Saturday, December 31, 2011


Letting Go Of The Old Year

2011 hasn't been a bad year. It's been overall a learning year and I'm proud to say I'm coming away from the last 3-6-5 with more insight and knowledge. There were times I felt like giving up, but perhaps my greatest testimony will be the resiliency gained. Sure I'm closing the old, starting the new, single, but it could be worse. LOL.

I'm looking forward to the challenges 2012 will bring and I hope to tackle many of my so-called failures from this year... lack of trust, vocational aspirations, weight loss, etc... and make those successes! Yep. 2012 is the year I take back.

The Mirror

I was surfing through blogs not long ago when a came across this post from Mike In Bama's sit about folks and their relationship with mirrors. I was like, "cool." because I hate mirrors. ALWAYS have. I'm reposting Mike's original blog and the link below. I take no credit for his work...

I have a mirror phobia... I don't look in the mirror very often.

If you're under 45 years old, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Not because we want you to think about your life and where it's going or anything. Just because we want you to squeeze in some good mirror sessions while you still enjoy them. According to a new survey out of England, age 45 is the turning point when people stop wanting to look at themselves in the mirror. The survey found that's when people look in the mirror and can't avoid thinking about how they've aged.

In the survey, 51% of people 18 to 24 say they look in the mirror at least 10 times a day.

From ages 25 to 34, that drops to 44% of people.

From ages 35 to 44, that drops to 33% of people.

And after age 45, only 9.4% of people look in the mirror that often. More than a quarter of people over 45 take it even further and say they try to never look in the mirror.

The survey also found that women are almost three times more likely to be concerned with aging than men. 32% of young women surveyed said they're dreading getting older versus 12% of young men.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Moving Onwards

The Christmas Holiday is done and the count down to 2012 is on. I still don't have concrete plans for Saturday. Hm. Been given a few invitations to gatherings, but I haven't decided what to do. I'd like to be out and about. My celebration, however, will be pretty low key. That's typically how it is. I am looking forward to the fresh start 2012 is bringing.

2011 was a learning year. It was neither good nor bad, just an experience overall. I learned more about my strengths and my station in life. I feel fortified that the next stage is secure and that some of my foals will be reached in the coming 365.

I'm ready. Let's get this party started!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Tonight's the night! The Doctor Who Christmas Special! Whoo Hoo. BBC America 9 PM Eastern. Of course I'll be away, so the DVR will be waiting.

Merry Christmas!!!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I'[m running a bit frantic today still doing festivity prep! Ugh! Next year, next year... LOL.

Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy 5th Year!

Happy Blog Anniversary Weilding The Axe! Seems hard to believe it been five years already. There's been days when I just wasn't feelin' the blog but all in all its been fun to post and share the triumphs, joys and sometimes silliness that is my world. I can't guarantee there will be another five years, but I promise to have fun while it lasts. Thanks for reading...


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

At The Avengers Mansion

Gee, who never knew Spider Woman was so popular???

Four Shopping Days Left

Better hurry! There's only a few more shopping days left to the Big Day. Hm. I guess I should get started. LOL. Nothing like last minute shopping, eh?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He's in the Details....And Facebook!

A friend of mine claims that "Facebook is the Devil." I often tease and disagree with him, but last night I came into situation that gave me pause to reconsider....

Now I won't say exactly what happened, but it was a sitch said friend's his boyfriend pointed out to me. It kinda left me scratching my temple doing a double take...One of those moments where you really understand your true place in the Universe, when she comes on by, knocks on the door, and says "Hello." Ouch! It wasn't a cute moment. I truly realized how sometimes social networking can be cruel and isolating at times.

I must confess, however, before the Universe's social slam I was beginning to tire Facebook. The damn thing become MySpace. When I joined, I only accept friend requests from people I knew, and so I thought, what most people did. Now, like MySpace, Facebook is becoming the competition of how many friends one can accumulate. Oh look I have 8 billion friends to your 300. Uh huh. I'm really considering deleting the damn thing.

So what's stopping me? Hm. Well, I suppose the thought of not being in the mix of things, being in the know. With some of my friends the only way I do keep in contact is with their post on Facebook since they never take the time pick up the phone to call or email. Of course, going back to the friend that initiated this post, he would say the phone works both ways. And he would be correct in that assertion. But everyone wants to feel important and often enough I feel like I'm the one always making the effort to stay in touch. If you miss me enough, you can contact me! Your fingers ain't broke! I can call three, four, five times....LOL. Yeah I know. Issues and drama. Social networking is not all that it's cracked up to be.

I think I'm starting not to like the information-technology age. Phooey!

