Sunday, December 14, 2008


The worst of the weekend came when Miss T called Friday and explained one her cats, Ozymandias, has been lethargic and not eating. Ozzie is up in age, around 14. Over the years her health has declined and T noticed Oz had a large lump developing on her forehead. Poor thing. Miss T called in a vet and Ozzie was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on her sinuses. While it's not immediately terminal, there's no remedy to the problem, not even surgery.

Ozzie's breathing has been shallow. She's congested and sneezing like crazy. The prognosis doesn't sound or look good. The vet prescribed decongestant medication and kitty aspirin to alleviate Ozzie's pain, but it's just a matter of time before we'll have to make the decision to put her down.

Shit! Ozymandias is one my favorite cats. She so human. She's a joy to be around. Ozzie is a sweet, loving cat. Friendly, she'll make even cat haters fall in love with her. Everybody gets attached to her.The thought of having to put her to sleep makes me nauseous. That's the problem when you have pets. The reality that some day you might have to put them down.

So for now, T's giving Ozzie the medicine. The Vet says she might be OK for another couple months with it; we might see some improvement, but he isn't that optimistic. When that day comes when T can no longer avoid the unavoidable, I'll be there for moral support. In the interim, my plans are to spend as much time with Ozymandias as I can until the inevitable occurs.

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ToddyEnglish said...

Reading this nearly brought me to tears. My cat, Ashton Winston Churchill, is the love of my life. I swear I love him more than I love myself sometimes. And I dread the day when I'll have to make such a decision. Right now he is seven years old...officially a senior in cat years, but he's still bouncy like a 7 month old kitten. But I know the day will come.
that is the only crappy thing about pets...
Get well Ozymandias!


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