Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lawyers In Love

"Last night I watched the News from Washington (the capitol)....and I hear that the USSR will be open soon as vacation land for lawyers in love."

-Jackson Browne

One of things I needed to take care of this week involved financial concerns. Since I'm not working a the moment and living off disability income and my retirement, money has been tight. As the saying goes, "my money is funny and my change is strange." I hate living like this. Before my injury I made a decent living and was unaccustomed to wanting for the basic necessities. Now, I can't say the same.

Attempting to think of alternatives, I contacted my father's cousin Freddie who has some legal experience and asked about my options. While I hate getting involved in a medical lawsuit, with financial worries, concerns over my granddad, other dealings, I need substantial cash flow. I have no love loss for lawyers, not even ones who're family, but sometimes you do what ya gotta do.

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, July 25, 2008

"White Rabbit"

by Jefferson Airplane

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Recall Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;
"Feed your head...FEED YOUR HEAD!"


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us beyond measure" -Nelson Mandela

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Little Clouds

Does anyone else remember Bob Ross? Y'know, the painter guy from PBS who made oil painting seems so damned easy?

I remember watching Bob Ross paint on Saturday afternoons on the local PBS affiliate WHYY Channel 12 back home in Philly. It used to amaze me how easy Bob could paint landscapes and make it appear anyone with the ability to pick up a brush could repeat the process. Oh, that and his "happy little clouds" and "happy little trees."

Decided it's time to develop a new hobby and explore my creative side, so I'm off to the art store later this week to get some meager art supplies. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. I don't expect to be the next Rembrandt or anything, but I need sometime to take up my spare time other than reading and the Internet while I'm mending my wounds.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Down In Fraggle Rock

Posts are gonna be "lite" a day to three days more while I work on a few necessary matters. I've some important business matters plus personal situations going on. For the most part, spirits are high, but I embarrassed and humiliated myself in a way I said I would never do. Oh well, I'm not ashamed and the recipient of my venom deserved it. Score one for me.

Don't know about where you are, but it's been boiling here. T and I went to Leeser's Friday night to swim and drink wine. That took the edge off some. It was relaxing, but alas, Sunday night is here already, and the Sunday night blues has crept upon me.

I might go visit Napoleon later, but since he's the person I blasted out the water last night, well, there might be some awkwardness. No worries. I have shortbread on the ropes and if he pisses me off, I'll finish him good, LOL. Boy is getting on my nerves again.

What I need is a vacation! Somewhere tropical with lots of guys running around in shorts, playing volleyball, or other inane beach activity. Still working on getting LB to take me to "Rehomo," but as I mentioned before, ain't gonna happen unless I go by myself. My money is tied up, so no vacation for yours truly.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life Isn't Sexy

It's actually more like the ugly trogladyte next door neighbor who keeps askin you out and you respectfully decline.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American League Wins

Whew! After 15 innings, some tense nail-biting moments, the American League wrapped up Major League Baseball's 2008 All Star Game. Finally. I was getting tired. Fox announcers were going on and on about how the game might end in a tie, but I wasn't worried for a second.

First, the game was held at Yankee Stadium. This is the current Yankee's Stadium last season. No way they'd let the game end in a tie!

Second, this game was the longest game played, time-wise, so the fans had too much invested for it to end in a tie.

Third, given how there's the war, rising gas prices, rising everything prices, unemployment, blah blah blah, Americans need something to hold onto, a recreational diversion. Nobody woulda been happy with a "kissing your sister" ending...

Sure, I was rooting for the National League, but at 1:45 in the morning, I was more than ready for this game to end. I watched from start to finish and my butt is tiiiiired! This year had it's highlights though. Jeter, A-Rod (cheating womanizer he may be, but he's a handsome womanizer) Manny, Guzman, Veritek, and Russell Martin all made for great eye candy.

I'd hate to be Florida Marlin's Dan Uggla right now. With multiple error committed tonight, I'm sure more than a few teammates and fans aren't happy with him. Loved when Uggla made his third error and then the camera panned to LA Dodgers' catcher Russell Martin mouthing "#@%dammit" and "fuck" for Uggla's ball baubling play. So many missed opportunities the National League coulda ended it... but oh well. My only regret is Brad Lidge, the Phillies closer. got the loss on the score card. Most disappointing there.

One final comment, question really, what's up with folks booing Jon Papelbon? I haven't been paying much attention to Red Sox this year, so I'm outta the loop. Any fans know the deal?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm over my childish hissy fit, today. Thank God. Yesterday seemed like everything compounded and I just had to vent. We all have days like that.

