Thursday, January 29, 2009

Charles Divins

Model turned actor Charles Divins celebrates 33 candles today on his personal cake.

Now, I'll be the first to tell you I don't know a thing about Charles other than he played "Chad" on Passions and had that gay storyline where he was cheating on his wife. If I recall correctly, the man he was cheating with was also his character's nephew or something? Umm, dunno bout the plot details cause I didn't watch Passions. It was too reminiscent of Dark Shadows (for those of you old enough to remember the 80s-70s version of Barnabas Collins and company)....very cheesy.

But Chazzy boy has a certain something about him. He ain't all that, but ain't all that bad either. What say you?

Keith Hamilton Cobb

With our good friend Corey over at I'll Keep You Posted in mind, who's also a fan, I present the one and only KHC. Mr. Cobb.

Now since my computer was actin' a fool yesterday, I couldn't blog Keith's birthday yesterday, but a day late, I'm sure y'all won't mind.

Keith has starred in a variety of television programs, as "Noah Keefer" on All My Children, "Tyr Anasazi" in Andromeda, "Damon Porter" on the Young And The Restless, and "Quincy" on Noah's Arc.

No offense, to Darryl, but I woulda chose Keith over Jensen Atwood any day. And how I mourned when I learned Keith cut off his hair. Y'all know I have a thing for men with braids and dreads. But so I've told, braids and dreads are on the out right now. Mm hm. For now. They'll be back though. LOL.

Not sure what Keith is up to these days, but his handsome, debonair, masculine suave self sure is missed. Happy belated 47th birthday K-man!

Ian's point: Perhaps I'll concede Keith might look a tad better without the long hair. Perhaps. But my fantasy has me running my fingers all through it. Oh well. Grow older, grow different fantasies.



I have to give it up for Ms. Hudson. She's singing this weekned at The Big Game (can't violate trademark rules and call it "Die Übermäßige Schüssel," oh no!) After the tragic deaths of her family members, I thinks she's summoning tremendous courage and strength appearing live nationally on Sunday.

Now I have as yet gone out to by Jennifer's CD, but I'm loving this video. Ain't Ryan Gentles dreamy? It's the hair, you caught me. LOL. I need to get over that fetish. But seriously, Ryan needs to do more positive spots. Everything I seen him in, he ends up being a bastard from Hell.

Kudos though to Jennifer for showcasing this brother.

Ian's point: Death, whether anticipated or not, is always traumatic on those left behind. Say a prayer for Jennifer as she continues to heal, now, and in the days ahead.

A Prayer Away

Been experiencing some minor computer annoyances the last few days, but computer woes are the least of my worries, I'm more preoccupied out about money. As the old saying goes, "my money is funny and my change is strange." You ain't lyin' there.

Most pressing is not sure how I'm gonna scramble the greenbacks for the mortgage, car payment, auto insurance, let alone wonder what's gonna be let over for gas, groceries, electric and medicine. Whew! But you know what? I'm not sweatin' this. See here, God's got our backs and I firmly believe He can make a way outta no way. Not just in my sitch, but in yours too. Sure, we may lose some status, loose Earthly comforts, but oft times we need to lose in order to gain...

In my circumstance, I pray God will at least create a situation where my creditors won't have me sitting up in here in the dark, cold, and hungry. Too, when I commiserate my financial challenges, I need remind myself of the blessing already bestowed. This past week for most Americans, Bloody Monday, saw tens of thousands lay offs. Job security is a thing of the past. And income can be lost quicker than a sneeze. How my heart aches for folks who don't know when or where their next dollar is coming.

Sitting in church last Sunday, hearing many in the congregation pray for employment, listening to the news this week....Oh I thank Jesus I have stable income. Social Security and Disability Insurance income may not be far reaching, but it's there. Accruing less than 60% of what I earned is less than optimal, but God provides solace and Divine comfort where material succor fails. What more do I need than Divine Providence, hm? The Older generations knew this, time our current generation remembers this too.

Ian's point: Be thankful for what you have in the here and the now. Nothing in our current economy is a guarantee. What's the old saying? "Therefore but the Grace of God go I?" Mm hm. Take a moment before begrudging the situation and give thanks to the Higher power you have something.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Electric!

With my head in my hands, I sat there, incredulously embarrassed. Oh Lawd, what in the world just happened here? Hmph! I'll tell you...

His hand was on my waist, steadying me so I wouldn't fall. The warmth of his touch was distracting, but not enough to keep me from going forward, pushing myself one last little bit, towards success. Then I stumbled.

A fraction of a second, but more like an eternity really. And in that stumble, his hand, that was on my hip, quicker than the Flash was around my waist, pulling me back. In that instant, oh just to be sure, my world collided with his. Ass against crotch.

