Friday, January 16, 2009

You Will Know The Truth

After a year long hiatus, Battlestar Galactica fans have just a few more hours to go before we get the final ten episodes to our current science fiction addiction. Man and what a year it's been. I had to stop reading the message boards long ago to keep from the insanity. I admit, I just wanna know the ending now.

Speculation to the identity of the final Cylon is rampant and I've removed and put back suspects on my personal list a dozen and one times. I simply don't know. I have my top picks, but no one makes a perfect fit. I doubt fans will get their answer tonight. Tonight's episode will be a teaser episode to lure the fans back into the show, while ultimately giving nothing away. And the clues from Sci Fi Channel's "You Will Know The Truth" website were just enough to have you think you know, only to have you eventually throw everything you thought out the damn window! Oh I bet Eick and Moore are loving this.

What's more, I've been banned by Queen Hester discussing any results of the show, because she hasn't watched Season 4.0 yet. Merde! So, I can't post anything about it once I do get some answers. At least I know some of you will be blogging about it. I'll leave comments on your blog on my excitement/disappointment for you other BSG geeks, like me.

My top picks for who the final Cylon might be? Well, after careful consideration, sorting through conjecture and bullshit speculation, my rap sheet includes Felix Gaeta, Laura Roslin, Ellen Tigh, Romo Lampkin, and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. All these people have been off the list, on the list, at one point or another. The creators of the show have total mind twist going on with the clues and its just a matter of we'll have to wait and see. For the longest time, my bet was they were gonna make Felix the final Cylon, but after watching the webisodes, I don't think so. I just don't know....

My consolation prize, no matter who the final Cylon is revealed to be, is the writers finally outed Alessandro Juiliani's character Felix Gaeta, although they coulda hooked him up with better eye candy than Officier Louis Hoshi. Eww. But at least there's one more homo in outer space. So let's not complain too much here Ian. Thanks Ron and David.


real said...

I, your're a super guy. we all like you a lot. your blog is a daily stop in our lifes journey of fun and adventure. thank you for providing such an outlet for us all.
i said all that to say, cat, nobody watches no damn battle star galactica but you. you the only one. the only one I, the only one. okay? have a nice day.

Darktomahawk said...

Real, you ig'nant mofo, you know I love you....

Oh your point though, I know for a fact there's one other brotha who watches BSG and that's Vince from over at Nudist in DC.

I will holla at you inna minute bruh.

Andy Niable said...

Well you had one of the finalists right for Final Five. :)

nudeindc said...

Yes, there's definitely at least one other brotha that watches BSG and loves every minute of it. Even if it hardly even feels as if the new season has even started yet.

Darktomahawk said...

Hey Real!

I tol' you so! pppphhhht! :P LOL.


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