Granddaddy's prognosis is better than what the doctors thought. Doesn't mean he's outta the woods yet, still iffy-iffy situation. The doctors were able to do a procedure yesterday so hopefully he'll stick around a little while longer. He's 88 turning 89 later this year, which has beena long life, but you never wanna let a loved one go. The family is looking to get hospice in place if Granddaddy lasts beyond the week. Tryin' not to concentrate on it right now, I'm making sure there are plenty distractions and diversions around. However, I'm keeping the cellphone close at hand in case the call comes in.

I'm spending time the deck, being in the fresh air, and reading. Busy work. Thanks for the kinds thoughts and prayers from all of you who contacted me with well wishes. It's greatly appreciated.

Ain't Da Nu Yorka A Bitch?

Barack Obama. Sigh. Barack.

Poor Barack. No matter what he does or says at this point, people are gonna ride his ass all the way to November, and not in a good way.

As if last week's mess with Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Fox News (The Republican Propaganda Channel) weren't enough, now The New Yorker Magazine has to thrown fuel on the fire with their controversial racist cover. Ugh! Idiots!

You know, "Barry" can't help who his father was, how his name sounds like he should be Muslim, or that seemingly every single American is @#$%@ damn intolerant of Muslims these days. Plus you'd think after the Jeremiah Wright debacle, people would know Barack is a Christian. How many times does he have to prove himself?

Now I have a greater understanding how people must've felt back in the 60s when JFK was elected the first Catholic president. But really, what is so wrong fundamentally with Islam? Yes, there is the terrorist activity and violence, but Christianity has it's fair share of violence and intolerance.

One can't judge the greater whole based on the actions of the selected few. If that were the case, no one would be safe. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Caucasian. Black. Gay. Straight. All groups have had folks give poor representation on their social standing.

And why, why do we Americans always resort to an "Us" vs "Them" mentality? Whatever happened to "One nation under God?" Whatever happened to religious freedom without persecution?

Racial attitudes are always gonna be lurking just below the surface. Always. The 2008 Presidential Election season will only get nastier as November inches closer. I support Barack. I believe in him.

Interestingly, "Andy" Cooper(1) on AC 360, while not saying he was for or against Obama, gave an list of misconceptions people have about Barrack Obama including his attending an Indonesian Militant Muslim school and that he was sworn in as Senator with the Koran. Wrong, he was sworn in with his family's Bible. The school he attended has no particular religious affliation.

Even if Barack were Muslim, he's a good man, and not all Muslims are terrorist. Again, one can't judge the entire Muslim community based on the beliefs of the Bin Ladens, Mahmoud Ahmadinejads, or Saddam Husseins of the world.

All the other political BS notwithstanding, the original photo of the Obamas doing the "first bump" is endearing and tender. Makes me proud they have such a wonderfully supportive relationship.

(1) Just as a side note, it's well known Anderson Cooper is gay, gay, gay, just in the closet for career reasons, which is his right. I honestly can't see, however, any self-respecting SGL-LGBT person voting for McCain in the Fall, but you never know....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dark Corridor

I'm tired, bitchy, grumpy, lonely and hungry. Oh boy! It's gonna be one of those Mondays.

My weekend was crap, except for Saturday evening when I hung out with the gang down by the Riverfront for an impromptu picnic. I didn't even bother going to church yesterday. Bad, I know. I'm kinda in a mood for a myriad of reasons.

1) I'm waaaaaaay sick 'n tired over my current health problems. Let's just amputate my leg already! Sheesh! If I have to have one more procedure or surgery....

2) Several friends' lives are in utter chaos and I can't fix it for them. Being a solution finder, I'm one for getting people to recognize ways out of their messes, but is so thick with friends' relationships, substance abuses, denial, etc, it's beyond any reasonable solvable solution I can muster.

3) It's summer and I'm stuck in the *@#$ damn house! Why? See number one!

4) My grandfather, my mum's dad, is really sick and they don't expect him to last the week, which means a funeral is in the near future. I hate funerals.

5) The arrogance of the gay community in my area, especially from the HANDFUL of out gay Black men. Please! Get over your "diva-fied" selves. This is Frickin' Central PA. Nobody would think your ass is cute in NY, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Charlotte, ATL or any other place where there's more than 10 out gay Black men.

6) While I'm at it, I'm tired of so-called "straight" brothers, creepin on the fuckin' weekends, talkin' shit, then Monday morning act like they don't know you. OK?!?! My area is only {finger snap} big, dammit. Please talk. Everybody knows you're a weekend dick-rider!

