Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex And The City

So the day finally arrived! The US premiere of Sex And The City is today!

Hester and I are going to an early matinee this afternoon because we don't want anyone spoiling the plot. It's bad enough I know one thing that occurs in the movie already (I promise I won't give any details).

I won't blog on the movie until a few days so folks have time to see the film. My only hope is it doesn't tank like Speed Racer did. Television shows often have difficulty making the translation from the small screen to the big one. But I'm sure we'll all be glad to see the women we all came to love, and their partners in crime, Big (John), Steve, Smith, and Harry. Plus, let's not forget, Ms. Jennifer Hudson will be featured as Samantha's assistant! Oh yeah! Love J-Hud!

Please let Jennifer have a significant part in the feature and not only on-screen for three seconds. SATC needed a black woman character on the show. The only woman of color that stands out was Sonya Braga, Samantha's brief lesbian lover, Maria. Other than her, nada. Come on Jennifer! Show 'em what ya got!

Wish there was a way Blair Underwood could make a cameo appearance. I've always thought this man was drop dead gorgeous! He was smokin' the season he played Miranda's boyfriend. Miranda is my least favorite character, but when she was dating Blair's, I liked her a little more. Yeah, I know Cynthia Nixon is family, but she turns me off. Miranda is too plain and I've always said she needed to pull the pole out her ass and loosen up.

Overall, this will be one of several highlights of the summer. The next one I suppose will be whenever Noah's Arc makes it debut.

then, have a Cosmo before the film, and smile!

Manny Ramirez

Happy 36th Birthday to Boston Red Sox player Manny Ramirez!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"To Have And To Hold..."

Yesterday's wedding for my college buddy Jesse and his partner, now husband, Sonnen was definitely one of life's tender moments. I was blessed and touched by their union.

Now, for those of you who don't know by now, I'm a very sentimental, sensitive person. The wedding moved me. It was my first "gay" wedding. What a great way to kick off Pride Season, dontchathink?

The only downer to the day was we did waaaay too much driving! My friend Darren swung by for me around 7:45 AM since I'm still not supposed to drive. Leaving my house, we drove an hour southeast to pick up our friend Nora. Once we got her, it was another hour drive to meet up at J's mother's house. Jesse and Sonnen already live together, but in traditional wedding style, it's considered bad luck for the "Bride" and Groom to see each other before the ceremony. Jesse decided to stay with his mom here in PA until the big day.

At Janeen's (Jeese's mom), we took pre-wedding photos and got last minute instructions on how to get to Delaware from there. Back into Darren's tiny ass Saturn, I was cramped for an hour and a half till we reached Wilmington. We met up with even more friends and family, then finally departed for New Jersey where the union joining ceremony was being held.

Whew! As I said. Waaaaaay too much driving!

The ceremony was tasteful. Each groom had one attendant and the union was officiated by the local township's mayor. No fancy frills, just a simple declaration of love, exchanging of vows, and rings. Sonnen broke down with tears as he and J exchanged rings. It was moving. Somehow, my friend Jenisha and I were volunteered as the wedding photographers. The township's Mayor, I might add, was sexy and very distinguished. Found myself staring him down half way through the ceremony. I took about 20 photos of him alone.

Once Jesse and Sonnen were officially joined, we took more photos, then departed back to Wilmington. Everyone decided though, we should stop for gas in Jersey, since it was cheaper than Delaware or Pennsylvania. Gas here (PA), is about $3.89-$3.95/gallon depending where you're at. Some places in Delaware it was already at $4.00/gallon. New Jersey's prices are around $3.79/gallon. My only beef with Jersey is you can't pump your own gas. I told Darren I'm glad I didn't drive because I completely forgot you have to let the gas attendant pump your car. How asinine!

At the reception, lemme tell you, somebody's mama put her foot in that spread cause I ate three plates (yeah I was pig!). Service was casual and buffet style. Again, simple, yet tasteful. The meal consisted of fired chicken, seafood, mac and cheese, baked beans, greens, potato salad, cole slaw, cold cuts, homemade rolls, cheeses, fresh fruit, and all kinda name it.

You might think that's not classy enough for a nuptial event, but it was right up my alley. I'm tired of bourgeois ("bojee") weddings! Both Sonnen's and Jesse's family were laid back and inviting. Jesse's family made all of us feel welcome. Both of the happy couple's mothers and grandparents were there, as well as a host of extended family. I was impressed. The family support was outstanding! It made me have hope my own family might someday come around to accepting me if I decide to get married (to a man this time) again .

