Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Distance...

Chico Negrito-

Woke up this morning, thinking of you, missing you...wanting to be there, instead of here. Shit, we ain't all that far apart, but far enough. Given both our "closet" situations and scenarios, this is where we're at. No more closer than a few phone calls, timed discreetly, hiding from both our parents. How pathetic, eh Papito?

I miss you. Do you miss me bitch? Like my choice of song? Can't sum up better words to describe what's going on. Hopefully we can meet up, even if it's by "accident," tomorrow when I check in with the docs. Orchestrate some clandestine, not-so-secret rendezvous under socially "acceptable" circumstances. Like show up at your work, huh? Oh folks would talk. Figure both our parents put two and two and two together by then...Lawd, let's hope so!

Tired of hiding yet? I've no longer the right to criticize you for what you do, when doing exactly that. Hell, I'm almost 40...

Oh well, do what we must, must what we do. For now....

Loving you,

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