Monday, January 19, 2009

Question Asked, Answers To Come

A plagiarised post of sorts, but not really. I caught this over on the Huffington Post blog a few days ago, but I like the video so I decided to highlight it here. Now y'all remember those Budweiser "Wassup" commercials, right? What was at first humorous, became overkill and obnoxious. The original spawned a million and one clone commercials. Some were cute, others downright stupid.

Here the original brothers are back, giving us an update on their lives in the last eight years under a George W. Bush Presidency. Makes a powerful statement on where we're struggling through. The fellas, while giving a jocular spin on life in the 00's, look a little less vital, a little less hopeful. But the end of the commercial says it best!

Tomorrow, hope begins anew. Certainly not the end, but definitely a new beginning. At twelve noon tomorrow afternoon the whole world ain't magically gonna transform cause we got Big Brother B in Office. Nope. And we know this. But still, ain't it an awesome journey we're about to embark upon?

More later.


ToddyEnglish said...

I loved that video, because it couldn't be anymore true. There was so much hope going into the new millenium and then it was like the goddamn bottom dropped out...

No, Barack won't magically make everything better over night. This is a lofty task on par with FDR's dilema; however, atleast we are back on the path.

I don't think another Bush is going to be running anytime soon.

Corey said...

Brilliant commercial! I loved it!

Andy Niable said...

Adored that redux. Brilliant.


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