Work. Let Go. Release,

In a few weeks folks will make New Year's resolutions to lose extra pounds, trim the flab, and git physically fit. Hmph. Some will accomplish that goal and others will quickly fall away. For myself, I've been struggling with the path for the latter half of 2011 and I intend to struggle further still into 2012... *sigh* It's a daunting task.

I believe I once heard that Michelangelo felt his sculpture always existed underneath the marble, he only needed to chip away the excess to release the inner masterpiece. As with me, there is an inner beautiful person underneath the mass, I only need to undo a lifetime of bad habits to unveil my true self. Some days I feel good about it. Other days, I really want to abandon the effort and wallow in misery. I created this mess. How the hell do I get out???

I'm keeping up the optimism though. To be cliche, where there is a will, there most certainly is a way, right? Learning to love the body I'm in is a start. I don't have to love everything about it, just accept circumstances for what they were, and then make the change.

I'm holding my head up today. That's what I'm doing...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Heat Miser and Snow Miser Brothers Live-Action

I didn't know that made a Live Action of the A Year Without Santa Claus? Hm. Dunno how I feel about Heat Miser/Snow Miser rendition although I'm glad they chose Harvey Fierstein as Heat Miser. The Heat Miser Bimbettes gotta go though! Woulda been cuter with some hotties in board short shorts strutting about, but I guess it still is a children's special after all. *sigh* Can't blame a tired middle aged boy from dreamin', eh?

National Dingaling Day

National Dingaling Day? Um....OK. Yeah. I'ma leave this alone! Heheh. It's a real Holiday though. Google or Wiki it. Anyhoo. In commemoration of the day, what better than Chuck Berry's classic.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Ok, so this is kinda a holiday tradition for me. My holiday season doesn't start until I start listening about Mariah seducing Santa ovah and ovah. I feel festive now....sorta! I finally, begrudgingly put up my decor today. Hm. I still feel Grinchy, maybe I just need some more "spirits" to cheer me up. I'm trying to work up for the Holidays but I'm not feeling it....

Thundercats...Ho Ho Ho!!!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Really Now?

"If U got a long dick like my man, God has blessed U with a special tool U can't get in the stores. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Holla!"

A friend of mine posted this to his Facebook page. Bemused at first, seriousness crept in, and I began to not laugh so much. I mean really? Is that all that there is to gay life for my friend, just a big dick attached to a body. So you don't care about deep convos before fallin' asleep? No humor? No laughs? No time enjoyin' one another's company? All that matters is inches in his pants? Huh.

Now don't get me wrong. I do believe a dick is a beautiful thang, in any shape or size. My question is what do you do when not using the salami? Burp it and put it bed? Maybe I'm having one of those uppity mid-life moments again. LOL Been having those a lot lately. Staring youth in the face and shaking my head, not necessarily in disgust, but in disbelief. Then again, I wonder... Was I ever that conceited at his age (22) ????

Naaaaah. I bet I was worse! LOL

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drawn For A Blank

Um... I don't have anything poignant to say. My mind is blank. I'm dumbfounded as to what to write. Oh well, I'll again later. LOL. Just ignore this blabbery... My ass should be getting ready for work anyway.

Big Bang Baby...

By far, one of the best sitcoms on right now. I love this show. I did a review a few years ago on the Christmas episode Penny gave Sheldon a soiled napkin used by Leonard Nimoy... one of the most moving moments of the show. I get a kick out every episode. Oh and Admiral Ackbar up there? Well if you were watching recently, Sheldon claims to do a perfect impersonation of the Mon Calamari Admiral from Return of the Jedi.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Rick James Bitch!

Does anyone else miss the Dave Chappelle Show from Comedy Central? Dave had some funny stuff until things fell a part.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Doctor Who - Cast & Crew Special


He-Man + She-Ra= Gay?

Hm. For any fan of either He-Man and She-Ra, you gotta watch Nostalgia Chick's analysis of this classic 80s cartoon. First, you'll last yourself silly. Second, it'll definitely change your perspective to an extent. I loved this. You can find more commentary from Nostalgia Chick here.

AARRGH!!! Wake Up!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

This little clip has been all over Facebook and blogs for the last week. It wasn't until today I sat down and watch it completely through. I was utterly amazed this young man's presence and passion. Kudos Zach!

Mean Disney Girls

Even though I'm usually not a Disney-Ho, I thought this was kinda cute. Those voices sync up just right with the animation. Ah, Mean Girls...

Zach Q

Have I mentioned before I dig Zachary Quinto???

Friday, December 2, 2011


Friday is finally here. So glad, so glad...

I need a great weekend to happen! Hope yours is a good one too!


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