His heat invading my space. His scent permeating my nostrils. Feeling those firm, calloused, masculine hands on my body. That warm sweet breath gently breathing on my neck.... um, too much, waaaay too much! Instinct kicked in, panic stricken, and down I went anyway.

Dream come true or nightmare played out? So went the scene at physical therapy today. Oh Ian you're too old to be having these crushes on straight bruhs. Thank goodness we were near finished with session cause I was no good after the incident. In a way though, it was good, our electric moment. At least I got a feel for what Gemini's working with (not that it matters).

I was humiliated, make no mistake, but outta every negative situation, some good comes about...


Um...there are no words in my repertoire to even described the desire I have for this brother. None. Guess I've been watching too many Charmed reruns. Plus the flair and vibes I catch from him,? Uh-huh. There are moments when my 'dar shakes off the hinges.

Don't know how he butters his toast, but Dorian Gregory is ever the chameleon. His look has changed over the years and he's just one delicious, warm, and inviting man. Suppose that's why he appeared in all those calenders in the 90s, huh? Dorian seems like he'd be a cool guy to hang out with too.

So here's to a happy, happy birthday Brother Gregory. Best wishes on your 38th.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Always On Time

I don't believe in coincidence. Never have, never will. Firmly, I believe all things happen with purpose and reason, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

So keeping that in mind, the was a reason why I kept getting this email over and over and over from my Yahoo Groups. I'd seen this piece a year or so back. At the time, I took the message, the blessing, and filed it away in memory. Now this week, it came back. Why?

See, quiet as it's kept, I don't put every little thing going on in my life on this blog. Tempted as I might want, I reserve a small amount of dignity so I'm not coming across a whiny immature insecure neurotic. While some may say I have a right to be, given my PTSD and depressive episodes, I do recognize my emotive nature can be overbearing. I view my state of being as a weakness.

To the point, things have been going down for months that I've been trying to handle through faith, but mostly on my own or at the assistance from select friends. Most days, I suffer in silence. There's no need to explain what's been going through, just I've been in turmoil.

As a grown man, I'm trying to reconcile many a childhood problem. Problems that have oft consumed my adult life.

"So why not simply let go Ian?" It's isn't that I can't let go, rather so much self-image is entangled in pain, abusive at the hands of others, and my own, that the anchor is firmly entrenched, making it impossible to shore up and sail onwards, even with the best efforts. There are days when I curl into the fetal position and just need comfort.

So this afternoon the email show up yet again in my in-box. Going back to my initial statement on coincidence, I knew there was a reason. Finally, I observed "There's a reason why this keeps coming back. I need to view this again." So I clicked the link and read the message. Tears flowed out of me, untapped anguished boiled to the surface, both current and past hurt, and raw feelings I'd tucked away were released. Washed away. I finished feeling comforted, touched that the Divine is with me, seeing my struggling spirit within, and is ready to hold me.

My dear friend,I don't know what you're going through, don't know the hardships you may be experiencing, but I know by the Spirit, there's Someone who is willing to embrace and love us unconditionally. No matter what you might think or feel about yourself at the core, no matter what society or our own brethren have told us, don't believe the lies. Believe in Hope, Grace, and Serenity. Will watching this take the pain away forever? NO, but the reassurance is planted we can call upon the Creator and that He will always be here. Time to reinforce with the positive. God is always right on time!

Just sharing my blessing with you because someone might be in my same position; suffering alone and holding on to the negative. My hope is if you're in need, you'll receive a blessing. Here's the link: The Interview With God.

It's Raining Men

Indeed. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chomping The Bit

Just for a laugh. Kinda strange, y' know? WTF!

Because You Do

Good morning. I mean that. Good morning. And what a morning it is too.

I didn't expect to be up this early. After watching as much Inaugural coverage as I could, I tuckered out after the Obamas made their appearance at the Commander-In-Chief's Ball. I couldn't watch anymore.

What a powerful statement the First Couple made. Ellegance to the Nth degree! Very impressive. Michelle's dress was tasteful, and well you knowBarack always looks GQ. Only criticism? President Obama so cannot dance. LOL. But those looks of sheer happiness they were giving each other? I hope they savored each and every moment.

Ket's hope they went straight to sleep when they got home, cause you know they tired as shiggity! No comment on what I really think went after all the Inaugural celebrations. Those looks the first couple were exchanging were a little too telling. I'll digress.

This morning, though my heart is still on wave over yesterday's pageantry, I promise not to remediate on President Obama. Nope, this time I send salutations to you. See, as I look around me, not just yesterday, but in these last few weeks and months, I see a positive changes. Men coming into their own, on the forefront of guidance and wisdom. Bringing good purpose to the community. It makes my proud and honored to observe your dedication.

