Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding My Voice.

So, I'm back on the blog and I have plenty to comment on. First, thanks to all of you who sent sentiments for me and my family. It's much appreciated. We're managing, but as the days grow, the healing gets better. Thank you my blogging family for showing concern for your boy Ian. Again, I appreciate all your comments.

Second, what the hell is going wrong in the world?!?! A policeman shoots a young promising baseball star in Houston! A father kills his son over child support! A boy shoots his babysitter! Not to mention the whole Roland Burris debacle. Sheesh! 2009 didn't waste any time before things got messy, didn't it? At least today Brother Barack will be meeting with the former and current Presidents in Washington. Oh this month is one for the history books my brothers!

Now in an effort to better establish myself, I've decided to make some changes to my approach and outlook on life. See, I've been looking at thins as the glass half empty, but in actuality, the glass has always been half full. I'm finding my voice now. Did a personal inventory the last few days and I think I'm back on track. To quote Corey, "I'll keep you posted." I feel this year will be better than 2008 and I psyched for all the goodness coming my way....


Anonymous said...

Love that new banner photo, Bro!

2009 will be your best year yet!

real said...

yep. but dont be eatn no chitterlings.

photogreg: that's what my pastor says all the time. and he's right!

I, my flight gets in at 3, and me at 3:30.


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