Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock, Rock, The Planet Rock: Don't Stop!

Rockmond Dunbar! Brother turns 36 today! So here's your birthday shout out!

Seems like our good brother is cropping up everywhere these days. Good! This handsome actor deserves the credit. Rockmond been in several television programs, including CSI Miami, Grey's Anatomy, Girlfriends, The Heartland, and a host of other shows. Rock is probably most recognizable from his role as "C-Note" (Benjamin) on Prison Break and from the critically acclaimed Showtime series Soul Food, where he played Kenny. Mmmm.

Anybody else remember Rock way back in his role as "Baines" on the science fiction drama Earth 2? I do. That show was whack! No wonder it was short lived. But a few things good came out of it. Rock costarred with Antonio Sabato, Jr, another fantasy man o' mine! But Rockmond has made the circuit. He made a guest appearance as himself on Noah's Arc, been on Felicity, blah blah, blah... I'm telling you he gets around! Last year he turned up in Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys. What a successful career he's paving for himself!

And how convincing was Rock in Maurice Jamal's flix, Dirty Laundry? Brother certainly isn't afraid play gay, that's for sure. Rock's done it at least twice now, in aforementioned Dirty Laundry as "Patrick" (Sheldon), and earlier where he played "Darby" from Punks. Keep on, keepin' on Rockmond! I included the trailer for Dirty Laundry, one of my favorite SGL movies.

Also did some RESEARCH; discovered Rock is a graduate of Morehouse College! Hmph! Very impressive. Can't go wrong with a Morehouse man on your side. Let's see. What else? Oh Rock also dropped trou for a shoot for Playgirl magazine. Too bad he didn't show us the goods, but you know what? He doesn't need to. This man is the real McCoy! No bare bones about it.

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Corey said...

The Planet Rock! Now that's one planet I wouldn't mind being straddled on...oops!...I meant stranded. Yezzz! That's what I meant.


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