Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keith Hamilton Cobb

With our good friend Corey over at I'll Keep You Posted in mind, who's also a fan, I present the one and only KHC. Mr. Cobb.

Now since my computer was actin' a fool yesterday, I couldn't blog Keith's birthday yesterday, but a day late, I'm sure y'all won't mind.

Keith has starred in a variety of television programs, as "Noah Keefer" on All My Children, "Tyr Anasazi" in Andromeda, "Damon Porter" on the Young And The Restless, and "Quincy" on Noah's Arc.

No offense, to Darryl, but I woulda chose Keith over Jensen Atwood any day. And how I mourned when I learned Keith cut off his hair. Y'all know I have a thing for men with braids and dreads. But so I've told, braids and dreads are on the out right now. Mm hm. For now. They'll be back though. LOL.

Not sure what Keith is up to these days, but his handsome, debonair, masculine suave self sure is missed. Happy belated 47th birthday K-man!

Ian's point: Perhaps I'll concede Keith might look a tad better without the long hair. Perhaps. But my fantasy has me running my fingers all through it. Oh well. Grow older, grow different fantasies.



ToddyEnglish said...

Gawjus Dahling Gaaaawjus! I love him!
I so would have chosen him over Wade. I'm sorry but he is just so...IT!

Corey said...

WAIT! Did you say 47 ???????????
I love it ! I just frickin' fantastically LOVE IT ! ! ! ! ! !
Keith Hamilton Cobb is FORTY SEVEN!
Represent Brotha, REPRESENT ! ! !

Wonder Man said...



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