black ass hauled tail getting down those steps. Back at the table, I told the guys what happened. At the same time, our waitress came back with credit cards and receipts. Seeing my anxious appearance, she asked if I was all right. Miss T was laughing her ass off 'cause she thought I was imagining things. T told the waitress "Oh don't mind him, he's having delusions." or something to that manner.

Not missing a beat the waitress responded, "Don't worry. You probably just saw Emma. She's harmless. She likes to tease the patrons every now and again."

After that, we left. I rarely discuss that night. It was one of the single most scariest experiences of my life! T still thinks I'm being melodramatic. I'm not making this shit up though! Others have seen Emma too.

Check out for yourselves. I've included two links to substantiate my story. or

Any of you have any scary stories to share? What say you?

For The Cause


Thank God today is Friday. Not one more day. Not one more day I could take. This week has been long and cumbersome. I'm exhausted. Nothing on tap for the weekend except cleaning the house and catching up on my blog reading.

Only a couple more days left to Election Day...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Current Desktop Wallpaper

Great vision to sit down to.


The past few days have been annoying as hell. My computer is having all kinda problems and I'm ready to drop kick it out the window.

Sorry Darius. You caught me dead to rights. I wanted to throw a couple thoughts up last night, but my old Dell wasn't havin' it. Time for an upgrade, right? Well if I could afford one, I would've by now.

So after 28 years, the Phillies are one again the World Champions of Major League Baseball. I heard Philly was unhinged last night. Both Miss T and I cried tears of joy last night. Now if we can feel this way on Tuesday.

Speaking of Barack, what did people think on his commercial last night? I watched parts of it, but walked out the room a few times. I hope the commercial did some good. My thing is, if you don't know by now who you want to vote for, then when will you??? The Election is five days away, and by all means, I'm glad. Tired of waiting, but now I'm so overdosed on all the news media channels, it's ridiculous...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Not Compute

My computer is being a pain in the arse. For the last few days I've been tryin to do the simpliest things, to no avail. Finally, this morning I was able to stay online for longer than two minutes....

Hope to do a few posts later this afternoon.

Monday, October 27, 2008


The weekend is done folks. Yes, it's Monday, and I'm feeling every bit of it this morning. My leg is troubling today, which is probably a sign it's time to get ready for PT. This old body of mine is in pain, but I'm not gonna complain. Life could be worse.

For now, I'll appreciate the aches, swelling, and pain with gratitude. Life is never a guarantee,; taken away in a swift moment. Certainly the tragedy in Jennifer Hudson's family over the weekend is testament to that.

God! That whole situation is horrid; her mother and brother murdered, her nephew missing...Lord have mercy! My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer this morning. I can't begin to imagine what she must be going through, but I pray God will give her strength and comfort during these difficult days.

Friday, October 24, 2008

He Got This

Just one "Barry" picture this morning for your Obama Friday post. I'm running late and have so much to get done before the day is done. I've PT, a host of errands, household chores, and to complete the day, a banquet tonight.

Busy isn't the word. Sheesh. More like chaotic! I'm tired this morning. Went out last night with friends, then to Hester's for dinner and a movie. Finally caught Iron Man. Yeah, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short (seems to be the story of my life, LOL).

At least I now have perspective on the current situation involving Terrence ("Tur-entz") Howard being dismissed from the next project. Seeing Iron Man, I really can't see Don Cheadle taking over the role of Colonel Rhodes. Howard preformed admirably. And that's saying something for me because, Terrence, while he fine and all, he's not my favorite person.

We'll see. Further details on my thoughts on Iron Man when I have more time.

I won't talk about the World Series today (groan), but that's alright. Everybody's entitled to a screw up now and again, just don't do it again Philly!

So what's on tap for you good folks this weekend? In the words of my favorite diva, Neicy Nash, "Whatever you do, be good. And if you can't be good, be careful."

Happy Friday folks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr. Ian Smith

So what y'all think about Dr Ian? Hm? Well I never really paid much attention to Dr. Ian until lately. There are three things about him that impress me the most: His name (obviously), his gleeming smile, and that rumor that was floating awhile back about him and Michael Strahan. Sure it was just a rumor (???) but it gives me hope high profile, supposedly straight, preceived as men (translation: Masculine), Black men exist and will be out someday.

But those werre just rumors. Right?

The Morning After

The Rays gave the Phillies a run for the money last night, but in the end, Philadelphia held on to their 3-2 lead and won Game 1 of the World Series.

Rays batters like BJ Upton and Carl Crawford are gonna be fierce competitors against Phillies' pitchers. Damn! Those brothers swing their bats with a mission. There's another Rays player, forget his name, but he's an Asian player and he was getting some base hits. So this ain't gonna be a cakewalk for the Phils. The Rays want this. The Phillies want this. It's a matter of who wants it more...

