Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birthday Boy

Oh the morning comes so early! Well, when did you expect it come? That's why it's named morning! Just some silliness to brighten your sunrise. It's December 11th fellas. Fourteen days until Christmas! Excited yet? No? Well maybe my first post today will lift up your Holiday spirits.

Haven't done a birthday post in awhile. So reaching into the birthday grab bag, I pulled out celebrity Gray Dourdan. Alright Big Red! One daaamn sexy brother.

So what's the deal Gary-man? You sure had a rough year in 2008. Getting the ax from CSI (I don't believe for a second you left on your own), then the arrest for narcotics've been through the ringer, it's true. Like the rest of us, Gary fell on some hard and rough times in 2008. Hollywood probably went to his head, that's the nature of the business I suppose, but that's alright. He's only human like everyone of us. "Let he without sin..."

A Diff'rent World back in the day. He's changed over the years... cut the dreads (I cried), gained a little around the middle (Thickness never hurt anybody, just don't get sloppy)... no matter! Gary's on my list of hot men.

Somehow I missed the speedo shots with thick Gary. So what if he's sportin' a little belly? At 42, Gary still has time to get himself back into shape. And I'm not hatin' on the thick men, love 'em.

While Gary sure looks pudgy from this summer time photo, I ask you, would you kick brother to the curb? Naw. You might as him to go run a couple minutes on the tread, but you won't shove him to the left would you? I wouldn't. Just make sure your addiction problems are resolved.

Honestly though Gary, I don't care you had your problems this year. As long as you're workin' to gettin' yourself back together, then you still da man. I'll remebr the smooth skin, sexy abs, and the beautiful dreads! Hope you have a better year in '09. Happy 42nd Birthday GD. Hurry back to television soon!

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