Now I won't go off listing names, cause I might forget somebody, but surely you know a few. When I look at all the bloggers, sending their messages, just giving back, I smile. Or my brothers in media, the Don Lemons, Jason Carrolls, Roland Martins, T.J. Homes, Tom Joyners.... wow! I could go on and on. The list would be too great....

I'm impressed that men, both gay and straight, seem to be getting it together. Oh we still have a long way to go, but looks like after a long backslide, we on' the path again!

It fills me with a joyous spirit. Guys are out there charging in the world, doing what God has inspired them to do. And this isn't to exclude the sisters moving forward, cause you know you've always been strong. But today I wanna take pride in my own gender. For too long we were at the bottom, now it seems we're rising to the surface with dignity and a bit o' pride.

Don't know what moved me to write this today. Perhaps I on a residual emotional trip from Obama's Inaugural? Perhaps seeing MSNBC's political commentator Harold Ford Jr, publicly acknowledge his African American status last night (I'm not trying to be ignorant. I love Harold). can't explain it. Perhaps it was something I read earlier about Keith Boykin or over on Rod's or on earlier XemVanAdams' blog. Dunno. But I've expounded before on how my fellow blogger have inspired me. A number of you were included in morning prayers as I woke this morning. My soul felt that stirred and compelled.

I don't mean to come across square as hell. But there's nothing but gladness in my soul today.Your deeds have not gone unnoticed. You uplift, empower, and enrich.

What you do touches folk in ways you may never understand. So keep on doing what you do. And on the difficult days when the struggle is that much harder, I ask the power of the Spirit to consecrate and sanctify you. Fortify with strength in your passion so you may persevere.

That's my blessing to pass on this morning. Just that simple. I'm not a good writer, but with these few words, I express my gratitude. See my brethren, you're making remarkable progress. Doing good things. Changing lives, making the world a better place in tough times. Thanks.

God Bless.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Synopsis In A Diff'rent Light

Ooh, but wasn't today a day for PRIDE, people?!?! Oh yeah. And it was all good. My, my, my, my, MY! It's damn sure official now, Barack Obama is the President of These United States o' America! Now, I had this finga snappin' witty ass post in mind, but as I sit in front of the keyboard, every word has flown outta my head. Lemme try to summarize.

First of all, di'n't my President and his wife look damn sexy as hell on that podium? I mean, Michelle was rockin' in that dress. Oh so tasteful. And not to be outdone, Prez B was lookin all the more dapper with his usual confidant and suave se'f! Chile! And shout out to Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. That calf boots and her little mini ensemble was right on time! Shout out to the First and Second Couple, although Vice President Biden needs a haircut. Sheryl Underwood was dead on when she said Joe Biden resembles the eagle character from The Muppets.

And what exactly was the fuss over Pastor Rick Warren? Seriously? His prayer was so lackluster, I kept thinking my Pastor could deliver a damn better speech than Warren's pedestrian crap. What was the hubbub was all about? Cause dude's anti-homosexual. OK, If he wants to hate on gays, let 'im. But MY JESUS loves me AND you! Dunno what god Warren worships, but God loves all His Chil'ren. Don't mean He likes er'rything we do, but He loves us just the same, no matter what that fool Warren thinks.

Obama's speech? A bit sobering, but analysists forewarned we wouldn't have another address like his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, so I was prepared for what he had to offer. But my favorite part of all the festivities today? After the Inaugural Luncheon when President Obama and company went to review the troops before heading up Pennsylvania Avenue for the Parade. Did you see it? I was hollerin' fo' sho! This is what ran through my mind. Now for those of you familiar good old spirit raising preaching on Sundays, read the next bit with that in mind. It's meant to be humorous. Don't take umbrage.
"Whaaa...Prez was standin' at the top of those Capitol steps. And then looked he down. I said he looked down. Yes, he looked down. Next Brother Barack stuck out his arm, all dignify and Presidential, for his wife ta take hol'. Sistah-girl Michelle, she done looked her man. She reached on ova, and took his arm. And den they smiled.

Said Barack Obama! Yes, Barack Obama. President! He and his wife, that's right she da Fuuurst Lady....wawl, lemme tell ya! They strolled on down 'em steps! And my, my, my! MY MAN, President Barack Hussein Obama, said they stepped on tha' the landing a'fore the troops. Then what did he do? Well lemme tell you! That brutha stood up, stood straight up. Barack took on that stance. Yeah you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Stood that stance when a 'maine' feel like a 'maine'. Stood taller and prouder than any brutha I evah saw.

See hurr, he got that look 'on his face. Solid and con'fident, firm and true! Large and in charge! With that stance, he review-oo-oo-oo-wee--oooh-d them troops! Then he turnt to his wife. Yes see here, 'Chelle is the First Lady. Uh-huh! Then he smiled. Yes suh, he show'd her those pearly whites. Then he turnt back to them troops. Yeeeeeees, he did. Oh yes he did! Myyyyy Black President!

