Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Synopsis In A Diff'rent Light

Ooh, but wasn't today a day for PRIDE, people?!?! Oh yeah. And it was all good. My, my, my, my, MY! It's damn sure official now, Barack Obama is the President of These United States o' America! Now, I had this finga snappin' witty ass post in mind, but as I sit in front of the keyboard, every word has flown outta my head. Lemme try to summarize.

First of all, di'n't my President and his wife look damn sexy as hell on that podium? I mean, Michelle was rockin' in that dress. Oh so tasteful. And not to be outdone, Prez B was lookin all the more dapper with his usual confidant and suave se'f! Chile! And shout out to Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. That calf boots and her little mini ensemble was right on time! Shout out to the First and Second Couple, although Vice President Biden needs a haircut. Sheryl Underwood was dead on when she said Joe Biden resembles the eagle character from The Muppets.

And what exactly was the fuss over Pastor Rick Warren? Seriously? His prayer was so lackluster, I kept thinking my Pastor could deliver a damn better speech than Warren's pedestrian crap. What was the hubbub was all about? Cause dude's anti-homosexual. OK, If he wants to hate on gays, let 'im. But MY JESUS loves me AND you! Dunno what god Warren worships, but God loves all His Chil'ren. Don't mean He likes er'rything we do, but He loves us just the same, no matter what that fool Warren thinks.

Obama's speech? A bit sobering, but analysists forewarned we wouldn't have another address like his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, so I was prepared for what he had to offer. But my favorite part of all the festivities today? After the Inaugural Luncheon when President Obama and company went to review the troops before heading up Pennsylvania Avenue for the Parade. Did you see it? I was hollerin' fo' sho! This is what ran through my mind. Now for those of you familiar good old spirit raising preaching on Sundays, read the next bit with that in mind. It's meant to be humorous. Don't take umbrage.
"Whaaa...Prez was standin' at the top of those Capitol steps. And then looked he down. I said he looked down. Yes, he looked down. Next Brother Barack stuck out his arm, all dignify and Presidential, for his wife ta take hol'. Sistah-girl Michelle, she done looked her man. She reached on ova, and took his arm. And den they smiled.

Said Barack Obama! Yes, Barack Obama. President! He and his wife, that's right she da Fuuurst Lady....wawl, lemme tell ya! They strolled on down 'em steps! And my, my, my! MY MAN, President Barack Hussein Obama, said they stepped on tha' the landing a'fore the troops. Then what did he do? Well lemme tell you! That brutha stood up, stood straight up. Barack took on that stance. Yeah you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Stood that stance when a 'maine' feel like a 'maine'. Stood taller and prouder than any brutha I evah saw.

See hurr, he got that look 'on his face. Solid and con'fident, firm and true! Large and in charge! With that stance, he review-oo-oo-oo-wee--oooh-d them troops! Then he turnt to his wife. Yes see here, 'Chelle is the First Lady. Uh-huh! Then he smiled. Yes suh, he show'd her those pearly whites. Then he turnt back to them troops. Yeeeeeees, he did. Oh yes he did! Myyyyy Black President!

Barack Obama. Oh they call him Mister President. Yes, he stood taller 'an I ever seen. Said he looked at his wife. And smiled. And you know what that smile said? Oh do you know what that smile said? Do you know? OH, Do you know? Do you know? Well, Iiiiiiiiiii-eeee-iiiiiiii do! Lemme tell you! It saaaid.... " It's a bran' new day. I'm President now! That's right, Commander-In-Chief! Head Negro In Charge! And these here are MY TROOPS to command!"
A'ight now! Let the church say AMEN! Mmm hmm. For real, for real. Sike. Lemme stop playin! Forgive me for being stupid (stooooopid) but I've been on a trip ever since I got up this morning.

Happy Obama Day! -Ian

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