While watching the World Series, I was also flipping back and forth between CNN, and MSNBC. Larry King Live had on his panel, of all people, turncoat Lynn Swan. Now this has to be the whitest black man in America next to OJ Simpson! Gr! Swan needs to go sit in a corner somewhere and shut the hell up. He's still smarting his loss as Pennsylvania's Governor back in 2006. Though he's a Republican, these good folks of PA know Lynn Swan is fulla shit. N-word please! Please turn in your Black man carrying card status card now!

Thanks to Lady Miss T, Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show have fast become two must-see programs over on MSNBC. Anderson 360 on CNN is starting to feel trite. To be honest, I'm overdosing on Election coverage. As I've read on more than a few blogs, "We're ready to vote! Enough News Media spinning already!"

The turnout for early voting has been phenomenal! I'm surprised how impassioned folks are this Election season. Wow! Truly surprised. More and more in my neighbor, the McCain signs are disappearing, and the Obama signs are out in full force. And believe me, theiving and vandalism has nothing to do with it. Folks, in the final days, are latching on to Obama's message. A'ight. I don't care when you get with the program, just as long as you do.

Now, I'm not sure if PA if having early elections (probably) or not, but I'm waiting to cast my vote on November 4th. My polling station is up the street and I plan to be there, promptly, at 7:00 AM. Might arrive at 6:00 AM just in case their might be a long line.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Night Is Over? Aw Hell No!

As Tom, Sybil and Jay's voices from the TJMS insinuate themselves into my dreams, I reach over, smack the alarm clock radio, roust myself outta bed, and attempt to be gleeful taking care of the morning rituals. Bathroom. Feed the cats. Fix my own breakfast. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Yaaaawwwwn! I'm so tired this morning. Why the Hell am I up? Better still why am I blogging? I'm an addict I suppose. And somebody please tell me? When is Daylight Savings Time??? Actually, I know this year it's on November 2nd, two days before the election. So we got two weeks.

So on the agenda this morning is a few errands before Physical Therapy, which I'm NOT in the mood for at all today. Frustration finally has set in as I'm now in a place where therapy is more difficult to tolerate each day. Plus, Gemini is my specialist today. Ugh, I don't need the sexual tension. My brother has me worked up! Damn you, you phine ass sexy straight black man!And his ass does look damn good in those scrubs! LOL!

NO, I think I'm calling to cancel and crawling back under my warm comforter, cat at my feet. Today is a me day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terrence Howard

A continuance post pertaining to Terrence I did this morning over on Chocolate & Salsa blog; this one little less risqué.

Now in my humble, esteemed, opinion, there's nothing better than a sharp dressed man. Brother Howard definitely has that going on. However,Terrence as a person runs hot and cold with me, which detracts from his outer handsome appeal. Some days I respect his talent and others, well, he just gets dissed. There's no dispute Terrence is a talented actor. The verdict is till out on his singing for me personal, but I'm trying to give him a chance.

In past interviews, he's described himself as "Bible-based" when asked about homosexuality. A chill ran up my spine. A sense of intolerance perhaps? While he admits to having character flaws and "sin" himself, something doesn't sit well with me. While I consider myself Christian, I feel the Bible has been used as a tool to hurt and reinforce the hatred of others; sexual descrimination, racial discrimination, whatever... In these matters, where does Terrence stand?

Oh well. If I had a nickel for every person I took issue with, I'd be a rich man.

Hope We Can Believe In

No, this isn't another Barack Obama post, although my thoughts and prayers are with Senator Obama and his family this morning with regard to his ailing grandmother.

Today's blurb, though, is about holding out through the rough, tumultuous days. As my daddy used to tell me, "Tough times don't last long, they just seem to."

"This too shall pass." Often quoted, but do we really believe it?

Yesterday, God revealed Himself in small, minute ways to bring good vibrations and hope into my life. I can't point to one specific example, but I know He was speaking to me. With everything going on in and around me, with the world, with friends, with my family, with's easy to loose footing and despair. But remember, God is good. He is always there when the darkness is present. Though we may not see Him, just know He is here.

Materialistic things fade. However, the joy, happiness, and positive memories we make during this walk will last forever. They'll be the things we take with us when we depart this Earth. We ain't taking our cars, our iPods, our plasma screen TVs, our homes, our clothes, our money... nothing material.

That's where I'm at now. Refreshed is the notion that I'm loved; loved and cared for by many...I have friends. I have family. God always sends someone present to catch me when I fall. This is something I need to remember when difficult times hammer at my soul. My well-being isn't wrapped up in the material, but in the spiritual.

Today, my message to you is take those things that matter and carry them in your heart. Take the things that bring you joy with you as you conduct your day. Whether it be the spirit of a loved one, a friend, a pet, or the concern of a stranger, allow that comfort to expand in your sou. Therein, God will be there. He will work through you, and those around you, to encourage and enrich your day. As my pastor says, "Govern yourselves accordingly."

