Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Confession

OK, I'll jus' go on and admit it, right here, right now. For all my posture and pandering, all of my criticisms, I secretly have the hots for Marcus Patrick. Yeah, I realized only just this morning.

Oh come on Ian. Not another one of your hormonal posts over some celebrity you'll never have a chance in HELL meeting?!?!?!

Cut a brother some slack now men. You never know. Maybe I bump into MP in a club, he'll see the error of his ways in doing all that nasty rump shakin' in public (it's only nasty cause he's not doing it for me in private, LOL) and settle his ass down. Thanks to Darian's post yesterday, I'm soooo reminded how beautiful this guy is. And truth be told, since I'm into confessions today, Marcus is not only my MySpace buddy, but on Facebook, and Twitter as well. How pathetic is that? LOL.

Don't ask me why I waffle on Brother Osbourne (Patrick's real surname) so much. Hmph. Call it jealousy as a recent commenter did, I suppose. Maybe I'm jus' a big ole prude when it comes down to it. I mean every time you turn around, Marcus is brick, waving his thang in somebody's face. (Oh Lawd, jus' lemme touch it one time. One time Lawd!!!) In truth, Marcus is a handsome guy. Very handsome indeed. Personally, I'd like to think he's more than his dick, but it's such a wonderful phallus indeed, isn't it?!?!

Darian used "sexually ambiguous" to describe Marcus. So what (no "s") that mean? Is that a kinder way of saying "gay-for-pay?" Or perhaps, the new respect afforded to bisexual men? After reviewing, yet again for the millionth time, the B. Scott video with Brother Osbourne and his obvious erection, I'll dare go out on the limb and say he's gotta be bisexual, dontcha think? Now the true question is...Is Marcus a top, bottom, or versatile?!?!

Ian's Inquiry: In the end, does it really matter whether our heroes and role models are gay/bisexual or "gay-for-pay?"


Anonymous said...

I very much like Marcus and as much as I want to see him just say "f**k it" and put out that jack off video, I like the teasing exhibitionist flair that he has.

**weird statement alert** He exudes so much sex that I would venture that he has actually transcended gay/straight/bi to become pure sexual energy that has taken a human form.

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Not so weird. Marcus indeed has become the "Avatar" of sexuality. And yes I want him to make that JO video just as much.


Since he's such good friends with Alex Castro, why not just have a full on porn video with him?

Cocoa Rican said...

I think he's beautiful...
My cup of tea for soooo many reasons.

ToddyEnglish said...

I keep meaning to shine my spotlight on him but always forget! lol
But, uhm yah...He is so totally up next mmmhmmm!
I LOOOOOVED that BScott video because Marcus just looked so butch and that bulge in his calvins made me wanna fellate him till my nose bled...

Oh my god that is so nasty but I think he's so HAWT! TMI Toddy TMI!


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