Monday, December 22, 2008

Cry Me A Rivah...Then Get Yo'sef Together

Believe me. I am not intentionally having a pity party. I'm not. Well, maybe a little one.

"Negro Please! Get ovah yourself! Do what you do and keep insprining others!" says the voice of reason through cyberspace.

Leave it to your "big brother" to smack the shit outta you when your being morose an' stuck yourself Ian. A certain someone dropped the friendly prod through email, not using those exact words, but also gave me notice to quit the shit. Then he shared a wonderful community anecdote, that we all can identify with, to make me laugh my arse off. With his permission, I'll share it. Not his experience, but the overall one we'eve all faced. Thanks man. I owe you.

And you know I haven't heard the last of it. My French Fryin' Texan hasn't hit me. Oh boy! Has he sifted through the weekend's posts? Especially Friday night's? Prolly (probably) not. I'd have his tongue lashing fo' sho' if he did. Honestly though? Don't mind the tongue lashing as long Texan'll put in the right places (heh heh. There I called you out! UP me. Try to.)

I feel a little more awake now, but I'm cold as Hell! Just heard the weather man say it minus 1 outside. Minus 1?!?!?! Explains why my heat has been running nonstop. Happy Winter Solstice. Damn! Too cold, too cold....

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