Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What U Really Want This Holiday Season

From Saturday Night Live a while back. I love this parody clip. It's hillarious! Yeah I wouldn't mind getting a big ole dick under my Christmas tree this holiday. Of course, I want the entire package, body, mind and soul...not just some arbitrary Joe Schmoe off da the street. Well, Joe wouldn't be so bad, as long as he got the freak on to back it up...


Darius T. Williams said...

a big ol' dick? OMG - I wasn't ready for that this morning...lol.

real said...

yeah D. our beloved bro is in rare form on this beautiful wednesday morn! LOL!!
big ole dicks under his tree and stuff. my word.
I, just say what you want cat. don't be shy. aint nobody here but us gay bois, and grlz.

btw, how big is that tree? i maybe wouldn't mind tryn to get my "big ole...." under it my damn self!
i like tree!

(ok, let me stop)


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