Thursday, January 15, 2009


Caught Bush's Farewell Address to the Nation tonight. I dunno, but perhaps it was one of Georgie's better speeches. Didn't Bush look like he aged? I mean his face seemed so haggard. My hope is Mr. Obama (notice I stopped calling him by the familiar) doesn't look like that at the end of his Presidency.

I was never a George W. Bush fan, but I don't surmise he was/is a bad man. Misguided, yes. Evil tyrant, no! W. made ineffective choices, had suspect judgment, recreated the English language, and took the US to new lows, but he did give Colin Powell and "Kindasleezy", I mean...Condoleeza Rice, the opportunities to be Secretary of State. Two black folks? Back to back?

OK George, maybe you had your good moment or two, here and there. And Dr. Rice made a good Secretary of State. Believe me, I wouldn't raise up Condi's ire; would you? Un-uh. Sistah might lose some of that "doctorate" composure, open a can of "whup-ass" and break a shoe off in somebody! Borrowing the best quote of all times, "Don't FUCK with me fellas!"

But as transitions go, I'mfinished with George tonight. Done with saying President Bush. I've stopped saying President-Elect Obama days ago. Yeah, we still have the tiniest of days left till Inauguration, but all I can see right now is Obama, Obama, Obama. George has written his chapter in history. His time has been marked. Now? It's time for the good brother from Hawaii to step on' in, do his thang, and though the road is gonna be rocky, I have all the confidence in the world in Big Brother B. YES HE CAN!

Tuesday, when George and Laura step on Air Force One for the final time as President and First Lady, I'll be waiting for the Obama firsts...President Obama exiting Air Force One for the first time as Commander-In-Chief, President Obama giving his first address to the nation, President Obama's first address to the Congress, and yes, even President Obama's first controversy... all those events. What a sight it'll be to behold.

And you know what else might be a first?
Not that I'm a fortune teller or anything, but the plausibility exists the Obamas may be the first First Couple in a loooong time to have a pregnancy while in the White House. Keep in mind Mrs. Obama is a young and vibrant woman; still in childbearing years. OH YES THEY COULD!

Wouldn't that be somethin? Not that I know them like that, but I'm just sayin''s POSSIBLE. And you thought the hoopla on November 4th was phenomenal?!?! Let there be an announcement Mrs. O is expecting child during Prez's term. Mmm Hmm. Tongues will be wagglin, folks will be givin each other the wink, the nod, that smile.... that "yeah you know it's rollin' like that!" attitude! I'm sure...ahem...they keep it real! Again, I'm jus' sayin. Don't tell me you ain't thought it. Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown clown on it from time to time on the TJMS. So, I know it's crossed someone's mind before.

Let me digress for a moment though. IF a First child occurs, you know that'll be AMERICA's child! Every community that supported Obama will be beaming with pride, like B and Michelle was one of the family. Folks will be exuberant for them. If there's one thing that unites and brings folks together, it's babies!

My baby speculation is not meant to be disrespectful to the First Family. You know I've nothing but admiration and respect for Mr & Mrs. O. A family with these titles? Parent, devoted husband/wife, lawyer, professor, State senator, US senator, and now, President? Uh-huh, nothing but R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You know their love is endearing. More than any other public couple, Barack and Michelle Obama love is the genuine article. Watching the 60 Minutes interview, or for that matter, any interview they've done together, just reinforces it. Their love is timeless....

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ToddyEnglish said...

"Don't FUCK with me fellas!"

Oh shit I had to bust out laughin at that one! No you DI IN invoke Mommy Dearest! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I would not be surprised If Michelle and Barack have another baby, not at tall. You can see it in their body language. Those two are fuckin on the regular (pardon my French).

To that degree I look forward to this. I truly feel inspired now. Haven't felt that way in eight long ass years. I came into this decade an idealistic teenager...Now I am a somewhat cynical adult. Hoping to meet somewhere in the middle now.


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