Thursday, January 8, 2009

Point Of Reference

Robert's Rules are now in motion. This is a cross blog (both Axe and Salsa) comment...

A blog reader was kind enough to leave constructive criticism on one of my posts on Daniel Sunjata today. While I thank and appreciate the anonymous commenter for their words, I also would be remiss if I didn't defend my post or its purpose.

Said commenter requested I do research before posting and hinted my blogging style maybe lazy and tawdry. At first I was offended, but then I thought about it. That was the intent of my Daniel ramblings anyway. My grandfather passed away, I didn't feel like indulging in the pain I was feeling, so I posted something silly as feel good distraction. So if my blog came off cheap, tawdry, lazy, ignorant, (insert adjective of your choice), I do apologize.

When I do my posts, I naturally assume everyone recognizes the celebs I throw up on these two blogs. My fault. What's the old saying about assuming? So in future I will try to list off that person's acting credits, in case someone doesn't know who I'm talking about. Although, I might add, when I read blogs and there's somebody listed I don't know, I GOOGLE them.

Now I'm not trying to call anyone out or set it up so nobody will leave a comment again. Nope. I love the comments; even the not so nice ones. But I felt I wanted to clarify myself on why I didn't go through and tick off Daniel's resume. Again, if I wanna know work an artist has done, I will IMDB them.


Cocoa Rican said...

Pa, it's your blog, your voice and your space to share as you wish. If folks don't wish to share your thoughts, they can step. Take it from me, over the years, folks have said everything from "you're great" to you're an asshole." Either way, I never changed my voice, style or purpose. It's about me on my's about you on yours. Keep it that way. As Kate Hepburn once said, "Never complain; never explain.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm with the Cocoa! It's your blog - you do you. But when you start getting anon comments and hate mail - you're doing something right!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Man!

Please forgive me for being an asshole. (I posted that rant). Oddly, I was wondering why I booknoted this blog - to my surprise.....and entry concerning me.

(smiling, you make me feel special)

I guess I welded an axe at ya.

Also, sorry for your lost. Keep ya head up Blackman, wished I was near to give you a Brotherly Hug.


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