Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To Watch Or Not Watch

American Idol debuts its newest season tonight and I here wondering "How invested do you wanna be this season boyo?"

Slowly, but surely, I've disengaged myself from watching mindless television. TV corrupts. I'm not condemning. Make no mistake, my arse damn sure will be parked in front of the television each and every Friday starting January 16th to catch the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

But mostly my television habits have been reduced to Cartoon Network, Comcast On-Demand, CNN, HGTV, and the occasional sitcom on ABC or CBS. I've checked out of programs like Top Chef and other reality TV, some months ago. With Idol, I really abhor the first few episodes anyway. The people who are there just to make a mockery of themselves and can't sing a lick...It's so embarrassing. Yours truly suffers from 'Sympathy Embarrassment' for the "embarrassed-challenged."

Honestly, I cannot sit through two hours watching deluded individuals crooning off-key whilst Simon and company sit petrified by the sheer audacity and balls these folks have. Nope. I can't do it. Don't wanna. Instead, tonight, I'm gonna curl up with a good book Mykel suggested, under my cozy electric blanket, sipping homemade chamomile tea, cats at my feet, and broaden my intelligence through the reality of reading....

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Corey said...

Ummm. I haven't had any Chamomile tea in years! This is where we disagree - it's those first few audition episodes that are always the best for me. Marv and I love to sit in front of the boob tube (am I dating myself?) and HOWL! Once they choose the contestants, that's when we stop watching. But you're right, this season we've been too addicted to HGTV to watch much of anything else.


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