Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Nude Year!

So I've been gone for a minute from blogging. I'll explain all tomorrow. I need to hurry my ass out the door because I'm running notoriously late. I was posting on Facebook, got caught up. So as my final post for 2010, Have a Safe evening. Happy New Year 2011!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Love, Love, Love Is All U Need

So last night I was browsing through Target and Best Buy for some things around the house. Not Holiday shopping mind you, just errand needs... I usually hate shopping, espescially due Christmastime. I like getting in, finding my prize, and getting out. Occassionally I might get sucked up in the "ooh's" and "ahh's" of I want this or I could use that, but mostly I have no patience for shopping.

With consumers out and about doing their seasonal feastive duty, somehow this year I find myself perplexed and at a lost this year. For one, my family is not exchanging presents. So there is no need for hussle and bussle. Two, despite best efforts, the Yultide has failed to embrace me in its comfort of glee and glitz. I'm Scrooge or anything, just not feelin' all that damn jolly.

In conversation, a friend pointed out it's too early for the Holidays to be in full swing. Really? Seems to me the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year. It's almost to the point soon after Labor Day we'll be hearing carols and muzak along with seeing artificial trees in the stores....

Dare I confess I've become passe? The horror? In truth, I'm realizing Christmas is more than the collective rush to buy material items to plaster with glitzy paper for one day only, perhaps to be exchanged the next day. Shall I use the evil "c-word" commercialism, say it's crept into destroy the so-called nostalgia I once head?

Analysis this. I profess to believe in the tenets of the Christmas story. Baby born in a manger, angels, shepard, bright star, all that... When I really do think about things, what does anything I do today have to do about that original event? Now I won't go off on whether certain aspects really happened or question the virues if faith. My point is the original point and gift to Christmas was about LOVE.

Funny thing. I'll admit this for the first time outside the walls of therapy, after 40 Christmases, I've never truly gotten the one thing I wanted or person was looking for. I always knew it was something you couln't put into a box or wrap with shiny paper. Until this morning I didn't realize that has been missing has been "love."

Don't get me wrongan love has existed in my life, but not perhaps in the purest form as it did waaaaaaay back when, when a small gift to the world promised hope.

Something to think about. Thanks for the rambling moment

Monday, December 6, 2010

Is It Seriously Time To Move???

OK, this one is for all my Southern California friends who I've disagreed with, argued down, that Christmastime ain't Christmastime unless it's cold....

I take it back! It's effin' cold tonight dammit! It was in the low 30s when I left work and as I sit here typing this post I hear the wind outside my office window; my thermostat has been running non-stop since I've walked in the door.

Maybe this is a sign I need to move? I mean really, if all I had to do was complain was when it rain once or twice a season, I could handle it. Something to keep in mind next year, eh?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shave & a Haircut...

Lord I need a haircut! Hmm. Familiar rhymes from childhood are singing through my memory as I text this post....

"Wolfin', wolfin' wolfin' for a cut!"

I checked out my mane in the mirror a few moments ago, it's looking a bit scruffy. Time to visit the BMCC this weekend. Perhaps get it shaved way down since I'm not a fan visiting the barbershop too often. For reasons why peruse my brother in blogging Corey@I'll Keep You Posted on his multiple experiences with bruthas, being gay, and traveling the the bastion of masculinity. Not my favorite thing to do. Yeah, no....

Since I turned forty in March too seems like my color is turning salt 'n pepper faster. More grey in my mustache every day. I don't mind it. I appreciate the follicle presence, so I refuse to complain have a discoloration on top of my scalp. Papa Red Bear was born with a mess o' hair so I'm not quite I'll know how to act without if it ever thins out or I decide to shave it down to scalp. Fortunately I don't have a misshaped head. Might look more like the Buddha, but I mos def won't be Mr. Peanut!

So my first gift to myself this Holiday Season is a fresh trim courtesy of GQ Stylez in Stietztown Saturday.... Hurrah!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What can you imagine yourself doing? What can you imagine yourself achieving? Imagine it, and it becomes possible. Give substance and detail and meaning and purpose to what you imagine, and you will bring it about. Your life is guided by what you imagine. Before you do anything, you must first see yourself doing it. By itself, imagination does not make things happen. It is up to you to make the effort, and your imagination determines where that effort leads. Find delight in imagining what can be. And experience even more delight in bringing the best of your imagination to life.
With your imagination, create beautiful possibilities. Then know the joy and fulfillment of making those possibilities real.
-- Ralph Marston

I'm Not Feelin' This Shizz

The last 24 hours have been one giant exercise of patience. Mostly doing the waiting game for the Powers-that-be tell us if we'll have jobs at the end of the month or not. Patience is a virtue, but admittedly, has never been my strongest feature!

Last night my financial advisor and brother-in-bizness and I had a long ass convo detailing a strategy/plan of action to manage finances and stave off the potential woes of unemployment. Much of his proposal was sound, good, advice yet tough to swallow. It'll mean plenty of sacrifices...moving or taking on a roommate, selling off goods, canceling those lil luxuries I've become oh so accustomed to having. Such is life. I won't enjoy it, but my friend did the same a few months ago and is surviving the situation with royal colors. Hopefully, I can follow his lead.

Its funny. I've never been in this position before. Feels like the bottom is falling out. I'm not scared. Concerned? Hells yeah, but frightened? I got my friends at my back and God on my side (and front, left, right etc) I know it'll work out eventually. Still, human nature makes trepidation rise at uncertain days ahead. Merde!

December 1st


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