Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Let Us Walk Together"

Every now and again, I can find the inner poet and throw a few words together to make wonderful poem. Recently I was at a friend's house and saw a poem I'd written a number of years ago on prominent display.

The poem was a moment of beauty and creativity to celebrate my friend's birthday. I thought it was a nice sentiment, but never dreamed it would be something to proudly show the world. They cherished so much, its decked out in a picturesque frame. Wow! I'm touched!

I don't often share my poetry with others because its such meaningless drivel. I'm actually embarrassed by it. However, I'll make an exception in this case, and post what I wrote. Rereading it, the piece seems like a child's work, but there's heart and depth too. Well, it touched my often sour heart and made me smile. Here are the simple, uncomplicated words of a jubilant Darktomahawk rejoicing friendship.

Let Us Walk Together

My faithful friend through the years,

On this the anniversary of your birth,

Let us celebrate all that you are,
All that you give,

And all that your presence has blessed in our lives.

The smiles you give are of sunshine,

That hope that you give is like stillness of evening,

and with inspiration,

I write these words.

Cherished that the very thought,

That I am truly in awe of you,

And grateful that God has given me your friendship.

Each day that crosses your path,
May it be another demonstration of love.
May life continue to bless your steps,
Letting the Universe recognize that you are here,

With purpose,
With Destiny,

And with fulfillment.

You are the enlightenment and my treasure.

With the years behind and the days before us,

Let Us walk together,
You and I,

Friends and more than friends,
Knowing that you are my best friend,

and that I will always be here for you.

You were,

You are,

And Always shall be
My salvation from the gloom and misery.

And I am better off,

Enriched by your life.

With prosperous reasons,

I wish for thee,

Long lasting joy...

Oh bless thee My friend,
My Love
My Life...

Happiest of Birthdays!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WTF?!?! (5)

Ladies and gentleman, the future president of the United States of America...Madame President Rudolph Giuliani! Eek! WTF?!?!?!

WTF?!?! (4)

OK, Why is the most popular racist in America (next to Mel Gibson and Michael Richards) married to a black woman!?!?! Or should the question be, why is this black woman married to a bigot???

Back before Rocker made his controversial statements about NYC and N'Yorkers, or least, before anyone was publicly aware he was a whack-job, Rocker seemed like a good pitcher and kinda cute. He coulda been a star, but then all hell broke loose with his comments on gays, Blacks, Hispanics, New York Subway riders, and whatnot.

It's bad when even the Atlanta Braves have to cut you for racial remarks!

I caught his picture from The One Drop Forum. Included is the link to read the back story: John Rocker and Alicia Marie. If you search hard enough, you can find the link to John's webpage.

I'm not including the link because I do not support Rocker's viewpoints or attitudes. I browsed his webpage and what I found was chilling. Then again, Rocker is Georgia born, bred, and raised. His racial epitaphs shouldn't surprise anyone knowing that.

Is it any wonder Rocker is a racist?!?! And shame on that fake-titted sow for marrying him!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fictional Outing

So J.K. Rowling decided to out Professor Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series, mhmm? While I applaud her for effort on understanding, open-mindedness, and acceptance of gays, didn't Ms. Rowling stop to think this publicity stunt missed the bus? You're a little too late Sugah! The books are finish! The time to reveal his sexuality would've been during the height of the Harry Potter popularity.

See the problem is Ms. Rowling knew that if she had portrayed the character as a gay individual before she completed the series, there would have been backlash. She'd have suffered in the wallet! She ain't stupid folks. This revelation, to me, is like plugging up the damn after its broken. I'm not all that excited about it. Its annoying if anything.

Had the author taken the risk, exposed the character for being different while the story was on-going, then, that indeed, would have been a bold statement. Showing true to the acceptance of all people, taking a risk at the backlash could hurt sales, J.K. could have been a true champion for acceptance and equality. Instead, I find all this hoopla just pandering to fans who refuse to let Harry Potter rest in peace.

I don't mean to condemn Ms. Rowling The whole thing just seems so superfluous. No one enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films more than me, however, what does J.K. expect gay people to do? Jump for joy at something that won't change perceptions? N-Please! More interestingly, I'm reminded when Marvel Comics took a risk for gay acceptance.

Back in 1992, Marvel decided to out it's character Northstar, a French Canadian mutant from Alpha Flight (Canada's version of The Avengers in the Marvel Universe and and Alpha Flight was a spinoff X-book title). If I remember correctly, Northstar had been also diagnosed HIV+ (somehow he was cured of the disease later on). Marvel took a tremendous risk. No character had ever, officially, declared their homosexuality until this point. In fact, Marvel had enforced a strict policy no character could be gay. In the early 90s public acceptance of homosexuality was taking small tentative steps out of the closet.

