Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Prayer Away

Been experiencing some minor computer annoyances the last few days, but computer woes are the least of my worries, I'm more preoccupied out about money. As the old saying goes, "my money is funny and my change is strange." You ain't lyin' there.

Most pressing is not sure how I'm gonna scramble the greenbacks for the mortgage, car payment, auto insurance, let alone wonder what's gonna be let over for gas, groceries, electric and medicine. Whew! But you know what? I'm not sweatin' this. See here, God's got our backs and I firmly believe He can make a way outta no way. Not just in my sitch, but in yours too. Sure, we may lose some status, loose Earthly comforts, but oft times we need to lose in order to gain...

In my circumstance, I pray God will at least create a situation where my creditors won't have me sitting up in here in the dark, cold, and hungry. Too, when I commiserate my financial challenges, I need remind myself of the blessing already bestowed. This past week for most Americans, Bloody Monday, saw tens of thousands lay offs. Job security is a thing of the past. And income can be lost quicker than a sneeze. How my heart aches for folks who don't know when or where their next dollar is coming.

Sitting in church last Sunday, hearing many in the congregation pray for employment, listening to the news this week....Oh I thank Jesus I have stable income. Social Security and Disability Insurance income may not be far reaching, but it's there. Accruing less than 60% of what I earned is less than optimal, but God provides solace and Divine comfort where material succor fails. What more do I need than Divine Providence, hm? The Older generations knew this, time our current generation remembers this too.

Ian's point: Be thankful for what you have in the here and the now. Nothing in our current economy is a guarantee. What's the old saying? "Therefore but the Grace of God go I?" Mm hm. Take a moment before begrudging the situation and give thanks to the Higher power you have something.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Bro! I'm like you...I have much to be thankful for.

The Bishop said...

I agree 110% with you. Knowing that he is God and all things are possible through him is how I continue to live my daily life. Putting God first has helped me a lot lately and my day goes OK and that is the truth. It was a big adjustment to just trust in someone you have never seen but he has always been there for me. God bless to you my brotha, keep the spirits high.


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