We stayed a long time. I caught up with buddies I hadn't seen in a dog's age, waxed philosophic, argued over politics and religion (which what we always did back in college, things never change do they?), danced, laughed, drank, smoked, and carried on for hours. It was like old times. I needed that. Been too down on myself for things outta my control lately. Yesterday took the pain away long enough to realize life should be a journey towards happiness and good times.

When it was time to go home, I didn't wanna leave, but there was that 3-4 hour drive back. We all hugged, kissed, and promised to stay in touch more. And yes, you know I brought a plate of food home with me! LOL. I ain't too proud! No, seriously, they were giving food away. There was so much. I had a terrific time and now am looking forward to summer, instead of dreading it.

Finally, shortly before midnight, I got home. This man was dead-ass tired, barely coherent enough to drop my things, and fell immediately into bed. I was exhausted, but truly enriched by the experience.

As Prince once sang, "Life can be so nice.."

The Politics Test

You are a

Social Liberal
(71% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(21% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Sleepy? Yup!

I'm surprised I'm awake this early this morning, so this is going to be a quick post before I head back to bed. Had an interesting day yesterday and I'm exhausted. Was gone for 16 hours, but the time was well spent since I attended a wedding for a good friend and his partner. I'll give details later.

Life is good, but as I begin this new path, the post employment one, I'm concerned about more than a few issues. And as always, I have the Devil whisperin' bullshit in my ear tryin' to lead me astray. Go 'way Devil! Really don't have time for doubt, insecurity, or inadequacy. I gotta job that needs to be done with myself, and I intend to do it!

Peeked at both Darian's site and Whozhe's site this morning. The posts there made me feel a little inspired and better about myself. I'll blog about my shit later (more of the same old same old). For now, I'm gonna try catchin' a coupla more Zzzz. Or if I can't sleep, watch the College Hill: Atlanta season finale on Comcast On Demand since I missed it Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Never, ever, sacrifice your self-respect and self-worth for someone who doesn't deserve it. I used to laugh at the expression "Casting your pearls before swine," but as I get older, it's a value that simply makes sense. Sure, there is a measure of self-sacrifice towards others, but when one party is not reciprocating, say in a relationship, and it's just take take take on their part... Aw hell no, we got a problem Houston!

Remember you are the most important person to yourself. Don't sell yourself short. Keep your head held high. Stand firm in your convictions. Never settle for someone who won't treat you as you deserve. If he can't step with you in line, together, then he just needs to step. Period.

Don't be bogged down to anyone else's melodrama or shenanigans. Be true to yourself. Always. Even if that means you have to walk alone for a period of time. The Universe, the Creator, God...has a plan and a purpose for you. For me. For us all. When you're being disrespected, treated unfairly, maligned, hated upon, just remember you are WORTH better. You ARE somebody special. He (or she) might not love you, but there is someone out there who will, who does.....

Everything good comes to us when it is meant to be and not before.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gay? What Of It?

The blog has become a bit of sleazy and immature lately, I admit it. Why? Simply put, I haven't felt like being a grown up these past few months nor deal with adult issues. Well, that's about to change.

I've been doing some self-inspection and I've some house cleaning to do. Fear, shame, and embarrassment have caused me to lapse into some 38-year-old adolescent and its annoying the crap out of me. Yeah, one too many birthday post to celebrities. I'm getting back to the basics and write about issues going on within the mind. This will be a personal challenge because resolving issues from youth is quintessential to moving to the next level.

More this week as I tap into my grey matter....

Checked out a few blogs this morning. I added a few more to the Blog Roll. One of my new faves is Living Out Loud With Darian. He seems to put into words, more eloquently, all the commentary I wish I could blog about properly. His is a superb blog.

On Darian's blog I saw a post that BET has a new website addressing the Black Gay community. I had to laugh at his thoughts on the "Suspect Your Man's Gay?" questionnaire. Except for two things, I must not be gay. Yes, I have the shifty eyes. Yes, I have strange men on my MySpace page. The remaining eight questions (the last asks if you've talked things over), is soooo not me.

I get ready in 20 minutes (only because it take 15 to motivate my butt to get ready), I detest the Oprah Winfrey Show nor am I enamored by her (I've strong opinions about Oprah most people would disagree with). I'm not one to give exceeding fashion compliments. And I hate glamor shows, like Beauty Pageants, with a passion! Ugh! Hate is not a strong enough word. For that matter I hate any award shows. I've never been into the Golden Globes, Oscar's, Emmy's, American Music, MTV Music & Video, or BET Music Awards. I can't stand 'em! I'd rather have bamboo shoved under my finger nails or give myself a paper cut than be force to watch shit like that.

