Thursday, December 4, 2008

No One Need Be Alone

Loneliness has been a guest at my table some time now; that damn guest who won't leave long after the party's over. I'm not talking about loneliness from the lack of a mate, a partner, or spouse. I'm talking about the isolation one feels from one's peers, contemporaries, family...society as a whole. The kind of loneliness, even when in a room filled with people, drinking, laughing, making merriment, you see only solace.

On a daily basis, I surround myself with many people, many distractions, my blogs included, to combat the pressure. There've been nights, when I rest my head on the pillow to sleep, the insufferable feeling consumes me. That's just my spirit out of alignment. This loneliness isn't coming from a source of sadness, but the inability to connect with my spirit properly. I've always felt no one understood me adequately; not even those closest to me. Not family, not friends, not associates...nobody. It's an on-going struggle.

But stop! Low and behold, I'll come across someone, some thing, written in this great Blogging community, and it'll remind me how I'm never really alone. See, God is always with me, whether I dwell on Him or not. He puts things before me to keep my energies high. He gives me connections, through blog social networking, to prove to me my walk, my journey, is not a solitary on. There are those, who've felt similar tribulations, can understand, relate, empathize, to my experiences. This sojourn has made many opportunities to affiliate with kind, compassionate folks along the way.

I love how we can share our thoughts. And while I try not to single out so-and-so or brother-you-hoo, if Toddy, Darius, Corey, Aaron, Greg, John, Darian, Cocoa, or any of the numerous guy's whose blogs I read, say something moving to my spirit, yes, I'll call you out in a good way. Sharing. That's purpose behind blogging, right?

A few moments ago, I left a comment on a fellow blogger (I won't say who out of respect) post relating how much inspiration I took away from his words. Said blogger felt his blog pails in comparison to other's works. Brother, I understand that. I've often been hard on myself because my readership is not high as so-and-so's blog, or I can't articulate myself as well as blogger blah-blah-blah.

But you know what? None of that matter. As long as one person is reading your blog, coming back, they're gaining something from the words you bang out on the keyboard. This whole blogging experience has been an adventure, an exciting ride, and I don't need to regret or feel bad about who I am, or for that matter who I am not.

Thanks to Feedjit, I can see where people are coming from other links. I'll see someone, who's never contacted me, has me listed in their blog roll, and then the warmth spreads, like I must be saying something right. Something I shared, whether in jest, rant, rage, or joy, so impressed someone, they felt it was worthy to share my blog with others on the 'Net. For that, I am truly grateful, appreciative, and humbled.

Our Blogging family is exactly that, family. We share our opinions, our triumphs, or setbacks, our passions... Each word written, whether grammatically incorrect, slang-sassy, or PhD level articulate, gives somebody strength, courage, hope to persevere. Don't dwell on what you're not, just be. Be what God wanted your blog to be. He'll supply all the missing parts in due time. Unto everything, there is a season. The spirit of the times, a Zeitgeist.

Words meant not only for myself, but to my fellow blogger, and my friend, mentioned above.
To all of us, really, who've doubted whether this blog thing was really worth it. Believe me my brothers, my sisters, it is...

No one need be alone...

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Corey said...

This is such a beautiful post! It rings so true on so many different levels! You know, I'm not taking the brotherhood for granted. I'm thinking 2009 will find us bonding even more. Nowww..........if we can only get together and take a photo like the one you used here! I'll bet that would be equally as INSPIRING!


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