While society was exposed to Pedro Zamora (R.I.P I looooved Pedro. I recently reread Judd Winick's comic Pedro & Me. Thank You Judd!) from the Real World San Francisco, people's attitudes about homosexuality, HIV, AIDS, and exposure, were still pretty medieval.

Even though Northstar was only a minor character, just about everyone I knew who read the Uncanny X-Men or one of the X-title spinoff books, whether it was Wolverine, Alpha Flight, New Mutants, X-Force, Excalibur, etc, etc, etc thought it was a gutsy move on Marvel's part. The storyline for Northstar's coming out was a bit tepid, yet, the statement was well received by readers. Some people weren't phased at all. Only one person I knew was appalled, but he hated comic book, so he doesn't count fer shit, LOL.

Alpha Flight debuted in 1979 and over the years the writers implied Northstar was a homosexual. He declared in 1992's Alpha Flight issue 106 indeed that he was gay. For anyone who's gay and has read the X-title books, the whole mutant thing is an allegory for homosexuality. The hoopla stirred by the most recent X-Men movie, X3 The Last Stand, gave further proof to this notion.

Northstar has always been one of my favorite characters. I'd stopped reading the books only to restart a number of years ago, right around the time when Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar's true identity) joined the X-Men. Jean-Paul was still a character divided, coming to terms with his place in the world, coming to terms with himself. His unrequited love interest, Bobby Drake aka Iceman, made a good storyline. Jean-Paul did find his purpose though, when he became a teacher at Xavier's school and mentored young student who also dealing being a mutant and gay.

Sadly, I haven't kept up with the comic again, so I'm not sure what resulted in the Iceman-Northstar romance. Wolverine ultimately killed Northstar not long after Jean-Paul joined the team. I've heard, though, Jean-Paul is miraculously back from the dead (a very common event in any of the X-books. No one ever stays dead for long)!

In a different book, Ultimate X-Men , the writers did explore a romantic situation for Jean-Paul. Northstar and Piotr "Peter" (Colossus) Rasputin are in a fledgling relationship. In the series, its a different reality. Colossus in the "traditional" X-men storyline is heterosexual and in his mid 20s. Here, both he and Jean-Paul are in their teens going through the typical high school "life as per usual moments" most adolescents experience. From what I've been able to find out, the storyline is true to teenage angst, but tender at the same time. In fact, Jean-Paul asked Peter to his high school dance in recent issues. Peter accepted and everything was normal until some "I need to take over the world" villains showed up, then it was action time. Otherwise, life as normal for an adolescent, 20-something, kids just tryin' spread their wings a lil bit.

Ultimate X-Men introduces Jean-Paul to Xavier's School For The Gifted after he's been shot by Mr. Sinister. Waking up in a hospital bed, Jean-Paul is greeted by Jean Grey and Piotr (Peter). Jean points out Petey's been by Jean-Paul's bedside all night long. In a beautifully poignant scene, Jean-Paul takes one look at Peter and then asks Jean if Peter's single!

Enlarge the picture. Notice Peter's reaction! His going into his steel skin Colossus armor is pretty much the equivalent of him getting an erection! Sweetly delicious. I'm positive the writers meant to convey this meaning.

Teenage boys and their clever but unpredictable erection moments! LOL. The illustrated moment lends to innocence today's kids are lacking. Peter is a gentle and quiet artist from Russia by Professor Xavier. Piotr's homosexuality is evident through the inception of this reality series. downplayed, and never made an exaggerated issue. The writers maintained Jean-Paul's sexual orientation in this universe

Sniff Sniff Sniff. Yeah, it gets to me. Makes me wish I was so secure about myself way back when...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Request Fulfilled: Naked (Almost) Thunder

No words I could ever compose would give these men justice!

100% masculine. 100% aesthetically pleasing to the eye, at least in my humble opinion. Mmm. Do they make you tremble? Do they make wonder and awe the Creator's handiwork?

A nearly naked man is a beautiful site indeed! My own imagination is running away all the potential things I'd love to...
Ahem. Some thoughts are best kept to oneself. Lest I embarrass myself, I'll discontinue. LOL.

So. Is there nothing more exotic than sheer masculinity? Just a subtle hint sometimes is more erotic than full frontal. Yeah, I know what you're thinking? Perhaps, but you should answer that question for yourself.

Now I'm coming round to posting this soon, but I'm curious what people's taste are? In men? In women? What turns you on? Who turns you on? When I'm done with my photo essays for the day, I'll publish a recent survey I took amongst friends about race and attractiveness. The answers might surprise you. They might not.

Request Fulfilled (2): Pectorial Thunder!

Here are some more menz folk to ogle over.

Its tough tryin' to narrow down my favorites. Temptation want me to post each and every single picture, but that would be overkill.

