Sunday, January 11, 2009

His Drawers...Oh, And Other Randomness

Jamie! How's it swinging bro? You know I can see your burning bush right? Pull up your drawers bruh-man. Then again, are you wearing any?!?!?

Received this picture from the Obsidian Soul Yahoo Group. Now, I'm not a big Jamie Foxx fan, I can't stand him actually. He's overrated, annoying, and brother comes across arrogant as the day is long. HOWEVER, this shirtless, freeballin' photography gives cause to rethink my position. LOL. Just for a minute.

According to the snippet, Jamie and some his boys have the propensity to play basketball in the nude at Jamie's house. Um, a little odd, but celebrities are not without their eccentricities, so let boys be boys. I still don't think Jamie is "all that," but will concede he has a nice body...

Anyhoo, haven't blogged much yet this year. Haven't had anything worthy of throwing on the 'Net. Sure I've topics on my mind, the killing of the young man on the subway in Oakland, the Sanjay Gupta nomination for Surgeon General, Obama's inauguration in nine days, but nothing seemed so moving that I had to rush to my computer and wax philosophic about.

This morning, after morning prayers, I got up and began a cleaning frenzy. My house has been in a decline into complete disarray. As my mum would say, "This house looks like who did it and why?"So, feeling motivated, I began cleaning and prepping for Sunday dinner. I also haven't, as yet, taken down my holiday decor, so that's also on tap for this afternoon's chores. As I began to muddle about, I thought to myself how blessed I am. My spirit feels grateful, encouraged, heck, even happy! So if I'm not here, the blog, moaning, groaning, and complaining, something good is moving within. That's celebration worthy.

I'll get back into the groove of posting soon. If you feel so inclined, you can always check out the other blog, Chocolate and Salsa, for mindless masculine eye candy. Been busy over there at least. Hey, I figure we all have healthy libidos, why not give into fantasy every now and again, right?

Stay steadfast my brethren,


taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Nude basketball. Just the thought makes me warm and fuzzy. Would it quickly become the most popular sport ever (in a guilty pleasure kinda way)?

Me thinks so.

I love and hate Jamie -- LOVE his voice, HATE his face, LOVE the nude basketball, HATE his arrogance, LOVE his 90's Wanda character and the thought of his balls swinging free like every ball should .....

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.

ToddyEnglish said...

I won't lie. I love me some Jamie Yes, he is kind of arrogant; however, the voice is on point (I have two of his CD's! I admit it I'm a groupie...teeheehee), and the body is BANGIN. Mmmmmmhmmmmmm.

I would love to watch a nude basketball game...Just to see all of the posting up n stuff like that.

Hmmmm, I wonder what do Jamie and his boys do AFTERWARDS? mmmmmhmmmmmmm...hahahaha.

Anonymous said...


Its that Irate Bro again. I can't stand Jamie Fox either. Nothing about him. Loved Ray. Something about him rubs me the wrong way.

Corey said...

Those Foxx pics, as sexy as they COULD be, reek! I think it's the funk of his ARROGANCE wafting from under his arms and between his legs traveling through cyberspace. I think I just made myself lightheaded. Jamie and his fellas playin' nude basketball? Why I think I just caught the vapors! I'm gonna pass out from the musk of it!


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