Like Darian, I agree BET's little questionnaire is a tad bogus. However, they are attempting shore up a connection to the Black SGL/LGBT community, with is to be commended. BET is at least making an effort. It will do some good in the long run.

As for other matters going on, well, there is much internal angst, strife, and loneliness. Not the depressing loneliness, but the separation loneliness one feels when you feel excluded. I'm, still, searching for my niche in this world and I don't think I've found my groove yet. At 38, I never anticipated my life would be so unsettled as it seemingly appears now; when I was in my teens and 20s the sky was the limit. Today, every turn seems like a greater hurdle to cross.

I've too many regrets, too many shames. Too many unwise decisions made in youth. Bad decisions that continue to placate personal enrichment. Yet, I continue to persevere. Giving up is not an option. I may get depressed, down, lonely, and low. Sure I might not be the most poplar guy on the block. And yes, people are definitely hatin' on me, but I'm not out for the count. This year has proven better days are a'comin. Sometimes you just have to wait for them though. I'm reminded of Shirley Caeser's "You're Next In Line For A Miracle" whenever I feel worn out. Lately, I've given that track repeated play after play on my CD player and iPod...

Memorial Day


Happy 44th Birthday, Lenny Kravitz! By far, one of the sexiest musicians out there! IMHO.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

DC Black Pride - Fire & Ink Presents

I happened to check my MySpace account this morning and Rod Lofton sent this to me. I'm posting it to the blog in case some of you out there can catch this opportunity...

I won't have a chance to get down to DC this weekend for Black Pride, but plans look promising for Baltimore's ("Balmor") and Philly's (that should raise an eyebrow or two) Pride celebrations. And, of course, there are several here in Central PA. One downtown (held in July) and Lancaster's (held accordingly in June). I might make an appearance. I'm not big on large gatherings for long and get claustrophobic quickly!

I'm disappointed I have prior commitments or else I would make this event. Wouldn't mind hearing both Rodney and James speak. Alas, life has it's demands, so...I'm stuck here in PA.

If you read this, are on the Washington, DC area, have free time...then check this out:

Fire & Ink Presents!
2-4 p.m.
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Renaissance M St.
Hotel, Potomac Room, Lower Level
1143 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Come share this afternoon with us, and hear 10 exciting authors read from their latest books:

Laurinda D.
Brown (The Highest Price for Passion)
James Earl Hardy (A House Is Not a Home; new introduction to In the Life)
Zelda Lockhart (Cold Running Creek)
Rodney Lofton (The Day I Stopped Being Pretty)
Michael-Christopher (Unspeakable)
M.W. Moore (Internal Chaos)
Kimberly Q (Orchids I & II)
Dorothy Randall Gray (Tamarinda, novel-in-progress)
Michelle Sewell (Just Like a Girl)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Queen Hester

A'ight, Chickie! It's on. You're catchin' up with me. Yep. Today is your special day. Uh-huh. And how many times am I going to remind you how OLD you are????

Hmm. Considering I'm older than you, perhaps it best to pretend we're back at Sylvian Stream, drinking our livers out, smoking our lungs to rot, and doing God knows what with other stuff....LOL.

We've definitely been through some changes in our day, haven't we? But still, we learned and grew up to be such decent people. Considering some of the aforementioned behaviors, we're lucky. Ha!

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday to one my most dearest and closest friends, evah! Happy Birthday Sistah Girl! Here's to Thirty-X more!

Oh there a party rockin' somewhere in Central Pa tonight, bitches. Celebrate!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Happy 26th Birthday to former Dancing With The Stars contestant, Winter Olympian, and all around bundle of cuteness, Apolo Anton Ohno.

Yeah, he's younger than me, but too damn cute for me to give a shit! Hot is hot. Happy Birthday Apolo!

Speaking Of Cooks....

It's Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner meets Emeril Lagasse!

The Idol Cook

Last night you could have blown me over with a feather! WOW! David Cook won. I felt sure Archuleta was gonna sweep the finals. Oh well. I only watched bits and pieces. I loved Syesha and Donna Summer singing together. George Michael looks like he's been to too many Botox appointments and sounded horrible (supposedly, he has a cold. Mmm hmm).

So that's that for the season. Until next January, no more Idol. Thank God! LOL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol With Dancin' & Baseball

Been quite a few sports tidbits going on lately, huh?