One post to go. How about we get a little naughty.

Request Fulfilled: NFL Thunder!

OK, now that's what I'm talkin' bout! I got a request from my sistah girl Tamodi to post "a little sumethin, sumethin," Phine Brutha pictures! Ask and you shall receive.

I like feedback people. If you have something you wanna see or want me to discuss, throw my viewpoint out there, gimme a holla through email:

Lord knows I have tons of pictures. So much to choose from! I've decide I'm gonna break these up into three separate blog posts. The first part will focus on the finest from the National Football League. Oh, the NFL! Lots of hunks there....

Denial, Denial, Denial!

I was doing some blog surfing and came across a response dear Wenty has made about his alleged homosexuality: Now, I'm not accusing him for being gay, but his friend, Luke McFarlane, has been associated with TR Knight, who also played the denial game for a while. Is this a case of the lady doth protest too much?

“I’m cool with the fact that [the gay rumors] exist.

“This is about fantasy,” he added. “Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man, or one of each, that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”

I'm Not Done Yet

One more Wentworth picture for the night. Swoon! Drool, drool, drool!

Enough already!!!
My obsession is getting a tad bit obnoxious. If I keep up I'll soon have to merge Weilding the Axe with the Wet For Went blog. I promise, no more post on Wentworth Miller for a week, unless something major happens, like he finally decides to come out the closet.

If he does, watch out Luke (McFarlane, from ABC's Brothers and Sisters, Wenthworth's alleged beau du jour)! You might have competition on your hands! Not just from me either. My friend Leoben is also feelin' on Wentworth. Wenty is cute and adorable! Probably every other million and one other gay/bi guys out there do feel the same, LOL.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Freedom To Express Oneself

Bored, a few days ago, I decided to stop at Border's Bookstore to purchase reading materials. Borders sells both newsworthy (like the Advocate, Out, and Genre) and softcore pornographic (Playgirl and Men Magazine), gay mags. Its the only place in my immediate area selling any gay publications since none of the malls do. Unfortunately, Border's has since stop selling Clik Magazine, one of the few publications catering the gay-bi-SGL African American community. I'm miffed about it and I'll probably need to subscribe now! This probably is a good thing. A subscription is cheaper than a store purchase.

I meandered towards the magazine section and noticed four teens in the gay periodical aisle. Three of the four youths were 15-16 year old boys. The lone white girl in the group appeared to be about 14. She wandered off shortly after I arrived. The boys, two African American, the other boy white, stood around the area I wanted to get to, browsing through the different mags on the shelves.

Usually I steer clear of a group of teens. Not wanting to place myself as a potential gay bash victim, I keep low profile. Fortunately, Border's keeps the comic section located in the same aisle as the gossip and gay magazines. All I had to do was browse through the latest issues of th X-men titles until the youngsters sojourn elsewhere. I picked up a book, plopped my backside down on a bench, and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited some more. Perhaps waited 25 minutes. Patience has never been one of my virtues. I was getting frustrated and my temper peaking. I just wanted to grab my wares and get home. The boys lingered a long time at the section. What was taking so long????

It took a few minutes, but finally, I put together the anatomy of the scene. My young companions were all gay! Huh? Gay? Uh-huh, gay! Unfortunately, it never occurred to me. I have to admit none of the boys set off my gaydar. Not a one and I'm usually excellent about spotting brethren. Well! Knock me over with a feather!

Careful to not to leer hungrily, I glanced in the direction one of the black boys holding hands with the white boy, both paging through a copy of XY Magazine, a gay periodical for teens and early 20-somethings. The other youth was trying to sneak glances at Men, a pornographic nude magazine, without getting caught. I locked eyes on to him. He looked nervous as Hell. Summoning my own courage, I gave him a understanding smile, stood up, walked over and grabbed a copies of Genre and the Advocate, then went over to the Coffee Shop to talk to my friend Shane who works at Border's. As I walked passed, they grabbed copies of several gay magazines and a straight one to put over top the others, and left, I assume, to find their female companion.

It did my 37-year-old heart good to witness that moment. it certainly took me back to my own adolescence, but not in the same way. I wasn't "out" in my teens and don't think I could have publicly displayed any affection with a boy if I had been. Despite the current increasing negative climate towards gays, I'm glad today's youth have more opportunities to express themselves and be open about their sexuality. 15-20 years ago, such a scene, I doubt would've happened. I daresay anywhere in Pennsylvania. Such an acts makes me beam inside and remind how far things have progress in just a short time frame.

At 37, perhaps I worry too much about tolerance towards gays. Where I live in Central PA is fairly moderate and open-minded, I'm careful of my actions at all times. For me, much of my concerns factor in race, ethnicity, and skin tone, not just sexuality. I can't afford to step outside the boundaries, not as a grown man. Perhaps if I were a teen again, maybe.