Yeah, I'm in my nasty, evil, foul-tempered place this morning. Probably because I didn't sleep well, I haven't had anything to eat, no caffeine, no nicotine since I got up. Oh it's just off to a terrible start, but my attitude is justified. People in my circle know exactly who I'm referring.

As Missy would say "somebody shitted in my corn flakes this mornin'." Hopefully, Oscar the Grouch will go away soon enough, and the sweet loveable Elmo me will return. Yeah I said Elmo. Ha! Let's not go there. I'm a child of the 70s and Sesame Street takes me back. Uh-huh.

All things right themselves eventually. Things will be better once I get out the house later. Even if it's only to the Post Office and back.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

When Life Tastes So Good

So much is goin' on around me, but at least I'm keepin' my own head above water. If you read Queen Hester's blog, The Bitches Council, you know she isn't in a good place lately. Her fat, balding, asshole of a husband decided to leave her for some unattainable fantasy life. Mmhmm. Go'on Peter Pan! Butt rag!

Definitely will be his loss, someone else's gain.

Several compatriots my friends are goin' through struggles. I've been trying to convince Leoban to take me for weekend in "Re-homo" (Rehobeth Beach, DE) to escape monotony, but LB has his own hands full with his ailing father and a son going off to Uni in August. Pretty much puts the kibosh on those plans.

So what have I've been doing to fend off life's woes? How I managed to come out unscathed is any body's guess. Going to church helps, I suppose, but just little simple things really. Been reading James Baldwin, including Another Country and Giovanni's Room. Then there's my culinary habits.

Thursday, my Southern roots came shinin' through in the kitchen. Cooking is my true love and I've always wanted to open a restaurant since I was a tyke. My Grandmama woulda been proud of me. As they say, "I put my put my foot in it."

Don' ask me what inspired me to cook, cuz I couldn't tell you. I'd been hungry more than a minute for some catfish. There's no decent take out places locally for good catfish, so I decided to make make my own. Last time my mum was in town, she stocked mu freezer up with catfish, salmon, tilapia, flounder, cod, shrimp, and scallops. (I'm usually too cheap to buy seafood on my own. Shit is way beyond my budget!)

Got up early in the morning, seasoned, breaded, and fried my catfish, made fresh cole slaw, sweet potato potato salad, string beans with smoked turkey wings, homemade corn bread and corn muffins, plus sweet tea! By the time five o'clock rolled around, the house smelled divine!

I don't know who all I done made all that food for cause it's jus me up in da joint. I have enough leftovers for days. I plan on giving half to Tamodi and Hester to feed their families, I have so much food!

Unfortunately, I never quite learned how to cook for one person. Just ask Hester, Napoleon, Miss T, or E.J. about last year's Christmas dinner and the spread I prepared. I had enough food to feed probably 100 people. Tha's no exaggeration either!No wonder I collapsed Christmas night. I'd been up 48 hours cookin' LOL.

I learned how to cook at my Grandmama's knee. She was a South Carolina gal who had 14 siblings, so she always made large meals. Even af'er her brothers and sisters were all dead and buried, Mom-mom cooked large ass meals. I get my joy out of cookin'. It's one of my talents plus it brings me closer to her memory. All my daddy's people are gone now, 'cluding him, except for a handful of cousins spread out between Richmond and Hampton Roads. Issy's cousin, my second cousin, lives in Richmond. Freddie's gay as the day is long, in his late 60s by now, so there won't be any left, unless I have kids to continue the family name. All my sister's kids have their daddies' last names.

Enough of that though. I can still see Grandmama to this day. Picture the house in SW DC, smell the food cookin' as we walked through the door, Grandpop watchin's games on TV, radio tuned into another baseball game. Hmph. Takes me back to summer way long gone....

By the by, the photos are courtesy my cellphone of dinner.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Esera Tuaolo hits the big 4-0 today. Honestly, I don't remember him from his playing days in the NFL, but my Polynesian brother certainly was on his fair share of teams. Typical for any professional sports athlete, I suppose.

Doesn't Esera remind you of a big ole teddy bear? A soft and lovely teddy bear you just wanna hug? Yeah, I know. I'm sure you noticed he diverts from the norm you see posted between my two blogs. But hey, never discount out a big ol' bear every now and again. My thoughts? This Hawaiian brother is handsome, cute, tender, and gentle all at the same time.

Hope you have an excellent birthday celebration Esera and rock on bro! Mahalo!

Monday, July 7, 2008

John Legend

What do people think of John Legend? I like his new single he did with Andre 3000. It's different from his norm. John is a handsome fellow, so I decided to give him a Famous Monday Men post. Enjoy!

