Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just Another Marcus Patrick Post

While this man has made my Top 100 list, I'll admit I'm not entirely sure what the fascination is about. Call me a follower perhaps. But lemme also be quixotic, what is the major fuss? Somebody give me an honest answer if you're a fan. Please?

Yes, Marcus has chiseled looks. Reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. So yeah, he look a'ight, but what redeeming value does Mr. Patrick have? Uh-huh. Our brother has a huge... ahem... "talent," but other than that? I ask you.

Mistake this not for criticism, just pondering. I sure as hell wouldn't kick Marcus outta bed, but I'm just saying, he's no Holmes, Sunjata, or Kodjoe! Those guys are excellent at what they do. Marcus has the stripping down pat though. I'll credit him there. Caught some of his gyration antics over on YouTube. He knows how to move his body right.

In accordance with my self-imposed policy against posting full frontal celebrity nudity, there will be no prominent Patrick phallus to ogle on Weilding the Axe. But fear not, if you need it that badly, meander on over to my other blog, Chocolate Salsa. You can find the meat and potatoes on display here.


Corey said...

Brotha Ian. You posted about five photographs that proved what the major fuss is all about. And then you listed them in your text. Let me review: He has chiseled looks/he has a huge...ahem...talent/we wouldn't kick him outta bed/he has the stripping down pat/he knows how to move his body right/and he has the meat and potatoes as well as the Chocolate Salsa. Enough Said!?!

Cocoa Rican said...

He's the man...I'm sorry pa...credit where credit is due...the man just needs to breathe in the morning. LOL

ToddyEnglish said...

He is fine as hell...
Plus, I can't get over the enormity of his UPS package...::blink::


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