Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caught Up

Begrudgingly, yours truly made it to church this morning. Thank God. After getting only a few hours sleep, Comedy Central aired a Kat Williams comedy special last night, I got sucked in, stayed up until about 3:30, I was hemming and hauling about attending service. Was I ever determined to stay home today. However, God had other plans.

Managed to get myself together and in the front door with a few seconds to spare. The Spirit directed me to Rainbow, which was a blessing to my soul. Service was most edifying. Even the music was better this week. Took Communion, which surprised me, given how its done in this church. I summoned courage to step outside my comfort zone, strolled on up in front of the congregation, and got my blessing. Normally, in my home church, Communion is passed around. But when in Rome...

Now I'm headed out to Fleur's birthday party, but I'll be back later this evening to blog like crazy. Got details to share, especially since I also spoke to the gentleman from last week, who once again, looked over at me more than enough occasions. OK!?!? I'm not imagining this, like previously suspected. Boy smiled a big ole grin at me... Hmph! Been a while since I really felt like I caught somebody's attention like that! What a delicious feeling.

So I'm feeling a little inspired, caught up in the Spirit. Always a good thing. Still a little worried about finances and other matters, but I feel steeled with Hope and Faith for another week.

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Cocoa Rican said...

hey pa...just caught up on your last few posts. I know how you feel and rather than tell you it's gonna be okay, I'll tell you what reality is...It's always darkest before dawn. Recognize and accept what you feel today because it will help you appreciate how blessed you will soon be.
Keep your head up.


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