Barack Obama. Oh they call him Mister President. Yes, he stood taller 'an I ever seen. Said he looked at his wife. And smiled. And you know what that smile said? Oh do you know what that smile said? Do you know? OH, Do you know? Do you know? Well, Iiiiiiiiiii-eeee-iiiiiiii do! Lemme tell you! It saaaid.... " It's a bran' new day. I'm President now! That's right, Commander-In-Chief! Head Negro In Charge! And these here are MY TROOPS to command!"
A'ight now! Let the church say AMEN! Mmm hmm. For real, for real. Sike. Lemme stop playin! Forgive me for being stupid (stooooopid) but I've been on a trip ever since I got up this morning.

Happy Obama Day! -Ian

Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing

by James Weldon Johnson
Lift every voice and sing,
'Til earth and heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise
High as the listening skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on 'til victory is won.
Stony the road we trod,
Bitter the chast'ning rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat,
Have not our weary feet
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered,
Out from the gloomy past,
'Til now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our bright star is cast.
God of our weary years,
God of our silent tears,
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way;
Thou who has by Thy might
Led us into the light,
Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;
Shadowed beneath Thy hand,
May we forever stand,
True to our God,
True to our native land.

Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper

A few months back before the election, CNN's Don Lemon did an interview with the 106 years young Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper. Her life spans three centuries and overlaps two milenia. Wonders and more wonders. What this woman has seen come and go. Her only wish was to see a Black person as President.

Well today she gets her wish! I'm grateful and thankful the Lord blessed this dear woman to live to see this day. I've even heard President Obama personally called and invited her to the Inauguration festivities. Kudos President B! Now, I wonder if Don Lemon is still gonna be her date for the Inaugural Ball?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Question Asked, Answers To Come

A plagiarised post of sorts, but not really. I caught this over on the Huffington Post blog a few days ago, but I like the video so I decided to highlight it here. Now y'all remember those Budweiser "Wassup" commercials, right? What was at first humorous, became overkill and obnoxious. The original spawned a million and one clone commercials. Some were cute, others downright stupid.

Here the original brothers are back, giving us an update on their lives in the last eight years under a George W. Bush Presidency. Makes a powerful statement on where we're struggling through. The fellas, while giving a jocular spin on life in the 00's, look a little less vital, a little less hopeful. But the end of the commercial says it best!

Tomorrow, hope begins anew. Certainly not the end, but definitely a new beginning. At twelve noon tomorrow afternoon the whole world ain't magically gonna transform cause we got Big Brother B in Office. Nope. And we know this. But still, ain't it an awesome journey we're about to embark upon?

More later.

One Day More

My morning's darkness gives way to the light,
the haze of night is shaken from my sight,
and a whirlwind of thoughts soar,
take heed,
I ain't got time to be bored.

What day is today?
Is it tomorrow yet?
How long, how long, how long....
have the days been since that November night?
Come on already!
Just make it right.

What's going through my head?
Exuberance, joy, pride, hope, anticipation...
Got's no time to rest
time to get up from this here bed.

Words fail to gather to me now,
As I recognize the dawning of tomorrow
It seemed so far away,
the countless ticking hours,
slowly, slowly, slowly
Sixty days became fifty-nine days,
fifty-nine days became fifty-eight days,
and so on.

But at long last we are down to one,
Only one day more.
Yes, thank God Almighty,
its only one day more.

And when the 'morrow comes,
At noon a man will rise,
place his dark hand on the Bible,
and recite the Oath of Office,

Marking this tremendous American first,
January 20, 2009 will not be just one more day
in a season where light is scarce,
though it will be a cold Winter's mourn,
Americans and people around the world,
will gather and watch this moment,
and bask in the promise of new radiance

Riding on the words "Yes We Can,"
never forgetting the dark days past,
holding dear to the goals and the hope of our foreparents,
A grandmother will look at her grandchild,
a father take hold of his son's hand,
and with a few tears of joy,
they will celebrate together this installation of our new President,

Clinging to Barack's words "HOPE" and "CHANGE,"
We will forge ahead,
never forgetting those who came before.

Our Rosa, Martin, Malcolm, Thurgood,
our Chisholm, DuBois, Bethune,
Just to name a few names,
those among thousands who walked ahead,
We will not forget you,
Our day,
our one day more,
we hold you dear in our thoughts and our hearts,
you gave us inspiration when there was none,
tomorrow will be a celebration of you as well

For this child born in August,
who would later hear the words spoken on another August day
took up your mantle,
gathering that inspiration and rose up to the occasion,
and becomes America's 44th President,

That child,
Barack Obama,
represents your face of America,
a face not so new,
but symbolizing the face of a people,
a people who have been here since the beginning

Barack will take residence in the home built on the back of slaves,
hold an Office where many men before
had not always been so kind to America's darker skinned children,
But Obama's ascension to the Oval Office is a new dawn,
a time to put aside negativity.