I meant to comment about Mike Piazza's retirement from baseball yesterday. I'm happy for him. After 16 seasons, he deserves a much needed rest. Catching is probably one of the most strenuous positions to play in baseball. I'm surprised Mike made it to play until age 39. Mike Lieberthal, who retired earlier this year, is three years younger and has been pretty banged up during his baseball tenure.

Speaking of Lieby, he's due to retire, as a Phillie, sometime in June. I have to catch up with my friends back home and see if I can go to the game and see the ceremony. I'm glad Lieby has the opportunity to retire as a Phillie. A the time of his trade, Mike Lieberthal had been the longest, continuous tenured player in all the Philadelphia professional sports teams.

No matter what you may have thought of his playing, you'd have to admit, Lieby was cherished member of the Phillies Organization. I doubt they'll retire his number, 24, but there's always that chance. I can't imagine some special honor not being bestowed upon Mike.

A few years back several of my friends and I were there to see Doug Glanville retire. Who? Yeah, Doug Glanville. He wasn't a big name player, a rather mediocre player, but his heart was in the game. Dougie was and is a decent fellow and had attended Penn. Dude was really a genius! So I'm sure he's not hurtin' for money since retiring from the game.

And yes, I met him once, twice, or thrice. LOL.

It's sad seeing all these guys retire, they're all within my age group. I've been feeling old enough already, but time waits for no man, and thus we must go onwards.

In other sporting news, I was reading on Yahoo Sports Jason Taylor is probably not returning to the Dolphins next season. Hm. I wonder if he'd considered coming to Pittsburgh? Doubt it. With his recent stint on Dancin' With The Stars, I think Jason is Hollywood bound, his turf playing days appear to be over. I caught a few minutes of DWTS on Monday. Jason looked a little cumbersome and awkward, but still was a treat on the eyes. I'm not surprised Kristi Yamaguchi won. If she danced like she did Monday all season, she deserved it. Wow!

Finally, the first part of the American Idol season finale aired yesternight, and as expected, was over-hyped. When asked who I thought would win, I said "David." Ha-ha, but which one? I'd prefer David Cook. I'd see him in concert.

Based upon the audience's reaction, judges' comments, and performance, probably David Archuleta. I know this pisses Queen Hester off to the Nth degree, but I don't think David Cook had his complete game on last night. It's a shame because both Davids are talented and deserve the title as America's next Idol. However, like the Highlander, "there can be only one."

Let's remember too, the winner of Idol, is not necessarily the one who has the best career afterwards. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and Chris Daughtry are all proof of that. Both Cook and Archuleta will go on to bigger and greater musical aspirations.

Hester claims she'd never see David Archuleta in concert, neither would I. However, the shows demographic audience is a group that would. It's their say so on who ultimately gets the coveted title, not us in the 30 and over bracket.

Let's face facts Hester, we're not young 'uns anymore. Thank God!

Closer Yet To The Finish Line

As analysts predicted, both Obama and Clinton won their respective states last night. I watched Obama's speech and thought he did an commendable job addressing not only Iowa, but the country as well, extending a hand out to Democrats and Republicans alike.

These next few weeks, and perhaps months, are going to be tedious. Watching CNN and MSNBC, everyone agrees Obama will have his work cut out for him if named the Democratic Nominee. He has to reach out and connect with the white voters who aren't familiar to him. Not an easy task, indeed. People who have their minds set, won't go over easily, if at all.

Now I hate suggesting this, however it may be a matter of necessity, Obama may need to dip deep into his racial heritage, to bring white voters on his side. His mother and grandparents are all white. It's unfortunate to say, but there are those who would vote for Bush again than to have an educated Black man in Office. Perhaps, if rural whites, some who probably never met a Black person, can see something in them in Barack, it could compel them to listen to what he has to say drawing some kind of connection.

How sad America is still like this! Politics is nothing but a chess match, move counter-move. Barack's greatest asset could be his grandfather, who fought in WWII. People from the "Greatest Generation" tend to identify strongly with each other. Most analysts indicated this fact last night and how it might be a commonplace issue with those voters to support Obama.

Then again, this all may be premature.

Let's not forget about Senator Clinton. Everyone thinks she down and out, but if anything, the Clintons are always at their best when you think they're finished off. Look how "Billy-Boy" (who I respect immensely ) bounced back from all his peccadilloes and scandals. The Clinton camp will fight to get the Michigan and Florida votes counted.

