Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Words Of 2009

As the last few hours of the first decade of the new millennium are winding down, lemme just say a huge thank you to all of you out there, reader and contributor alike.

2009 saw many ups, and a few downs, but we made it through. The calendar is about to flip and I'm sure plenty of us are thinking about new goals and resolutions we'll attempt to accomplish in the coming 3-6-5.

To this I say, do your thang and do it riiiiight!

Personally, I've set aside a few tasks for myself... one is to quit smoking sometime before my birthday... among other bad habits I need to improve upon. Speaking with one of my life coaches this afternoon, he encouraged me to "stop worrying about whatever is on my mind, that there was no reason for, and go ahead and just be {me}."

So that is the advice I'm passing on. "Just be you, and do the damn thing!" Whatever you set your mind to this coming year, work on it and don't let anything, or anyone, derail you from your ambition. Stand firm.

Now, I'm gon' need y'all to remind me of those words in a few weeks when 'Mr. Grumbly-Pants' comes out and starts carrying on like I know I do. Hahahaha.

So, I wish you the very best for the night and the coming days. Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve...and in the words of my favorite television personality, Neicy Nash, "Be good. And if you can't be good, be careful! Mmmmnh!"

Happy 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No Mo Damn Excuses...

Baby boys and girls, the time has come and it has started now. Got on the not so-friendly scale the other day and it groaned. Bitch! Um, yeah I knew I was closely creeping up to look like Fat Albert's twin, but didn't think the numbers were topping as quickly as they had. Hm.

Now, I can think of plenty excuses as to why the weight has collected around my middle, but in the end they're all tired lame-ass excuses. Yo Ian! You big sloppy fatso, you ain't hardly cute!

Well, I never!

And you never will if you keep on pace. ....
So in accordance with resolutions and this time oh year and Shizz, I'm starting a new game plan to get my sexy back. (Did I ever have it????) Might be too late to get fit and phine in Oh-Nine, but most definitely by next year this time.

With that said, be on the look out for a new blog coming your way. Oh you'll know it when you see it because I plan to be quite frank and candid with what I do, eat, blah blah blah... Call it evolution. Call it being health smart. Call it whatever, but at this period in my life, I am sick of feeling disgusting and affected by the myriad of health problems raising their ugly head...
Oh! Hell! No!

Happy Blog Anniversary!

It's the wee hours in the morning I and just got off the phone with the CSC. Was trolling through Facebook, making my Happy Birthday comments when I realize its my own blog's anniversary. Wow, has it been three years already?

Haven't spent much time blogging lately, not much going on and everything going on at the same time. Too much drama as my brother Corey would say. It's ironic, because read on Corey's Facebook page that MacDaddy passed away yesterday; his blog was one I admired and now I celebrate my own foray on the web. I haven't been keeping up with the blogs, but indeed, our community is just that much more smaller with his passing... There. That was a tribute of a decent blogger, better than I ever can aspire.

So what does the next 3-6-5 hold in store? Does anyone ever know the answer to that question? Seriously though, I've been at odds with myself about keeping my blog running. I've gotten away from posting much because i was putting so much of myself into Cyberspace, I almost lost myself. Plus when you start to entangle your affairs with others from the Blogosphere, well, what's said offline often needs to stay there. It's been interesting to say the least.

It's interesting when I go through what I've chronicle hear and the lessons I've learned, the ones I haven't learned, it just astonishes me to think maybe there is a bad piece after all. Barring the bad grammar or the missed word here or there, I think I've shown heart and depth of the person behind the words. Must admit, lately I wanted to shut it down. Stop and let go. But given that there is still so much more exploration needed, I will continue. Never said I was the best writer or even the most interesting, but I try to be real here...


Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick Update.

Hey Readers! I know it's been a minute, but I'm working on a post for today. My goal is to contribute at least one post a day this week. I gotta get ready for work or else I would pen my thoughts now. I hope to have words on here around lunch time.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Behind My Closed Door

Today is my day off and to be honest, I don't feel like fucking leaving the house. I'm a bit demystified with folk and I need a day to day at home and cool my jets. This holiday season has been an unusual one and for the first time I sincerely get why people get all bent outta shape, annoyed, stressed, and frazzled over Holiday time. I'm so over it. Feel a definite "Rudy Rush" moment coming on... "Tell ''em why you mad, son!"

Too much to mention, but mostly I'm irritated with self more than anyone else.Annoyed with the stupidity I've given in taking people at face value when I know better. So my ambition today is stay indoors and stay away from people, lest I cuss a few folks out for pissing me off. Not trynna be negative, just admitting people have been workin' my last nerve. I'm too nice to call out on others, but dang, let's act like grown as adults here. Please.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Journey Ends

So it's raining gently outside. Almost peaceful. Bit chilly outside and I've been tinkering with my Blackberry all evening tryna figure all the little gadgets and apps, but there are some positives going on and I feel like I accomplished a few things today.

Without going into trememendous detail, I did "finish" a few projects and am ready to soar into 2010 and whatever that may bring. Can't say I'm completely satisfied this the resolution, but an ending is an ending and I'm hoping some good comes from letting go and just accepting. Things sometimes have away of resolving on their own when we stop trying to control the situation. So I'm hard-headed. OK, but the message has been received.

I know there is anticipation from a few over on M.A.L.E. what the big anouncement is gonna be. Decided to wait until the week to drop that news. It should make a few people happy, others irritate the fuck outta them. {I smile inwardly because I know what I'm doing and they don't}. It's all good. But there are hints out there...if you are a friend on Facebook, I've left a bread crumb trail.... mayhaps there are clues in this very post, even. Perhaps. For now my lips are sealed.
Nunc Coepi.


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