For the dream has always been,
though oft times forgot,
this measure of equality
seems at long last,
that American has been given her due,

we are reminded Barack is not just for one group,
one set aside of individuals,
but for all Americans,
The Black, the White, the Latino, the Asian,
and our brothers who tread the soil long before
European settlers or slave ships from Africa
touched this continent....
the tribes of the Native Peoples,
Native Indigenous Americans.

With respect,
I nod and bow my head in honour,
give thanks to you as well.
We who behold this marker in history,
Just like another set many year a' fore,
renew our promise in America,
that we are One.
That the whole is always greater than her parts,
is always best when united,

One people,
one mind,
though we come in different colours,
different creeds,
different faiths,
different genders, race, sexuality,
we are the cacophony of voices that becomes one.

Let's never forget what November 2008 brought,
let's usher forth renewed faith,
take courage to stop the ways of the past,
and bring on a new day.
It is our celebration,
it is our time,
our now,
how great, oh how great,
if we can only wait,
just one day more.....

written 19 January 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

cry with me

"cry with me"

cry with me, please
come over, sit, and watch in silence
as i lament my lover i had to leave
my lover who swept me off my damn feet
when i wasnt even trying to fall
the one who stole my heart in an hour
who lit a candle and kissed my lips
who laid me down and loved my soul
and kept me warm with the heat of his flesh

my lover
who smiled and attempted to pronounce my name
who thanked me for being there
and played music of his homeland
who gave me his everything and stared me down
mesmerized by me being me, and i likewise him
and said again, thank you for coming here

cry with me again, please
cause i'm missing him again today
and i know we cried yesterday
but today is another day
and i'm missin' my man, again.

Now, I didn't write those beautiful words. The real author who did, granted permission to post it. When he sent me this, I swear tears started flowing. Coming from him, it was a deep, deep glimpse into his soul. Now my brother isn't heartless, but I know he's not as emotive as I am. He ain't on Love's conquest like I am. Yet these simple scrawled words sent touch a place in my understanding of him. I ain't about me, make no mistake. I know who it's about and my prayer is my friend can be reunited with his "le bel homme de Chocolat De Paris."

So what do you guys think of this poem? My buddy wants honest feedback. And while I'm no poet laureate myself, I thought it was well written. I'm curious what y'all thought too.


Friday, January 16, 2009

You Will Know The Truth

After a year long hiatus, Battlestar Galactica fans have just a few more hours to go before we get the final ten episodes to our current science fiction addiction. Man and what a year it's been. I had to stop reading the message boards long ago to keep from the insanity. I admit, I just wanna know the ending now.

Speculation to the identity of the final Cylon is rampant and I've removed and put back suspects on my personal list a dozen and one times. I simply don't know. I have my top picks, but no one makes a perfect fit. I doubt fans will get their answer tonight. Tonight's episode will be a teaser episode to lure the fans back into the show, while ultimately giving nothing away. And the clues from Sci Fi Channel's "You Will Know The Truth" website were just enough to have you think you know, only to have you eventually throw everything you thought out the damn window! Oh I bet Eick and Moore are loving this.

What's more, I've been banned by Queen Hester discussing any results of the show, because she hasn't watched Season 4.0 yet. Merde! So, I can't post anything about it once I do get some answers. At least I know some of you will be blogging about it. I'll leave comments on your blog on my excitement/disappointment for you other BSG geeks, like me.

My top picks for who the final Cylon might be? Well, after careful consideration, sorting through conjecture and bullshit speculation, my rap sheet includes Felix Gaeta, Laura Roslin, Ellen Tigh, Romo Lampkin, and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. All these people have been off the list, on the list, at one point or another. The creators of the show have total mind twist going on with the clues and its just a matter of we'll have to wait and see. For the longest time, my bet was they were gonna make Felix the final Cylon, but after watching the webisodes, I don't think so. I just don't know....

My consolation prize, no matter who the final Cylon is revealed to be, is the writers finally outed Alessandro Juiliani's character Felix Gaeta, although they coulda hooked him up with better eye candy than Officier Louis Hoshi. Eww. But at least there's one more homo in outer space. So let's not complain too much here Ian. Thanks Ron and David.

5 Day Obama/King Weekend

When I was a young teenager and my father introduced me to Coretta Scott King, I gave little thought the impact such a chance encounter should have had on my life. It was only years later, after Mrs. King passed away, that I recognized and understood the importance of that occasion. Here was a woman who stood shoulder to shoulder with the greatest Civil Rights leader in American history, and I met her. I took for granted the things Mrs. King saw and experienced; how my meeting her was a touch upon history itself.

