Friday, December 12, 2008

Love'll Never Do...Without You!

Oh Janet, I might have to disagree wit' you baby. Depends on who you're talking about, either the black man traisping around in his drawers or Antonio Sabato, Jr. Either way, it's all good!Now yell at me if you wanna, but I forgot who the African American model is in this clip. I should know, I did know, but my memory fails me at the moment. Anybody know? Leave me a comment.

I forgot to give Antonio at least a Honorable Mention shout out on my hot men for 2008. Gotta give Antonio props because, unlike most of the men featured on Ian's Top 100 Men for 2008 list, Mr. Sabato Jr. showed the full monty in not one, but two movies! A'ight Jagger! Way to earn some street cred my Latino brother! LOL.

OK. Enough Jackson videos. Enough 90s tunes...for now. Back to Season appropriate posts.


ToddyEnglish said...

1.) The model frolicking about in his skivvies is none other than Djimon Honsou (from Amistad..."Give us free!").

2.)Oh, Mr. Sabato is actually an Italian stallion!

Speaking of Antonio...Yes, he is a sex god. How gorgeous is he? Well, when I was in Junior Highschool, during his stint on General Hospital, I used to pretend I was sick just so my mom could pick me up from school early so that I could see Jagger (Antonio's character). I did this until I learned how to set the VCR on general hospital.

Yes, I nearly failed my math class but he was WORTH it!

Darius T. Williams said...

So - someone loves Janet, huh?

Cocoa Rican said...

Yes lawd...Djimon...just beautiful...the man has aged well too. ;)

Darktomahawk said...

Toddy...thanks for refreshing my memory. I fell out when I read your comment ath was Djimon. How could I forget?!?!.

Darius...I love old Janet, late 80s/early 90s Janet. I can't stand her current stuff.

Cocoa.. I agree. Djimon is so fine and has aged oh so good!


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