Monday, December 15, 2008


What it do guys?

Yeah it's Monday morning. Skies are overcasts here, dreary, and I'm not really in the mood to deal with the beginning of the weekly routine. I got physical therapy in a minute and of course, as usual, I'm procrastinating like hell. But it's all good.

Hope your weekend was well. Mine was punctuated with little maladies, but was equally blessed by Grace as well. What a gracious feeling that is too. Being blessed. Sure the days have been gloomy and stressful, filled with tears and rage, but I know who got my back. I know I'll persevere as long as God is able. There's nothing too big for him to cover.

Just wanted to jot some positive vibes on the blog. These dark days have been heavy on the soul, at least for me, so I figure someone else out there could probably us the encouragement too. As we get closer to Christmas, I know things are a hectic in my household, as I'm sure it probably is for you.

See we're all struggling, all goin' through somethin'. To get outta this mess, we need to rely on one another as brothers and sisters in the spirit. We need to be uplifting and encouraging. My hardship may not be your hardship, but somebody's feelin' the pinch! Bills aren't gettin' paid. Jobs are being lost. People are getting sick. Someone's lonely. Somebody's hungry. Someone's bitter, hurt, or angry... we all got pain. But let's not face this strife alone. Let's not suffer needlessly.We're a community. Whether we're gay, straight, bi, DL...Black, White, Mixed, doesn't matter. Reach out to one another, take a moment to be kind, generous, give of yourself. And never forget the Higher Power is always there. Always.

In this season especially, we need to really remember the meaning behind it. I don't care if your Christian or not. The Holidays are season of giving and sharing with others. We get so caught in ourselves, in our own drama, we fail to recognize one another's plight and hardship. And I'm no exception. There've been days I come home from therapy, exasperated, tired, and defeated. I'll flick on the computer, surf a blog, and there'll be words of wisdom waiting for me. Something to lift my spirit. Take heed.

In truth, you'll never know completely what your actions may do to help an individual. Your warm and hearty smile may just pull someone from the brink of committing suicide. Your word of encouragement might give somebody strength to hold on a little while longer. Little things count. When you give of your heart, your spirit, things return tenfold. What you do doesn't have to be grandiose.

Pass on the goodness of the Holiday Season where the Spirit calls upon you. As Real pointed out to me a couple days back, the Season is not about shopping, pretty lights, Christmas trees, or even exchanging material gifts. It's about sharing what really matters, ourselves. You are blessed by the Creator whether you realize it or not. Filled with infinite "wealth" to bestow on others... So pass it on!

I bid you great joy, prosperity, and hope for the week. Be encouraged my brothers!

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Darius T. Williams said...

I'm just trying to understand where you're getting these pictures from - that's all.


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