Now as an adult, and in my lifetime, America is on the eve of swearing in the first Black President. Any adjective I could type fails to give significant characterization of this historical event. And how was this all possible? By the struggles and strife of men who came before, like Dr. King. I embrace, with a full heart, how privileged I was to meet Mrs. King. See, it's funny. I've been griping and complaining because I keep missing opportunities to meet Barack Obama. I stand in awe of the man, captured by his greatness, and want to feel his presence in this historical moment. But duh! I already have been touched by history. I met the late wife of Dr. Martin Luther King. Greatness doesn't get much better than that!

This MLK Day Holiday weekend takes on special significance. Yes, we got Obama to the White House, but our journey didn't start there. If not for men like Dr. King, an Obama Presidency would never occurred. So as we look forward to Tuesday, I'm reminded how truly blessed America was, and is, for having Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr trailblaze the way for our brother Barack H. Obama, Jr...

Have a great King Day Holiday Weekend y'all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Caught Bush's Farewell Address to the Nation tonight. I dunno, but perhaps it was one of Georgie's better speeches. Didn't Bush look like he aged? I mean his face seemed so haggard. My hope is Mr. Obama (notice I stopped calling him by the familiar) doesn't look like that at the end of his Presidency.

I was never a George W. Bush fan, but I don't surmise he was/is a bad man. Misguided, yes. Evil tyrant, no! W. made ineffective choices, had suspect judgment, recreated the English language, and took the US to new lows, but he did give Colin Powell and "Kindasleezy", I mean...Condoleeza Rice, the opportunities to be Secretary of State. Two black folks? Back to back?

OK George, maybe you had your good moment or two, here and there. And Dr. Rice made a good Secretary of State. Believe me, I wouldn't raise up Condi's ire; would you? Un-uh. Sistah might lose some of that "doctorate" composure, open a can of "whup-ass" and break a shoe off in somebody! Borrowing the best quote of all times, "Don't FUCK with me fellas!"

But as transitions go, I'mfinished with George tonight. Done with saying President Bush. I've stopped saying President-Elect Obama days ago. Yeah, we still have the tiniest of days left till Inauguration, but all I can see right now is Obama, Obama, Obama. George has written his chapter in history. His time has been marked. Now? It's time for the good brother from Hawaii to step on' in, do his thang, and though the road is gonna be rocky, I have all the confidence in the world in Big Brother B. YES HE CAN!

Tuesday, when George and Laura step on Air Force One for the final time as President and First Lady, I'll be waiting for the Obama firsts...President Obama exiting Air Force One for the first time as Commander-In-Chief, President Obama giving his first address to the nation, President Obama's first address to the Congress, and yes, even President Obama's first controversy... all those events. What a sight it'll be to behold.

And you know what else might be a first?
Not that I'm a fortune teller or anything, but the plausibility exists the Obamas may be the first First Couple in a loooong time to have a pregnancy while in the White House. Keep in mind Mrs. Obama is a young and vibrant woman; still in childbearing years. OH YES THEY COULD!

Wouldn't that be somethin? Not that I know them like that, but I'm just sayin''s POSSIBLE. And you thought the hoopla on November 4th was phenomenal?!?! Let there be an announcement Mrs. O is expecting child during Prez's term. Mmm Hmm. Tongues will be wagglin, folks will be givin each other the wink, the nod, that smile.... that "yeah you know it's rollin' like that!" attitude! I'm sure...ahem...they keep it real! Again, I'm jus' sayin. Don't tell me you ain't thought it. Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown clown on it from time to time on the TJMS. So, I know it's crossed someone's mind before.

Let me digress for a moment though. IF a First child occurs, you know that'll be AMERICA's child! Every community that supported Obama will be beaming with pride, like B and Michelle was one of the family. Folks will be exuberant for them. If there's one thing that unites and brings folks together, it's babies!

My baby speculation is not meant to be disrespectful to the First Family. You know I've nothing but admiration and respect for Mr & Mrs. O. A family with these titles? Parent, devoted husband/wife, lawyer, professor, State senator, US senator, and now, President? Uh-huh, nothing but R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You know their love is endearing. More than any other public couple, Barack and Michelle Obama love is the genuine article. Watching the 60 Minutes interview, or for that matter, any interview they've done together, just reinforces it. Their love is timeless....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sent to me via email. I reposted the ones most significant and amusing to me.

