Sunday, December 14, 2008

How Many Days Until Christmas?!?!

And they pay Betty the big bucks? Oh my!

Never, ever, too far out of my thoughts, I present to you this amusing clip I found on YouTube of TJ and his weekend co-host Betty Nguyen. Actually, I think this clip is from last Christmas season. But it's gave me a chuckle...

Also, I've been researching like mad, but does anybody know what "TJ" stands for. I've looked all over, checking my best resources, and I come up with bupkis! Nada. Does his name stand for something so horrible he won't reveal it? Is it something country like some of my older relatives who had a letter for their first name, which stood for nothing? Anybody know? Come on Toddy!Surely you know the scoop!

Just being inquisitive, but my nosy behind needs to know yesterday. "Inquiring minds need to know!" (Anybody else remember that 80s commerial tagline?)

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ToddyEnglish said...

Oh my goodness! And you call yourself a TJ Holmes fan...heh.

His full name is Thomas James Holmes...He's 31 years old...and he is currently dating Rozanda "Chilli" Thomson (Boooo!)

Not that I've been paying that much attention to TJ Holmes...::toddy sets his DVR for CNN on Saturday morning::


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