Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The other day, forget when, was still in hospital though, I caught the trailer for Terrence Howard's new movie, Fighting. Had to laugh to myself as I recalled an interview the Tom Joyner Morning Show did with Jamie Foxx imitating Terrence. Jamie, correctly and all too well hit Terrence dead on.

Basically, no matter what the character, what the role, Terrence is one and the same in every project. Catching the trailer, I was like "Shamwow! Jamie was right." Terrence's snippet showcased his as per usual tone, modulation, pitch, lifeless and not-so-good acting. Dammmm. Sucker punch if I ever heard! But the truth hurts!

Did anybody purchase his CD project last fall? I'll plead the fifth.

Any-hoo-ha-hey....the more exposed to Terrence I become, the less enamored I am. Don't get me wrong! Mr. Howard is still beautiful eye candy, but only that! Let's face some facts though, shall we?
  • Read somewhere Terrence had wanted, probably has become one, a Jehovah's Witness, a faith I can't reconcile with.
  • He's rumored to have a terribly explosive tempter. Hello? Real reason Terrence was removed from the Iron Man sequel???
  • And lastly, if my first points weren't enough, Terrence Dashon Howard has made "iffy" non-supportive (translation: Negative as Hell!) statements about the gays and homosexuality.
Truthfully speaking, my only reason for viewing anything Terrence has done is for his co-stars (the better acting talent) in his projects, he's a child of the Diaspora (always support your bruthas and sistahs when you can. Yeah, I'm old school, but my parents instilled tha lesson in me, good) and 'cause it was the in thing to do (translation again: everybody else was goin' and I didn't wanna be out in the cold!)

This morning, I'm done. Officially gonna file Terrence under the "Don' let da door hit you inda ass on the way out" category. Those eyes can take me anywhere, but his attitude can't. Pity though. Terrence had had a home nearby in Lafayette Hill. We coulda been BFFs, but alas... Then again, let's stay within reason Brother Ian. It's not as if you was gonna go traipsing on o'er and be welcomed with open arms, right?

All the same, I take pride in famous Philly folk. Will. Jill. Bill. Matthew...Patti. Shoot! Philly is all that! Philadelphia gets a bum rap, but really, the City of Brotherly Love's not so bad! Now if only I could convince Dorian Gregory to move here, er'rything would be just phoine. LOL!

There's your morning pick me up! Have a great one...


thegayte-keeper said...

yeah Terrence doesn't really have the acting chops like that...

ToddyEnglish said...

I know who I'm lookin at in the pic and it ain't Terrence!

I as never really feelin Terrence, and after get rich or die tryin I was done! LOL

Note: check the shower scene.
Look, I'm not a size queen (okay I'm lying)but Terrence has a third nipple!

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Yes Toddy, I've seen the shower scene in GRODT and there is some dispute whether or not that was Terrence's thang or not. I don't think so. Even still, I'd still f*** him, only I'd be the top for a change, LOL.

I'm too threw wit bruhman!


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