Why can't they have gay people in the army? Personally, I think they are just afraid of a thousand guys with M16s going, "Who'd you call a faggot?"
-- Jon Stewart

The one bonus of not lifting the ban on gays in the military is that the next time the government mandates a draft we can all declare homosexuality instead of running off to Canada.
--Lorne Bloch

The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision.
-- Lynn Lavner

My lesbianism is an act of Christian charity. All those women out there praying for a man, and I'm giving them my share.
--Rita Mae Brown

You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.
--Barry Goldwater

If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: "Hello. Can't work today, still queer."
--Robin Tyler

Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?
--Ernest Gaines

Jesse Helms and Newt Gingrich were shaking hands congratulating themselves on the introduction of an antigay bill in Congress. If it passes, they won't be able to shake hands, because it will then be illegal for a prick to touch an asshole.
--Judy Carter

I am reminded of a colleague who reiterated, "all my Homosexual patients are quite sick" - to which I finally replied "so are all my heterosexual patients."
--Ernest van den Haag, psychotherapist

My mother took me to a psychiatrist when I was fifteen because she thought I was a latent homosexual. There was nothing latent about it.
--Amanda Bearse

No matter how far in or out of the closet you are, you still have a next step.
--Author Unknown

It always seemed to me a bit pointless to disapprove of homosexuality. It's like disapproving of rain.
--Francis Maude

The only queer people are those who don't love anybody.
--Rita Mae Brown

"Dear Abby," In response to a reader who complained that a gay couple was moving in across the street and wanted to know what he could do to improve the quality of the neighborhood: 'You could move.'
--Author Unknown

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Watch Or Not Watch

American Idol debuts its newest season tonight and I here wondering "How invested do you wanna be this season boyo?"

Slowly, but surely, I've disengaged myself from watching mindless television. TV corrupts. I'm not condemning. Make no mistake, my arse damn sure will be parked in front of the television each and every Friday starting January 16th to catch the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

But mostly my television habits have been reduced to Cartoon Network, Comcast On-Demand, CNN, HGTV, and the occasional sitcom on ABC or CBS. I've checked out of programs like Top Chef and other reality TV, some months ago. With Idol, I really abhor the first few episodes anyway. The people who are there just to make a mockery of themselves and can't sing a lick...It's so embarrassing. Yours truly suffers from 'Sympathy Embarrassment' for the "embarrassed-challenged."

Honestly, I cannot sit through two hours watching deluded individuals crooning off-key whilst Simon and company sit petrified by the sheer audacity and balls these folks have. Nope. I can't do it. Don't wanna. Instead, tonight, I'm gonna curl up with a good book Mykel suggested, under my cozy electric blanket, sipping homemade chamomile tea, cats at my feet, and broaden my intelligence through the reality of reading....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock, Rock, The Planet Rock: Don't Stop!

Rockmond Dunbar! Brother turns 36 today! So here's your birthday shout out!

Seems like our good brother is cropping up everywhere these days. Good! This handsome actor deserves the credit. Rockmond been in several television programs, including CSI Miami, Grey's Anatomy, Girlfriends, The Heartland, and a host of other shows. Rock is probably most recognizable from his role as "C-Note" (Benjamin) on Prison Break and from the critically acclaimed Showtime series Soul Food, where he played Kenny. Mmmm.

Anybody else remember Rock way back in his role as "Baines" on the science fiction drama Earth 2? I do. That show was whack! No wonder it was short lived. But a few things good came out of it. Rock costarred with Antonio Sabato, Jr, another fantasy man o' mine! But Rockmond has made the circuit. He made a guest appearance as himself on Noah's Arc, been on Felicity, blah blah, blah... I'm telling you he gets around! Last year he turned up in Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys. What a successful career he's paving for himself!

And how convincing was Rock in Maurice Jamal's flix, Dirty Laundry? Brother certainly isn't afraid play gay, that's for sure. Rock's done it at least twice now, in aforementioned Dirty Laundry as "Patrick" (Sheldon), and earlier where he played "Darby" from Punks. Keep on, keepin' on Rockmond! I included the trailer for Dirty Laundry, one of my favorite SGL movies.

Also did some RESEARCH; discovered Rock is a graduate of Morehouse College! Hmph! Very impressive. Can't go wrong with a Morehouse man on your side. Let's see. What else? Oh Rock also dropped trou for a shoot for Playgirl magazine. Too bad he didn't show us the goods, but you know what? He doesn't need to. This man is the real McCoy! No bare bones about it.

His Drawers...Oh, And Other Randomness

Jamie! How's it swinging bro? You know I can see your burning bush right? Pull up your drawers bruh-man. Then again, are you wearing any?!?!?

Received this picture from the Obsidian Soul Yahoo Group. Now, I'm not a big Jamie Foxx fan, I can't stand him actually. He's overrated, annoying, and brother comes across arrogant as the day is long. HOWEVER, this shirtless, freeballin' photography gives cause to rethink my position. LOL. Just for a minute.

According to the snippet, Jamie and some his boys have the propensity to play basketball in the nude at Jamie's house. Um, a little odd, but celebrities are not without their eccentricities, so let boys be boys. I still don't think Jamie is "all that," but will concede he has a nice body...

