Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper

A few months back before the election, CNN's Don Lemon did an interview with the 106 years young Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper. Her life spans three centuries and overlaps two milenia. Wonders and more wonders. What this woman has seen come and go. Her only wish was to see a Black person as President.

Well today she gets her wish! I'm grateful and thankful the Lord blessed this dear woman to live to see this day. I've even heard President Obama personally called and invited her to the Inauguration festivities. Kudos President B! Now, I wonder if Don Lemon is still gonna be her date for the Inaugural Ball?


Darius T. Williams said...

Ahh - just watched the story. I love Don. I wish his cute ass was still here on NBC Chicago - but he's onto bigger and better.

Great story - such inspiration too!

Darktomahawk said...

Don has a way of getting around. He was also stationed on WCAU-TV in Philadelphia for a while. I really don't remember much of him then. You can You-Tube search andfind a clip of AM Philadelphia with Don.

Don is one of my MySpace buddies. He's nice as you can get too. My only complaint is how old is Don really?!?!? His MySpace and Facebook pages have him at my age, but I've seen other pages that say he was born on 3/1/66.

Either way, he's a fellow Pisces and whether he's a day older than I or 4 years and a day older than I, I love 'im jus' the same.



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