Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because You Do

Good morning. I mean that. Good morning. And what a morning it is too.

I didn't expect to be up this early. After watching as much Inaugural coverage as I could, I tuckered out after the Obamas made their appearance at the Commander-In-Chief's Ball. I couldn't watch anymore.

What a powerful statement the First Couple made. Ellegance to the Nth degree! Very impressive. Michelle's dress was tasteful, and well you knowBarack always looks GQ. Only criticism? President Obama so cannot dance. LOL. But those looks of sheer happiness they were giving each other? I hope they savored each and every moment.

Ket's hope they went straight to sleep when they got home, cause you know they tired as shiggity! No comment on what I really think went after all the Inaugural celebrations. Those looks the first couple were exchanging were a little too telling. I'll digress.

This morning, though my heart is still on wave over yesterday's pageantry, I promise not to remediate on President Obama. Nope, this time I send salutations to you. See, as I look around me, not just yesterday, but in these last few weeks and months, I see a positive changes. Men coming into their own, on the forefront of guidance and wisdom. Bringing good purpose to the community. It makes my proud and honored to observe your dedication.

Now I won't go off listing names, cause I might forget somebody, but surely you know a few. When I look at all the bloggers, sending their messages, just giving back, I smile. Or my brothers in media, the Don Lemons, Jason Carrolls, Roland Martins, T.J. Homes, Tom Joyners.... wow! I could go on and on. The list would be too great....

I'm impressed that men, both gay and straight, seem to be getting it together. Oh we still have a long way to go, but looks like after a long backslide, we on' the path again!

It fills me with a joyous spirit. Guys are out there charging in the world, doing what God has inspired them to do. And this isn't to exclude the sisters moving forward, cause you know you've always been strong. But today I wanna take pride in my own gender. For too long we were at the bottom, now it seems we're rising to the surface with dignity and a bit o' pride.

Don't know what moved me to write this today. Perhaps I on a residual emotional trip from Obama's Inaugural? Perhaps seeing MSNBC's political commentator Harold Ford Jr, publicly acknowledge his African American status last night (I'm not trying to be ignorant. I love Harold). can't explain it. Perhaps it was something I read earlier about Keith Boykin or over on Rod's or on earlier XemVanAdams' blog. Dunno. But I've expounded before on how my fellow blogger have inspired me. A number of you were included in morning prayers as I woke this morning. My soul felt that stirred and compelled.

I don't mean to come across square as hell. But there's nothing but gladness in my soul today.Your deeds have not gone unnoticed. You uplift, empower, and enrich.

What you do touches folk in ways you may never understand. So keep on doing what you do. And on the difficult days when the struggle is that much harder, I ask the power of the Spirit to consecrate and sanctify you. Fortify with strength in your passion so you may persevere.

That's my blessing to pass on this morning. Just that simple. I'm not a good writer, but with these few words, I express my gratitude. See my brethren, you're making remarkable progress. Doing good things. Changing lives, making the world a better place in tough times. Thanks.

God Bless.


Wonder Man said...

great post

ToddyEnglish said...

Y'know, I am noticing that there is a renaissance going on with black gay We are no longer silent.
I think that is so GREAT.


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