Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jason Momoa

As our good blogging friend DJ pointed out over on MALE blog the other week, Jason Momoa is hot. HAWT! And he's wit my favorite Earth goddess, Lisa Bonet too? Shoot. You know they gonna (and do) have some pretty babies now, right? LOL. Jason was totally fuck-able in The Johnson's Family Vacation. Damn.....

Not sure if Jason qualifies as a "White Boy Thursday" post or not. I'm almost certain he has Polynesian heritage, so technically, he's a homeboy of color like the rest of us. Oh let's not start that debate again, shall we. I got into a huge discussion over on Chocolate Salsa because somebody got offended cause I caused Dr. Sanjay Gupta a "brotha." Oh lawd. My people, my people. We's all human, no? That's why I really got away from "White Boy Thursday" post cause it seemed quasi-racist...

What-EV-ERR! Just enjoy Mr. Momoa and those 'locks. Y'all know my hair fetish is raised up here, dontcha naw? LOL.

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Wonder Man said...

I've seen him in person...he's so sexy it hurts


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