I envy young men for their cavalier openness, especially the black youth in the interracial commitment. As a young black, a gay black male, not only is he going against the norm by dating outside his race, but has the courage and boldness to publicly display his affection for his partner. Kudos my young friend. You make me proud!

OMG! It's Him ...Again

OK, yes, I know, another Wentworth Miller post! Most of my friends who read the blog don't get my obsession with him. They thin he's just ordinary. Whatever floats your boat. Wentworth speaks culture to me.

I supposed because the boy is as ethnically diverse as the United Nations. I've noticed when he keeps his hair shorter, you can really see the African American genes come out. I'd love to play in his gene pool baby!

Not sure when the new season of Prison Break starts. It may have started already for all I know. My television watching habits have been remanded to b-movies, cartoons, and science fiction episodes. I've been watching too much trashy television. Tomorrow I need to relegate time to viewing the Discovery or History Channel. Anything besides reruns on Bravo or HGTV!!!

As I enter month three on disability, my days are spent either at various doctors, rehab, or watching TV. While I've time reading on the 'Net, my viewing habits have increased by 300%. There are a select Must-See-TV programs, but for the most, I'm good about not corrupting my grey matter with the vast monotony on TV. I'll be glad when I finally go back to work!

Still, bitch as I might, I haven't gone to such extremes by getting rid of the idiot box. Two of my friends, Dr. Mouse, and my other friend Tierra, don't even own one! Eek! I need to have at least one in the house to catch up on all the Netflix movies. I realize television can be so corrosive to the intellect, yet living without it is unimaginable.

Perhaps I've just become a slave to the damn thing? Like, duh....

WTF?!?! (3)

I caught this on Rod Online today. Supposedly Barack Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney are related???? The two are eighth cousins once removed! Yeah er'rybody is related to er'rybody. Like most people of color, shake our family trees hard enough and more than a handful of white folks come tumblin' down.

The fact Obama has Caucasian ancestry doesn't surprise me, what does is that it comes in the form of Dick Cheney. Shit! Why not just be related to Charles Mason!?!?

In other related politic concerns, I got an email my friend Calvin with a web link to measure which presidential candidate views most closely resemble my own. I finally got around to taking it this afternoon. The quiz is simple and fast.

Up until now I've been throwing my support toward Barack campaign, and, to a lesser extent, to Hillary Clinton's (I've actually met Hillary when she was still First Lady. She's actually a pleasant woman. I suspect people hate her because she not afraid to speak her mind or kowtow and conform to the good ole boy network's rules on how a proper woman should be. Hmph)! . My results indicated, however, John Edwards should be my political choice. Hm. Interesting.

Edwards has flown under my radar. Other than his wife's struggle with her cancer, I must admit
I never paid much attention to his viewpoint. I did a quick comparison and his views are very similar to mine, much more than either Barack or Hillary. He and Barack are the better looking of all the candidates (sorry it had to be said). Lord knows we could stand for some eye candy in the White House! Joking! The presidential race is not about looks. Its about the issues that will improve this country and help with our standing in the World. King George has done so much to ruin our reputation with other nations; Anti-American sentiment is at an all time high.

Standing on the issues, I need the person with a definite timetable to get the US the Hell out of Iraq, deal with the immigration controversy, bring about better health care, put money back into Americans' pockets, and keep equality for all Americans, gay, straight, or otherwise. All these will be daunting tasks, but is there currently someone in the running who can do this? I hope so. No matter what others may say about Bill Clinton, he was an excellent president. Despite what he did with his penis (and every man elected has fooled around in some capacity while in the Oval Office, lets not be naive think Billy-Boy was the first), the Clinton Administration turned things around from the Reagan-Bush era (I won't touch that subject).

Suffice whoever your views resemble, choose your candidate who closely reflects your views. Pay attention to the issues. Take the quiz. To get to the link, click the picture below:

Its a simple quiz, about 10-11 questions on various current hot topics and take about five minutes. At the end it will rank all the current presidential hopefuls and where you both agree/disagree on political issues and stances.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aesthetic Noir

Posting more men photos again tonight. Sorry if this has been over the top lately. A few straight male friends read the blog, so I try to restrain myself with all the man pix.

I'm in a bit of a mood tonight, can't quite put my finger on it. I don't feel like going in depth so I decided to just publish some fine ass men.


While this blog is not really intended to show adult content, I can't guarantee that an occasional image of male nudity won't appear. Be advised that this blog is intended to be read by people with an open mind. I don't claim any rights to the images nor do I have any knowledge of the sexuality of persons featured (unless they are openly gay...duh). Enjoy yourself and take a small step in my every day life and pondering... Feel free to email any comments or opinions.

President Barack Obama!