Fireworks, Will Smith, & Church? Uh-huh!

The Holiday weekend was nice. Well, that is to say I had a nice weekend. The same can't be said in my circle of friends as everything that could go wrong went down this weekend. I won't blog about their personal issues only that they're in my thoughts today.

Just a brief synopsis of my Fourth Weekend, I end up stayin' in the area and caught the fireworks on downtown. I swear er'ry hot man of African-American/Latino/Hispanic descent from the five county radius was at the Riverfront on Friday night. Felt more like a child in a candy shop than a spectator at a Independence Day celebration. S' OK. Now you understand another reason why ID4 is one of my top holidays, men in summer attire, baby! HA!

Saturday I lunched with friends and caught the new Will Smith movie, Hancock. Will had it goin' on after he shaved and cleaned himself up. Tight ass Wolverine costume indeed. Damn Will! If you haven't seen the movie yet, be sure to stay until the end credits are through, like X-Men Unlimited or Iron Man.

All I have to say is "Asshole!"

Won't say anymore. Those who saw Hancock will understand the reference. However, it's not a film I'd take any child under 14 to see. The violence was disturbing, especially the one scene with Jason Bateman, and my opinion is small children don't need to see this movie. While the violence is mostly implied, kids ain't stupid.

Speaking of Senor Bateman. Dude and are almost the exact same age (I think?) and he is lookin' might seasoned in the face. He's come a long way from being the annoying neighbor on Silver Spoons. At least his acting redeemed himself for his character in Juno. Loved Juno, hated Bateman's character.

Sunday, went to church with Tamodi. It has been a good experience going to church these last couple of weeks. I'm on a roll and will continue to go as long as the Spirit moves me. I feel welcomed, so far.

After church, I came home, ate, relaxed, and read most of the evening. All in all, not a bad weekend.

Oh, and to answer Greg's question from last week... No, there weren't any hot guys in church. Not even remotely! If I want hot guys, I'm afraid I need to attend the MCC church uptown, even then, it's slim pickins. Unless you count my friend RaShawn, he goes there regularly.

RaShawn is hot as hell (no that's not him to the right)! Nice dark brown complexion, muscular, medium build, legs for days.... Oh and did I mention he ran track at Uni (college)? Mmmm. Nothin' like a hot track man!

I must digress, though. RaShawn is my friend after all. Still though....LOL.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

" O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea..."

Just a tad corny, huh? So what!?! Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Mmmmmm. Smell the barbecue in the air?

My childhood memories are quite extensive of Independence Days past. Each year, my family would have some kinda family gathering, usually at my Gram-gram's. If we were really lucky, Uncle Aaron would be home and we'd celebrate at his house.

Uncle Aaron had a huge in-ground pool back then and the kids would swim like guppies, which was good for the adults. At the end of the night us kids were worn the hell out! We'd entertain ourselves on hours playin' stupid pool games like Marco Polo and water freeze tag.

Other childhood games bring back fond memories... lawn darts, badminton, toss-a-cross, dodge ball... all those crazy games you played in the 70s. We'd swim, play, and run ourselves ragged. Then, of course, there was the food. Barbecue was out the wazoo! Chicken, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, name it. Everyone would stuff themselves until content.

Evenings were capped off with watching fireworks. Some years we'd go to Penn's Landing but we at least had the child-friendly fireworks like sparklers, bottle rockets, light smoke bombs, firecrackers, those snake thingies that expanded out like a tail when lit... Memories.

I'm not sure what plans ensue this year. Several invitations on the table. One see fireworks at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. Or Devon having his fag-bash at his house in Reston (VA). Perhaps I could convince him to go down the Mall with that option? Been years since I've seen any the touristy stuff in DC. Maybe, if I can secure a ride, I'll go there. Who knows?

If nothing else comes to fruition I could always invites a few companions over and grill on my deck then head towards Riverfront Park for fireworks? Or maybe I'll drag my ass to the bars since it is a Friday night. Doubt that'll happen, but it's an option.

However my holiday turns out, it's sure to be something memorable.

Happy Fourth!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st

Put on some Missy tunes on the iPod and pop in an old episode of NYPD Blue starring Henry and you got a perfect evening. Happy 37th and 38th birthday to Missy Elliot and Henry Simmons


Fête du Canada!

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the North!

I'm miffed I won't be able to make it to Toronto to see Racer X like I had originally intended this summer, but there's always next year. Montréal and Toronto are my two most favorite cities in North America!

Rex if you read this today, call me bro!


While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

President Barack Obama!