Friday, January 2, 2009

2nd Day, 1st Friday: A New Dawn

Happy New Year my friends! Can you believe it's 2009? Wow. Where did this decade go??? It's the second day, of the last year, in the first decade, of the new millenium....Just seems like yesterday we all running around excited about Y2K.

I didn't feel much in the spirit to blog yesterday, so I took the day off.2008 hasn't quite given up the ghost. There's unfinished matters yet, namely, burying my granddaddy. The older I get, the more I loathe weddings and funerals. Not that I know anyone who enjoys going to funerals, but you understand my point.

To be honest, my spirit is exhausted. I was a bit of a grouch yesterday, another reason why I didn't blog. My cell phone network was out the entire day, it was cold, and I was just in a mood. Not a good way to start the year. Feel better today, mood-wise, but my body is aching. I'm minding the cold more with the leg, but by Grace, I'm here so lemme stop complaining. New year deserves a "tabula rasa," clean slate. I'm not dragging 2008's disappointments or defeats into 2009. So each day, no matter what the circumstances, I'm gonna look at it as a dawn for infinite possibilities...

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Darius T. Williams said...

Wow...I hope all goes well with you. I'm wishing you strength during this time of mourning too!


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