Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One More Thing

One more quick Plax post, then I promise to leave the topic alone to the big boys who can better articulate themselves.
Been to a few blogs, read comment and opinion, most of you aren't cutting brother any slack. I've read some harsh diatribe written. Damn. Yeah, he was stupid. He messed up. But cut the guy some slack. Isn't it enough his football career probably is done, he's losing money (Giants suspended old boy without pay!!!), and the likelihood he'll go to jail?
Just my personal opinion. You don't have think what he did was smart, but don't throw brother to the wolves neither. A'ight. I'm done. I won't say another word about Plax.
For now, anyway.

1 comment:

fuzzy said...

you know what? I said to myself, when I first heard the story, "How dumb could he be?" I mean really! Its all good though, we all make mistakes and we all look for mercy. He just really took the cake! lol


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