Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There's Something About Danny...

In an attempt to ease my burdens, I decided to do a fun post this morning. Since today is actor Daniel Sunjata's birthday, and I am enamored beyond belief with this man, Danny is the next contestant on "The Price Is Right." Happy 37th Birthday Daniel!

Oh how right he is, indeed. I sincerely go gaga at the mere mention of Daniel Sunjata's name. If I ever met this man, I'd fall over, be starstruck ,and make a complete arse of myself! My sole comfort is knowing I'm not alone in this feeling. Reading through old blog posts from the Can We Be Frank, Frank recounted his encounter with Daniel coming out of the gym one evening in NYC. Really???

Of course, I fell out! Damn, Frank actually met Danny Boy? Lucky bruh, I'm too jealous over you! Frank's opportunity was several years ago, but given the chance, I'd probably had the same knee jerk reaction. Upon meeting Daniel, quasi-stalker might show up on yours truly's part, but not in a scary way. Gotta admit, if I sensed for a second Daniel was into men, I'd be all over his hide like nobody's bizness. LOL!

Sure, I've heard the gossip from the rumor mill. Danny supposedly bi or is a closeted queer. Sigh! Do we always have to make guys struggling with their sexuality??? Every man walkin' this Earth is not a closet case. However, in Dainiel's case, I wish he were. Ah, wish fulfillment...

¡Mira! This bruh is the fuel for my middle aged queer fantasies. Daniel's been in a bunch of stuff, such as Devil Wears Prada, Rescue Me, Brother To Brother, but probably gain most of his notoriety for showing "Daniel Jr and his phat 2 cuzins" in the off-Broadway play Take Me Out. For me though?That's not the only reason why I'm in love wit' Daniel, though I won't lie. I'm glad Daniel had the cojones to show off the cojones.

If you asked me yesterday, I couldn't guess why my heart swells, swoons, and skips a beat. This morning, I have my answer. I know why. Sorry folks, but I'm not sharin' the reason for now. You can ask nicely though. I might fess up. All my real time friends will figure it out instantly. Shhhhhh...you guys who read the blog, keep it to yourselves!

Anyway, I gots to get ready for PT, so I don't have time to post my montage of Daniel, but it's coming. And those of you who stranded on Lost's island, and haven't seen the nudes , I'll be posting those over on Chocolate & Salsa later too.



Anonymous said...

He was the dude in "the devil wears prada"

I was trying to figure out his face for a week. You should do RESEARCH and list credits before you post. Otherwise you come off lazy and tawdry.


Darktomahawk said...

Dear Anonymous,

I thank you for leaving a comment, it's much appreciated, however let me indicate to you I am well aware who Daniel is and who his character from Devil Wears Prada (James Holt, by the by) was.

If it appears I'm not doing my research, well the intent of the post was not to wonder who Daniel was, but rather why the man has so much magnetic pull on me. Believe me I could and can tick off each role Daniel has performed. If you go back and see the posts I've done on Daniel over both blogs, you might recognize that I've indicated his roles in the past.

Now I know I get a few things wrong from time to time, but I attempt never to post without being clear on facts to the best of my ability.

Sorry if you view my work as being lazy and tadry. Perhaps you may wanna review my previous entrties...when I wrote this, I was trying to get over my grandfather life transition, and distracting myself with a bit of playfulness.

No worries though mate. Your feedback is commended. Please continue as so motivated. I will endeavor in future to be CLEAR on what I'm saying prior to committing my words on the blog.



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