Sunday, December 14, 2008

A White For Christmas

I'm back from birthday central at the Royal Household. I'll comment in a few posts. For now, decided to be frivolous. Lets display some images of the male form, shall we?

With 11 days until Christmas, I had intended to do a 12 men for Christmas, but since I missed yesterday, guess that quirk gets shot outta the barrel. Dunno. I feel like being silly and sophomoric. Been way too serious, way to stressed lately. Time to let my hair down.

Did a mega spread on Boris Kodjoe on my other blog, so I won't be undertaking any endeavors on him soont. So... Who can I come up with that tickles my immature fancy? Hm. Why not Brian White? He's cute and kinda sexy. Yeah, why not?


ToddyEnglish said...

I love Brian J. White. If I could genetically engineer the perfect guy it would be him. I really think he's perfect. I'm seriously hugging my monitor right now...

Corey said...

Makes me wish for a White Christmas. KnowhatImsayin'.


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