Anyhoo, haven't blogged much yet this year. Haven't had anything worthy of throwing on the 'Net. Sure I've topics on my mind, the killing of the young man on the subway in Oakland, the Sanjay Gupta nomination for Surgeon General, Obama's inauguration in nine days, but nothing seemed so moving that I had to rush to my computer and wax philosophic about.

This morning, after morning prayers, I got up and began a cleaning frenzy. My house has been in a decline into complete disarray. As my mum would say, "This house looks like who did it and why?"So, feeling motivated, I began cleaning and prepping for Sunday dinner. I also haven't, as yet, taken down my holiday decor, so that's also on tap for this afternoon's chores. As I began to muddle about, I thought to myself how blessed I am. My spirit feels grateful, encouraged, heck, even happy! So if I'm not here, the blog, moaning, groaning, and complaining, something good is moving within. That's celebration worthy.

I'll get back into the groove of posting soon. If you feel so inclined, you can always check out the other blog, Chocolate and Salsa, for mindless masculine eye candy. Been busy over there at least. Hey, I figure we all have healthy libidos, why not give into fantasy every now and again, right?

Stay steadfast my brethren,


Wow. The New Year only been eleven days old and its all ready been a grip. Sorry for my lack of posts, been in a major funk and it hasn't been pretty. I should resume blogging soon....


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Point Of Reference

Robert's Rules are now in motion. This is a cross blog (both Axe and Salsa) comment...

A blog reader was kind enough to leave constructive criticism on one of my posts on Daniel Sunjata today. While I thank and appreciate the anonymous commenter for their words, I also would be remiss if I didn't defend my post or its purpose.

Said commenter requested I do research before posting and hinted my blogging style maybe lazy and tawdry. At first I was offended, but then I thought about it. That was the intent of my Daniel ramblings anyway. My grandfather passed away, I didn't feel like indulging in the pain I was feeling, so I posted something silly as feel good distraction. So if my blog came off cheap, tawdry, lazy, ignorant, (insert adjective of your choice), I do apologize.

When I do my posts, I naturally assume everyone recognizes the celebs I throw up on these two blogs. My fault. What's the old saying about assuming? So in future I will try to list off that person's acting credits, in case someone doesn't know who I'm talking about. Although, I might add, when I read blogs and there's somebody listed I don't know, I GOOGLE them.

Now I'm not trying to call anyone out or set it up so nobody will leave a comment again. Nope. I love the comments; even the not so nice ones. But I felt I wanted to clarify myself on why I didn't go through and tick off Daniel's resume. Again, if I wanna know work an artist has done, I will IMDB them.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding My Voice.

So, I'm back on the blog and I have plenty to comment on. First, thanks to all of you who sent sentiments for me and my family. It's much appreciated. We're managing, but as the days grow, the healing gets better. Thank you my blogging family for showing concern for your boy Ian. Again, I appreciate all your comments.

Second, what the hell is going wrong in the world?!?! A policeman shoots a young promising baseball star in Houston! A father kills his son over child support! A boy shoots his babysitter! Not to mention the whole Roland Burris debacle. Sheesh! 2009 didn't waste any time before things got messy, didn't it? At least today Brother Barack will be meeting with the former and current Presidents in Washington. Oh this month is one for the history books my brothers!

Now in an effort to better establish myself, I've decided to make some changes to my approach and outlook on life. See, I've been looking at thins as the glass half empty, but in actuality, the glass has always been half full. I'm finding my voice now. Did a personal inventory the last few days and I think I'm back on track. To quote Corey, "I'll keep you posted." I feel this year will be better than 2008 and I psyched for all the goodness coming my way....

Friday, January 2, 2009

2nd Day, 1st Friday: A New Dawn

Happy New Year my friends! Can you believe it's 2009? Wow. Where did this decade go??? It's the second day, of the last year, in the first decade, of the new millenium....Just seems like yesterday we all running around excited about Y2K.

I didn't feel much in the spirit to blog yesterday, so I took the day off.2008 hasn't quite given up the ghost. There's unfinished matters yet, namely, burying my granddaddy. The older I get, the more I loathe weddings and funerals. Not that I know anyone who enjoys going to funerals, but you understand my point.

To be honest, my spirit is exhausted. I was a bit of a grouch yesterday, another reason why I didn't blog. My cell phone network was out the entire day, it was cold, and I was just in a mood. Not a good way to start the year. Feel better today, mood-wise, but my body is aching. I'm minding the cold more with the leg, but by Grace, I'm here so lemme stop complaining. New year deserves a "tabula rasa," clean slate. I'm not dragging 2008's disappointments or defeats into 2009. So each day, no matter what the circumstances, I'm gonna look at it as a dawn for infinite possibilities...


While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

President Barack Obama!