My opinion is if The Democratic National Committee decides to include those states, which they should for "Due Process," there needs to be a re-vote. Obama did not campaign in either state, nor was his name on the ballot in Michigan. It wouldn't be fair if they turn all the delegates to Clinton without Senator Obama having a chance to reach out to Michigan and Florida voters. How can you vote for a candidate when their name is not offered on the ballot? Unfair! Why give Clinton the advantage, eh?

In the end, and I was against this for the longest time, the best solution probably needs to be some type of Obama/Clinton ticket.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mike Piazza


Ah, Tahmoh.

Tahmoh Penikett is another reason in a growing list to move to Canada. There's more than one actor from our neighbors to the North who tickle my fancy, and definitely, he's one!

Besides his wonderfully unique name, I tend to gush over this guy watching Battlestar Galactica each week just because he is uber-handsome. No one ever said I was consistent with my tastes, did they? Nope.

Now for all you Galactica fans out there, I have safely removed "Helo" from my shortlist of potential characters to be the named the final Cylon.

Nah, couldn't be possible since he's married to one of the Number Eight Models, Sharon "Athena" Valerii-Agathon (actress Gracie Park, who I also think is damn sexy!) and have a hybrid child. I'm pretty sure I know the identity of the 12th Cylon, but I'm not saying until the show finally reveals it.

I'll go on record that I don't think it's Giaus Baltar either (that would be too easy). My question though is why do he and Caprica Six keep seeing versions of the other in their heads? Even Baltar saw himself in a recent vision. It would imply there's some connection to the Cylons, but I'm not sure he is one. Besides, do the math. Either Cylon culture is extremely misogynistic or just plain homosexual. Thus far we have seven male Cylon models and only four female models. Hmm, does this mean the 12th Cylon could be a woman? Logically speaking, it should. But...

Anyway, here's to Tahmoh's 33rd birthday. Hope he had a good one.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Some of you may be surprised to know there's a portrait of Malcolm X hanging above my desk. I get questioned about it frequently. "Why?"

I dunno. Maybe because I studied Malcolm X in college and learned to respect the man's point of view, all of them, and what he wanted to accomplish when his life was cut short. Some cannot forgive his radical extremes, but desperate times often call for desperate solutions. I don't support the "By Any Means Necessary" approach, just understand the thinking.

I won't make further analysis. I'm not the best person to ask about racial affairs. I'm sitting on the radical divide lately. My thoughts are sour as vinegar.

Tomorrow the primaries for Oregon and Kentucky will be held. It's already anticipated Clinton will take Kentucky while Obama takes Oregon. Keith Olbermann was commenting on Clinton quoting Carl Rove about she being the best candidate for president. Why the hell is Hillary listening to anything Carl Rove has to say? Dontcha think this is a ploy to get people to vote for her so McCain has an easier win in November? Please, Hillary, wake up!

There aren't too many primaries left. I think Hawaii and Puerto Rico are among them. Obama should do favorably in Hawaii since that's his home state, but the outlook for Puerto Rico is not so favorable. PR will probably, overwhelmingly, vote for Clinton come their turn. Why is this? Why is there such a divide? Why do Latinos not like Obama? I could get into all that, but I just don't have the patience.

Now, you know I love you, Puerto Rico, you're the "51st" state. Y'all know better! Come on! What did the Clintons ever do for Puerto Rico? Hm?

Speaking of Puerto Rico, it's hard to believe last year this time I was there. I loved PR. The beaches, the food, the rum, the culture....the MEN! Oh yeah. What a difference a year makes. I wish I was there now.

I'm tired. I'm calling it an early night.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yannick Noah

Tennis is one of those sports I enjoy for the sheer value of the sport and not to scope out men.

, there are some men I definitely scope out, but overall, I enjoy it for pure entertainment and not for lusty purposes. That said, here's my birthday shout out to former French tennis player and current musician, Yannick Noah.

There's something about Yannick I can't put my finger on. Perhaps it's the dreads. Perhaps that he speaks French. He's extremely distinguished in my opinion. You might not agree, but who cares? LOL.

I dunno what causes the the magnetism, but whatever it is, Yannick's got it.

Happy 48th Birthday Yannick!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Whole Lotta David

Since I first saw him waaaaay back in the day on Buffy, then eventually spinoff Angel, I knew David Boreanaz would be destined for greatness. His current TV show, Bones, is actually quite good in my opinion. I catch it when I remember its on.

Anyway, here's hoping David had a great 39th Birthday. Damn, he doesn't look a day over 30!


While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

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