Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Just Checking in.

Hi Hi Hi! Or is that ho, ho, ho, eh? More like snow, snow, snow. Fah! LOL. Surprisingly, the blog is still online as I haven't taken it down since I quit writing in July. 2013 has been a bitch year and I'm glad to see it almost over.

I've been tinkering with the notion of restarting the blog for 2014 just because so much is going on and I need an outlet, but I learned my lesson by leaving the vulnerability door open..assholes will walk in. Smart-ass, know-it-all doe-eyed ones in particular, but I digress. I was glad for the respite from blogging. Seems many of my brethren have gone to pasture in 2013 as well. It gets tiring to stay relevant or interesting. Readership is fickle and I just don't have to time, inclination, or energy to throw my whole self into this setting again. Maybe on a part time basis, maybe. We'll see. Regardless whether I resume blogging or not, many of the old posts will be deleted. If I do resume, they'll be a blog name change and link update. I think the Axe has too much negative energy from the past and if I do resume, I need to shake the dirty from betwixt my feet and start clean! Again, we'll see what happens next month.

I mainly wanted to check in since its snowing here like a mutha and my ass is inside, comfy, cozy. I'm not going out this house until Monday if I can help it, screw it! Hahaha Stay warm and safe wherever you be this weekend. If I don't pen anymore until after the Holidays, be safe, joyful and merry!



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