Remember the words "I wouldn't take nothin' for my journey now." Yes, the road may be a challenge. It's hard. We're all going through the trials and tribulations...unemployment, financial hardship, emotional crisis, declining health, ending relationships, loss of loved ones, what-have-you. Though there is loss and suffering, don't lose hope! In these difficult days, let us give thanks to God and be grateful He gives us these tough days. It's true, "That which does not kill us, only serves to make us stronger. "

Whatever comes your way today, with COURAGE, HOPE, and FAITH, trust and hold steadfast. Better days are comin'. God promised. He said it. He meant it. It will be...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yuck, Morning Already...

It's Monday folks! How was your weekend?

I'm struggling this morning y'all. I stayed up late to watch the Rays beat the Red Sox. Can I turn block the clock for another few hours sleep? Grrr... gotta get ready for PT. Have a few things on my mind, both those things will have to wait until I'm more coherent....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Stephen Baldwin

Response to a little blurb over on the Huffington Post

Dear Stephen Baldwin,

Shut the Fuck up! Move to Canada already. I'm sure they'll send your fat ass to any other country once they realize how much you detract from society.!

It's a shame, really. Out of all the Baldwin brothers, you
used to be the most handsome, next to Billy. Now you gained thrice as much weight as Alec or Daniel combined, and resemble just another ignorant ass, has-been actor, at the end of his career, claimed to have found Jesus, cleaned up his life, and now is the utmost authority on what America needs. Yeah, right! Uh-huh. Did you forget about any of your outstanding Oscar award winning roles? Oh waitaminute, you don't have any!

Why the tirade? Hmm. Maybe you need to check your racist attitudes at the door and have an open mind for a minute...How the hell is Barack Obama a cultural terrorist?!?! This coming from the same man who starred in the trashy "Threesome" flick and a ton of forgettable movies. How is Barack winning the White House going to personally hurt you? Please tell me. Oh wait. I guess because McCain is another good ole boy white man makes him more qualified? I dunno what frightens you about Barack Obama, but you frighten me. They should sell your face as a mask for trick o' treat in two weeks! But no, I'll be good.

Instead of violence by offering to box with Obama, why not sit down and have a genuine conversation with him, eh? (Better get used to that!) Have you personally sat down with the man to discuss anything about the economy, health care, energy crisis, or even unemployment?!?!
You should know a thing or two about unemployment, dude!

And seriously. I'm sure Barack's health care plan could benefit
you too. Looks like you need to call Dr. Ian Smith's 50 Million Pound Weight Challenge, bruh? See, you need to take some advice from Daniel. At least he had the courage to go on "Celebrity Fit Club." Don't get me wrong. I love your brothers. Billy (always easy on the eyes), Alec (a force to be reckoned with back in the day and funny as hell in "30 Rock" and "Will & Grace"), and Daniel (most notably Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab". I respect Daniel's courage in facing his addiction)... But you? What efforts have you personally taken to solve the American crisis?

When was the last time you gave one iota to the plight of most Americans? How much money came out your pocket for the Gulf Coast victims from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, or Ike? How many times were you in Iraq and Afghanistan, entertaining the the troops; raising their spirits so they can serve another day? When was the last time you put down your fork, and volunteered at a food pantry or soup kitchen to feed the hungry? When was the last time you served your country in some capacity other than living off your "celebrity" status and taking up space? When Stephen, when?

Oh. I didn't think so. It's not your job, huh? Hmm. OK, I understand you now. Just another consumer without giving back to the cause. Let me then say this as plesant as I can....There's
no reason why you're still here. Leave already. We don't want you anymore. If you can't give back, at least keep your mouth shut! Barack Obama, who has shown time and time again to be a moral, upstanding, contributing American citizen, is trying to bring necessary change and hope for the average citizen. So, if Barack being elected President of the United States gives you the impetus to move to Canada, by all means, leave!

I'm holding you to your promise, Stephen Baldwin. Leave. If Barack wins the presidency, you have until January 19th to emigrate to Canada. So show me what you really stand for buddy. If you feel this strongly about it, I expect you to live by your words. I want you to hold a huge press conference 'n all too. Make a graaaaaaand display. But you won't, cause everybody knows you're just shootin' your mouth off, talkin' shit, selling wolf tickets (as they used to say). We all know if McCain wins or loses, your fat, lazy, privileged ass will be right on your studio couch, here in these United States of America, come Election and Inauguration day. OK?

Now do us all this one courtesy you can do, Stephen...Shut up! Thank you.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Russell And Manny

I love the camaraderie that exists between these two. Giving the boys in Blue some respect. Doesn't mean I want 'em to win over the Phils, but givin' some Dodger love in case...


While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

President Barack Obama!