Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Electric!

With my head in my hands, I sat there, incredulously embarrassed. Oh Lawd, what in the world just happened here? Hmph! I'll tell you...

His hand was on my waist, steadying me so I wouldn't fall. The warmth of his touch was distracting, but not enough to keep me from going forward, pushing myself one last little bit, towards success. Then I stumbled.

A fraction of a second, but more like an eternity really. And in that stumble, his hand, that was on my hip, quicker than the Flash was around my waist, pulling me back. In that instant, oh just to be sure, my world collided with his. Ass against crotch.

His heat invading my space. His scent permeating my nostrils. Feeling those firm, calloused, masculine hands on my body. That warm sweet breath gently breathing on my neck.... um, too much, waaaay too much! Instinct kicked in, panic stricken, and down I went anyway.

Dream come true or nightmare played out? So went the scene at physical therapy today. Oh Ian you're too old to be having these crushes on straight bruhs. Thank goodness we were near finished with session cause I was no good after the incident. In a way though, it was good, our electric moment. At least I got a feel for what Gemini's working with (not that it matters).

I was humiliated, make no mistake, but outta every negative situation, some good comes about...


Andy Niable said...

One is never too old for a crush... ;)

real said...

I, come on bruh, I know you azz too well. You been planning that "stumble" since Kujo was a pup. How the heck you gone be falling downward but managed to keep that bubble positioned just right so that in case he went for the rescue his junk would coincidentally grind yo hot spot and damn near cause a foret fire in the middle of winter? i aint buyin' that one. i was born at night, but not last night!!

anyway, congrats on the connection. i'm sho that brother is wondering what hit him. next time have some lube on hand just in case you shorts jus happen to come down a bit mo.


ToddyEnglish said...

oh dear that was hot...
mmmmhmmmm. Even if it was simply physical therapy. haha.

Darktomahawk said...

"Cause he's long and strong, enough to get the friction on!"

Real, your comments had me laughing a good belly laugh for at least 5 minutes. Stay tuned for my follow up post.

Wonder Man said...

Crushes are wonderful

real said...

yeah, and Mr. Physical Therapy man almost suffered a crushing blow. or a blowing crush. either one huh I?!!

or a crush thrust. but me thinks thats what happened anyway.

I, you wuz ass-up at the PT folks office?!?! come on now, you know you aint 'pose to be doing that.

givn' up prime on the doctors dime!
(okay, i'm mo stop)
i can't believe you though!! LOLOLOL!! (but i aint mad)


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